DK – Ch 488

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The Dark King – Chapter 488

Dean said: “Thanks for everything.”

Aisha looked at him: “Let’s meet the next week!”

“Next week?” Dean pondered for a moment and nodded: “Alright!”

Aisha smiled as she looked at distance. Her legs gently shook as the breeze passed by: “Are we friends?”

Dean was silent for a moment before whispering: “We can be friends if you wish.”

“Of course I want to be friends.” Aisha grinned.

Dean was silent.

Dean realized that it was pretty awkward because of the silence. He wanted to find a topic to talk to ease up but found out that he couldn’t talk to her about anything. He had a lot to stay but it was for the world.

Aisha slowly stood up after a few minutes of silence: “It’s getting late. Let’s go back. I’ll bring you God’s marrow the next time we meet.”

Dean also got up: “I’ll send you off.”

“Alright.” She replied.

Dean nodded.

Both of them jumped from the tall building.

The difference was that Aisha directly floated down while Dean stepped onto the concrete and ran down. He made few somersaults to unload force. Although because of his constitution he wouldn’t be injured if he directly jumped down. The ground had become muddy and wouldn’t hurt his legs.

But this would expose his abnormal physique.

Aisha would easily understand that his magic marks were extraordinary. Although he has positive feelings towards Aisha but it was the first time he was meeting with her. So he didn’t dare to relax.

Aisha said in a firm tone: “We should slowly walk back.”

“Alright.” Dean nodded.

They walked side by side in silence.

There was a bus stop sign and car covered in moss by the roadside. There were bones of dead monsters. There was even a human skeleton. Insects and poisonous snakes had bitten down the skeleton. There was one snake in the skeleton looking at the passing creatures from the eyes of the skeleton.

Once upon a time a bustling city had turned into a ghost town.


A roar echoed from the ruins of a building.

Dean had noted the existence of the undead long ago. It looked like an ordinary undead. It was stuck under a stone. Half of its face seemed to be chewed off by something. It tried to use its claws but couldn’t move the boulder.


Aisha gently kicked a stone which flied accurately. It hit the head of the undead as if it was a bullet. It’s head was cracked and died on spot.

Dean saw the scene. He looked at Aisha: “Do you know what cold crystals are used for?”

“I’m not clear about the details but Monster Institute has been collecting it since forever. It is said that cold crystals are somehow related to the disaster that happened 300 years ago.” She replied.

“Cold crystal is related to the disaster?” Dean narrowed his eyes.

“I was told that the world wasn’t like this 300 years ago. These undeads were human beings but they lost their minds and consciousness after the disaster. I heard that Monster Institute had secretly collected different types of undeads for research in an attempt to let these undeads restore their human memories and find the root cause of the disaster that happened 300 years ago.”

“But there seems to be no progress.”

Dean’s eye lit up. He could speculate about the roots of the disaster but couldn’t give out exact information.

The thing was that his knowledge had no details about this weird virus. He was in frozen storage capsule when the disaster occurred. Its possible that the viruses were biochemical weapons that were manufactured too!


A mantis like monster jumped out when they were passing by a corner. It’s body was green and its color was the same with the grasses. It lurked in bushes and it was difficult to detect its presence.

Aisha stride out the moment it appeared. She somersaulted few times and hit the monster’s head with her high heel. The monster was trampled down to the ground.

Aisha lifted her foot and threw the blood stain out of the high hell as if nothing had happened.
Dean noticed that her boots were not simple shoes but made out of metal.

Dean and Aisha returned back to the corner of the giant wall after killing few monster.

“Do you want me to send you back?”Aisha asked: “There are various monsters close by that could be a problem to you.”

Dean shook his head: “Don’t worry I have few tricks under my sleeve.”

Aisha sighed: “Alright, see you next week!”

“Um.” Dean nodded.

Aisha waved to Dean and turned to leave. She disappeared behind the ruins.

Dean watched her leave before turned around to the other side of the giant wall.

He walked within the bushes for a long time. There were no monster neither he could detect the presence of Aisha who had departed. He unfolded his wings and flew up.

Dean returned back to the headquarters of the 9th region in the commercial district.

Dean called Hawkeye as soon as he arrived at the headquarters: “I need some parasitic soul worms. Rare ones would be the best.”

Hawkeye was stunned at his words: “Some rare level parasitic soul worms?”

“Can you get them?” Dean asked.

Hawkeye recovered: “We can but its impossible to breed parasitic soul worms. So we have to buy them at market.”

“Try to collect as much as you can.” Dean said.

Hawkeye was a bit hesitant: “Elder, because of 8th region’s attack and we had to spend a lot of money to snatch back the 13th sub-division. We don’t have much to spend in addition to keeping up the normal operations.”

Dean picked his eyebrows: “Barter with materials.. Ask the few five-star alchemists and great potion masters to create some stuff or to directly exchange with soul worms.”

Hawkeye carefully said: “elder, it take long time for them to make things. It would be much difficult if they don’t intend to help out…”

Dean frowned but suddenly thought of one person: “Leave it to Amy. Tell her that if she can manufacture good enough potions then we will deduct time from her imprisonment.”

“Yes.” Hawkeye left.

Dean went into the alchemy room.

Another two days passed.

Dean once again left the 9th region and passed the golden wall. He came to the location where he had agreed to meet with Ivette.

At the moment the sky was dark and there were no stars. He noticed four heat figures. One of them was Ivette while the other three were in quite a distance. However they didn’t emit any smell.

Dean understood that Ivette was worried about her welfare so she had come with bodyguards.


He quietly appeared behind Ivette.

Ivette was relieved to see Dean when she turned over. However she was tense.

“It’s been a long time.” Dean asked: “What’s your answer?”

Ivette answered: “I agree.”

Dean nodded: “You will be dormant from now on and wait for the opportunity. I will inform you if some circumstances rise. But you will relay a message to your father today. The military will attack the Red Maple Mountains in five days!”

Ivette was surprised: “Do they really want to attack in five days?”

Dean whispered: “You will sure lose this time so you have to retire! They will use the steam rifles that I have produced so if you want to stick to your position then the casualties will be big!”

Ivette had an ugly look on her face.

Dean guessed what she was thinking: “I understand that you barbarians have finally conquered a fort. All of you don’t want to leave. Neither your father nor your brother and sisters don’t want to go back! So it’s a chance for you. You have to tell your father that you have to retreat!”

Ivette blankly looked at him.

Dean saw that she was a bit ‘slow’ so he carefully said: “Your brother and sister will be against your recommendation! So this time you have to carefully put the exact words for your advantage. Barbarian tribes will fight but at the end they will pay a heavy price. But your status will improve after the end of this campaign. You will get your father’s attention! It will be the first step!”

Ivette looked at the teenager in front of her. She had heard that the people form the wall were cunning and clever. Now it seemed to her that those words have been under-emphasized.

Dean continued: “You have to persuade before the start of battle. However don’t expose the reasons for the failure. I have written exact words that you have to use…Its all from the military perspective. Now its time for you to act.” He passed the paper to her.
Ivette checked the paper with the beautiful handwriting.

“Remember don’t go to far.” Dean stared at her: “Expelling the barbarians is the first step of the military action. This time the military is really angered by your invasion so they may not only want to expel you from the Red Maple Mountains but want to finish you all for good!”

Ivette subconsciously asked: “What should we do?”

“I have written few escape routes and methods.” Dean continued: “You can lead your father and your people out of military encirclement if you follow my recommendations. However there will be losses…”

Ivette stared at him in silence.

“The lives of your people depend on your performance.” Dean looked at her: “I’ll go back if you don’t have questions.”

Ivette looked at Dean: “Can I really believe you?”

Dean whispered: “If you want to live!”

Ivette was stunned.

“MY goal is to take you guys into the outer wall. Afterwards you will be helping me to declare war to the inner wall! So don’t worry I will make sure that many of your people stays alive.” Dean said.

“It’s getting late so you should go back.” Dean looked at her: “In addition, don’t bring people with you the next time. I won’t harm you. Moreover if I wanted to harm you no one would be able to keep you safe.”

He leaped up and disappeared in the darkness of the night.

There was a trace of horror in Ivette’s eyes.

She brought three of her most powerful confidants with her. They had strong hiding abilities but Dean was able to see through them.



Three people appeared by Ivette’s side after Dean left.

“The speed of that man is too fast. Is he the one who knows our language?” A youth wearing a wolf’s head looked at the direction Dean left.

Ivette put away the note: “Let ‘s go back.”

Dean returned back to the 9th region and continued to work in the alchemy room.

After a few days.

He finally received a message about the completion of the weapon made with scythes.

“Elder, the weapon is modified according to the style that you have drawn.” Neuss handed the black cloth to Dean.
Dean’s eyes lit up after he tore the black cloth.

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