DK – Ch 489

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The Dark King – Chapter 489

It was a giant weapon which looked like a shield. It was about four meters long. It’s body was dark and it was heavy.

The veins on Neuss’s arms had popper up. He saw Dean show a satisfactory expression. He was a bit puzzled: “Elder, several weapons could be cast out of the material. Why did you chose a shield?”

“It is not a shield.” Dean smiled as he correct Neuss’s words. He grabbed the weapon with his one hand from the handle. He whispered: “Let’s start.”

Neus was shocked to see Dean grab and lift the giant black shield with single hand. He went backwards.

“A bit more.” Dean added.

Neuss was startled as he stepped back more. His spine touched the wall.

Dean’s eye fell on the giant weapon. He tightly clenched it and stabbed forward!

Zheng! Zheng! Zheng!

Sounds of metal echoed as a huge shadow passed and set off a ‘hurricane’. The vases full of flowers decorating the office dropped down.

A cold object was by Neuss’ nose.

It was a sharp tip of the weapon.

Neuss’ pupils shrank.

He saw that the giant black shield had turned into a ten meter long black razor. It was covering almost half of the office!

There were three joints. The middle and the third joint had barbs and hooks. The joints had steel pipes embedded in them. It made this sword like weapon be able to fold. It was like three sticks that could be folded in and out.

Dean was very satisfied as he looked at the weapon. Hawkeye has done a great job.

Neuss recovered as he swallowed a mouthful of saliva: “Elder, isn’t it a bit too… long?”

He couldn’t imagine fighting with a weapon which was almost a dozen meters long!

“It’s just right.” Dean indifferently said. This weapon could be used in two ways. The first is the combat on land. He could shrink the weapon to look like a shield. It could be used in close combat. Although the weapon looked like a giant shield but the sharp edges were excellent to kill and wound the enemy. Moreover it was just a four meter long giant heavy sword.

He could fold it out in case he was combating a group of people. Moreover he could easily wield this weapon while he flied in the air.

What’s the point of flying if your weapon is too short? Inevitable he had to get close to the enemy in that case and the enemy will easily be able to counterattack. In that case having the air advantage would be lost. But a sword which is longer than ten meters was different. He could attack the other side while the enemy couldn’t hurt him.

Neuss asked after a while: “Elder, you provided two materials so why is there just one weapon? ”

“There are two pieces.” Dean smiled. His other hand turned a round hole on the handle. It looked like a decorative hall but as he rolled the hole the ten meters long sword split into two.
Neuss was stunned at sight.

The weapon looked like a scissor. It could be combined into one and split back again!

He felt that the weight of the weapon was appropriate. He held down the handle and swung back the dark valve. The other sword retracted back and the weapon restored to its previous shield look. The edges of the shield were very sharp.

“Order them to build strong chains for me.” Dean looked at Neuss.

Neuss was stupefied: “Aren’t we going to build a sheath?”

Dean slightly shook his head: “The weapon that is for murder does not need a sheath!”

Time passed.

Dean was immersed in the alchemy room every day. He would go out to eat breakfast and read the morning newspapers to get to know the recent developments within the giant wall.

Because of the warmth of the wine his demand for high calorie food was much lessened. That’s why he didn’t need to collect those valuable ingredients. After all, as a master everybody knew that he was into ‘pricey’ foods. It wold be easy to find who needs that much of expensive food if he wanted to collect the ingredients.

“News is all about the war. No one remembers me.” Dean indifferently check the reports on the newspapers. Although he didn’t care about being a celebrity but it seams that the news were much more controlled than he thought. The military had received the steam rifle without paying a cent but they didn’t intend to thank him at the time when he needed their support the most.

Perhaps, from the military’s perspective it was a good thing for them if a master of the Temple went down.


Dean knew that it was Hawkeye: “Come in.”

Hawkeye pushed the door and looked at Dean: “Elder, there is an invitation for you. You have to attend the meeting of elders and discuss the situation about the military, war and barbarians.”

“Elders meeting?” Dean wrinkled his eyebrows: “I don’t have time so I won’t attend.”

Hawkeye said in haste: “Elder, you have to attend. All the elders will attend. Even the Night King and the Underworld King won’t be absent.”

Dean looked at him: “What if I am absent?”

Hawkeye was stunned.

“Are all of the elders going to attack the 9th region together?” Dean indifferently said.

Hawkeye hesitated: “I don’t know about that… But elder Kerry never missed a meeting. You haven’t attended meeting of elders so the other would want to know about you. It’s good to make relationships to.. If you are absent then I’m afraid…they will think that you are too arrogant.”

Hawkeye was a bit nervous before saying the end of the sentence.

His family lived in the 9th region and he had been the secretary of elder Kerry for long time. He didn’t want the 9th region to be destroyed in the hands of Dean.

Dean chuckled as if he hadn’t heard Hawkeye’s words: “Elder Kerry always attended because he didn’t dare not to miss a meeting. He didn’t dare doesn’t mean that I wont! Whoever wants to attend should attend. Tell them that I can’t participate because of my health.”


We had 3 combo (double the size) chapters and this one as an extra;)

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  1. I have a hard time picturing this weapon. Could any one relate it to something that has already been made?

    1. The only part I can picture is the transition from shield to swordspear… think of the shield shaped like ‘N’ then when you swing it it turns into a long straight line, just like a mantis’s scythe. But I’m kind of imaging that the author is inspired by one of Bloodborne’s weapon: Saw Cleaver or Beasthunter Saif. Google it… It’s elongates into a longblade, and also has a ‘scissor’-like feel to it.

    1. Search ‘Beasthunter Saif Bloodborne’.. I imagine the weapon would be like that but made with 3 parts that could fold into itself, and extends when you swing it. If you search youtube for ‘Beasthunter Saif moveset’, then you’ll also see the ‘scissor’-like feeling the weapon has even though it’s just a single blade.

      1. I think it’s not straight blades? But a bit bended like a saber or blade of a scythe. So a stick and the 2 blades at both ends and there are hinges there that can slide the blades to the sides of the stick and form a circular or oblong shield.

        1. Oh and I think the blades are pretty wide ( since they are scythes of an adult splitter) so they would look a lot more like shield.

  2. Its true what can 3 kings do to a poor 9th region with a ruler who hasn’t managed the issues… Tbh thats why i dont even feel bad when shit happens to him, he brings it upon himself. But im already guessing his new product will solve all issues in the outer wall…

    1. I would say no. If that was true, then why they didn’t take him out but left him frozen.
      If they are really somehow alive, i would say there is a possibility that they are somewhere outside of wall. And somehow they couldn’t find their capsule. After all the wall is just a wall. Even if this wall is considered big, in perspective of the whole world its nothing.

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