DK – Ch 49

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The Dark King – Chapter 49


Here goes the 49th chapter… I’ll add more chapters later on, maybe in 10-11 hours… BUT I would like to mention it right now and here that there will be blood and gore.

“Ah, Aaron, save me … …” At this time, the youth that was being bitten by the undead cried out. His hand was raised as if to reach out to the young man who was retreating backwards in hurry. His handsome face was full of fear and pain! Moreover, there was a desire to live!

The young man, ‘Aaron,’ clutching his mouth, looked down at his close friend. His body was trembling and tears were streaming down his face. He gritted his teach and turned to run towards the exit of the street.

Dudian’s saw that the undead who was feeding on the youth was alerted by the footsteps of the Aaron. It raised its head towards the source of the sound. Suddenly, it stopped feeding and turned to chase after the Aaron. It’s arms were fluttering, body was swinging as if it was drunk and could fall at any moment. However its speed was extremely fast and it quickly caught up with Aaron.

Aaron heard to the sounds of the movement coming from behind. He turned to look and was horrified as the undead was almost catching up with him. He turned back immediately and took out his dagger. The woman diagonally waved her arm and used her sharp claws to attack Aaron. He lifted his dagger to parry against the claw. He was able to block it but was hit to the ground by the heavy force behind the claw attack of the undead.

Dudian’s was extremely shocked by the sight. At the same time he was frightened to death. If the undead had attacked him in his current condition, he would absolutely die. He was lucky that he hadn’t chosen this street or at the moment he and the other three would have met their end.

As he saw that the youth was gradually overwhelmed by the undead, the idea of withdrawal was sprouted in his mind. At the moment, the idea to go forward to help out the other scavengers, has been left behind in deep parts of his mind. These consortium scavenger have not gone through formal training but had participated in many scavenging expeditions. As a result they had rich experience and got more “God’s blessings” than the newly graduated ones. So their strength should be several times greater than his. If the old timers couldn’t deal with the undead then he was sure to die.

Dudian waved back gently gesturing to back away.

Macon who stood behind the Dudian, although did not see scene but heard the mournful screams and chewing sounds. After all the ruins are too quite and the sound transmission is particularly clear. As he saw Dudian’s gesture, he face chaned. He recalled the earlier attack by the rats and slowly went backwards.

It didn’t took long before another four consortium scavengers came out of the other side of the street. They heard the screams that were echoing out. They quickly rushed out and saw the appalling scene where Aaron’s arm was bitten by the woman undead. Uniform which was normally used as an armor had no resistance against the sharp bites of the undead. The blood gushing out as she bite more and more.
“Kill it!” The newcomer youth’s pupil shrank in horror but he did not go back but roared loudly: “Kill it!” Then he said to the three fellow companions who were besides him: “We should contain it until Scott and the others come over.”

His companions were also horrified. However, as soon as they heard the youth’s commands they didn’t hesitate but headed towards the woman undead in rush.

The dead woman heard the sound, looked up at them. As previously, she stood up in a weird twisted pose. The were no regular patterns to how she waved her arms. She rushed towards the four youth who had come.

The youth roared loudly and as he was running he jumped to kick the undead. He mercilessly kicked the undead woman and flung her out. She fell onto the ground.

Dudian saw the four of them had appeared so he was no longer in hurry to leave. Instead he continued to observe the scene. His heart was in joy as the youth’s kick had affected the undead. However he didn’t rush out to help them as he was scared by the undead agility which he had observed before.

Mason and the other two probed over the sideline to see the fight and taken aghast.

As the youth kicked the undead the other three scavenger immediately stepped forward to hold the Aaron. He was pulled back and left the battlefield.

The undead’s body quickly rose up, made a hoarse roar and menacingly rushed forward to the youth!

The youth was taken back by the mobility of the undead. He used his dagger to cut off the undead. It sliced its arm. But there was no blood that oozed out of its skin. From the cut it could be seen that it was black flesh inside and the blood seemed to be solidified. This had resulted in its body to be extremely hard to be cut. The dagger itself was stuck into the bone.

The youth pupils shrank, holding the hilt, he tried his best to pull it out. But he couldn’t and in this short moment the undead woman moved onto him, raised the other arms and attacked his throat. The claw clasped making a pop sound. It had pierced through the arteries on his neck. Blood spewed out spilling on undead’s arm.

“Wagner!” Three who were dragging Aaron’s body back, saw the scene, cried out in alarm and run back to help him.

Wagner was clutching his neck while his eyes were wide open in shock. He would have never thought that his young life would end in here. He struggled to raise his head to look at the horrifing face of the undead. The light in his eyes gradually dimmed down.

The undead growled and seized his body. It bit on his neck and began to eat his body.

“Monster!” One of the companions, who was a bit chunkier than the rest, cried out loud as he rushed over. Holding his dagger he rushed over to the corpse of the undead.

The undead pushed the body of the handsome Wagner away and swayed towards the on-coming chunky youth.

“Pease, no, don’t go!” The two group mates shouted out.

His eyes were blood red. As he was reaching the undead he took out his dagger and stabbed. He had successfully pierced the chest of the undead but didn’t seem to hurt it a bit.

At this point, the undead attacked the pudgy scavenger. Puchi. The sharp claw pierced through his chunky scavengers cheek. The tip of the claw pricked from the other side of his face. He felt severe pain and wanted to cry out to ease it. But the next moment he saw the ferocious face of the undead approaching his own face. Instinctively, without losing the momentum the undead bit him on the face.
“Pease!” The companion that was behind cried in grid. The other one pulled him to hastily reced back. He hoped to be able to take advantage of time, as undead was eating the pudgy Pease, to escape as far as possible.

Dudian didn’t think that the four consortium scavengers are not a match against an undead which was alone. The most terrible thing was that even thought its chest was pierced it was not affected the least bit. Do the other side is really an immortal monster?

Suddenly, he thought of the dead woman in the bathroom and other corpses that he had seen while searching for materials. He thought of the common thing in all of the bodies which were the scars on their heads!

It didn’t matter whether it was a sword, dagger or arrow injury. All of them were on their heads.

Is the head their fatal point?

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    1. Chill down, fam. He couldn’t just correlate something fictional with the reality before his eyes. It’d be foolish to charge out against that undead aiming for its head if its weakness were actually its heart. Yep, he ain’t that blockheaded.

      1. Kinda like throwing garlic at a vampire while holding a cross and spraying “holy water” everywhere… He might just be pissed off and kill you even more slowly at that point, who knows if it’ll actually work.

  1. Yes, but how would you remove their heads when they are that fast. Not to mention Dudian doesn’t have a ranged weapon, unless his vials could explode on shattering.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Good thinking dudian but to really cut the heads of will be really hard, at least he knows their weakness now that’s a start.

    Thanks for the chapter

  3. thanks for the chapter!
    lol i don’t even know what they wanted to rescue… as their companion was already infected instead they lost two men and took away the already infected companion (?) you’d think in that kind of cruel atmosphere they would already be more cautious… as this isn’t the start of an apocalypse but already hundreds of years after…but nice lesson for dudian !

  4. Yeah sure don’t teach the kids you painstakingly trained for 3 years how to kill/avoid the monsters they are going to face in their job and expect them to figure it all by themselves. Makes so much fking sense right? Sigh… Trained for 3 years %10 of them died like dogs in the first day of job because of author needing drama…

    1. Ikr? The way that the author doles out information on a you-needed-to-know-long-before-now basis is unrealistic: they don’t know not to drink surface water, they don’t know about what monsters there are and what their weaknesses are, they don’t know about the way the loot should be split, they don’t know what loot is valuable, they don’t understand the danger level of places that have just been cleared, they don’t know which part of the ruins is theirs to explore … it’s quite ridiculous. What was all that training for?

    2. The one who die not from the school thou, but scavengers cultivated by noble families.

      But you still have the point.

  5. Katon! Gokeyo no jutsu!
    Burn for me lady!
    ミ /彡   
    ..ミ、|ミ //彡 Thanks!!
    ミ.|.ミ/ ./.|  Nepu!!
    .|//|.  []. ∧_∧
    /.  []    (´・ω・`)
    (Copied from Yunchii)

  6. I’ve thought they were blessed with special…abilities?They can jump higher,right?So basically,their strength is no longer normal and didn’t their eyesight/vision improved as well?What happened to those skills?Can’t be use in protecting themselves with the mutated rats?Guess since both his parents are scientists,fictional chara like zombies don’t exist in their world…

  7. Plot hole: This is their REAL training as said to past few chapster but the faults here is HOW THE HECK DID THEY NEGLECT TO EMPART IMPORTANTS BASIC INFORMATIONS TO THIS MONSTERS? Even if it’s the hunters work to kill this monsters but the fact that hunters couldnt hunt all those monster in one place, shouldn’t they impart knowledge to this variables in case they meet this monsters on their missions?

  8. Omg they are zombies, this is like all the zombie movies and series where the humans obviously come from the modern world but they magically don’t realize that these monster which are exactly like in pop culture are zombies.

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