DK – Ch 487

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The Dark King – Chapter 487

“I don’t want to talk about unhappy things.” Aisha looked at Dean: “If you need my help in the outer wall then tell me. Although I don’t have much of a network but it is very easy to intervene in the politics of outer wall.”

Dean was ashamed once more. She was ready to help him any time but he couldn’t even accept her invitation which was very rude. He hesitated: “There is a thing that I want to know.”

“Oh, what’s the matter.” Aisha was delighted: “As long as I can help you then no problem.”

Dean asked: “How strong is your dragon clan in comparison with the Monastery?”

“This?” Aisha laughed: “Our clan is very strong. Actually we are the strongest out of the three devil families. The Monastery won’t have a chance against us in a head on fight. I alone can sweep a branch of the Monastery. My sister can kill all of the masters of the Monastery single-handedly.”

Dean was curious: “Is she that strong?”

“Of course.” She replied: “Although my sister is a bad girl with bad temper but her strength is first-class. In the entire giant wall you can count people with fingers of one hand who can match her!”

“In top five?” Dean was surprised. He didn’t think that Aisha’s sister would be in top ranks of the giant wall. He couldn’t help but ask: “Is she a top level limitless? Which level monsters she can handle?”

He stared at Aisha. It was a very crucial and critical information for him. The answer to this question meant that he will understand the people on top of the inner wall. He could plan his future actions accordingly and win in a swift war.

“Limitless?” Aisha smiled as she thought about Dean’s identity: “You are from the outer wall so its very hard for you to know about it. But my sister and I are ‘pioneers’. We are above limitless.”

“The hunters are divided into 3 level or stages. The limitless have 2 stages which are primary and advanced. An advanced limitless with a rare magic mark can hunt monsters level 50 or so. If they learn some advanced combat technique then they can cope up with monsters which are up to level 60.”

“The pioneer are above the limitless!”

Aisha softly said: “The origin of the word ‘pioneer’ lies in the existence of the wasteland. Only the people who have reached the power of pioneer can fight in the wasteland. Otherwise there is no result but death. Even pioneers don’t dare to go deep into the wasteland. There are some terrifying monsters that you would never want to encounter!”

“In general, the limitless are stationed within the giant wall. They are blocking the monsters that try to invade the giant wall. That’s why another name of the limitless is boundary!”

“Pioneers are the ones who pioneered in conquering the wasteland. We kill the powerful monsters outside the giant wall and clear the area for the further development. We use the powder to paint the lines so the more powerful monster don’t close in.”

“As for the ‘small’ monsters in these pioneering areas… they are left for hunters to clean up as we are too lazy to deal with these little guys.”

Dean didn’t expect that there was such a distribution. There were monsters that even the pioneers were afraid of! What kind of creatures were they!?

“Up to which level can you hunt?” Dean asked.

Aisha pondered for a moment: “I can hunt monsters up level 70 while my sister can kill monsters up to level 100.”

Dean was stunned.

He understood that pioneers were people above everyone else but hunting level 70 or 100 monsters…

He had met the splitter who was only a level 68 monster! It was very scary existence!

In other words the soft and delicate girl in front of him could fight and beat such a monster in a fight!

He couldn’t help but look up and down at Aisha. How could such a weak looking body could hold such terrifying strength? According to his knowledge the strength of human body relied on size of bones and muscle fibers. That’s how the muscle exploded with strength.

However as he thought about his own transformation and changes. If he analyzed himself according to ‘human’ standard then he should be regarded as a monster.

Actually all the senior hunters were monsters.

The change in physique and magic marks were inseparable part of the evolution. The more magic marks evolved the more body had animal characteristics. He had a pair of wings which was non-human at all!

Perhaps the simple muscle and bone structure within the body had undergone through many changes too. It wouldn’t be normal ‘human’ bones and muscle anymore.

There were creatures called mollusks which had no muscles but could explode with terrifying strength!

“Accordingly…They couldn’t be considered as ‘humans’ even though they maintained the human appearance, brain and emotions. The more they continued to evolve the extreme the changes would be!” Dean pondered as he deeply thought about the issue: “At extreme the hand changes to claws. The body itself will no longer be a human body but of a monsters! Would we be even humans at the extreme evolution?”

“Will the brain change if the body is of animal’s? ”

“If the brain change then will the human emotion … disappear?”

He was a bit absent-minded.

All we do is focus on making our magic marks become stronger. But it seems that when we focus our attention on getting strong we forget about the things we lose.

“Are you alright?” Aisha thought that she told too much for Dean to grasp.

Dean shook his head as his mood got a bit sullen: “Nothing. It’s just I was surprised that we as humans can get so strong!”

Aisha felt a bit weird. She thought that the words of Dean had a sense of self-deprecating.

“What is that powder?” Dean continued to ask. As for the evolution he put it at the bottom of his heart and didn’t want to think about it. He knew that it was futile because in this world he would die without the strength that the magic marks had brought.

It seemed that there was no room for choice.

Aisha smiled: “That powder is taken from the insect god. The first time I heard it I thought that its made by grinding. Then I learned that it wasn’t. Guess what it was made of? ”

Dean thought for a moment: “Excrement of the insect?”

“How did you know?” Aisha looked at him in amazement.

Dean was dumbfounded: “The name is a bit confusing…”

Aisha giggled: “Yes.”

“What is the insect?” Dean continued.

Aisha laughed: “Its king of a worm. It’s manure makes the other monsters get disgusted, dislike and avoid.”

“So.” Dean continued: “Such insects are held by the most powerful forces of the inner wall.” He changed the topic: “You said that your sister can kill all the masters of the Monastery by herself. Does it mean that the Monastery is afraid of your dragon clan?”

Aisha shook her head: “It’s the contrary. We are no willing to provoke the Monastery. They are not strong but their heritage is deep. Moreover they are independent while we are under the command of His Majesty. There is a non-aggression pact between us. We won’t mess with them unless they take the initiative.”

Dean couldn’t help but ask: “If they are not that strong then why aren’t they controlled by His Majesty?”

Aisha shook her head: “It’s a long story. We will talk about it some other time. Moreover some of that information isn’t told to the outsiders. I can’t talk about that. I hope you will forgive me. After all, I learned some of those information even after I was promoted to be a pioneer.”

Dean replied: “Nothing, I asked too much.” It seems the Monastery was much ‘deeper’ than he had imagined.

“You are not angry.” Aisha was relieved to see that.

“How could I be angry with you? You have your own difficulties.” Dean asked: “You said that there are three devil families. In addition to dragon clan which are the other two families? ”

“There is feather and rock clan!” Aisha smiled: “Three families are under the command of His Majesty. The dragon clan is in charge of law and order of the land. Feather clan protects the skies. The Rock family is responsible for the potential risks from underground. They kill the monsters that would drill into the giant wall.”

“Ok.” Dean understood why the monsters couldn’t sneak into the giant wall. It seems most of the were killed by the rock clan.

“What was that blood power about?” Dean continued.

Aisha seemed a bit troubled: “This … I can only say that this power is unique to our dragon clan. Each person from three families have that blood power. But some can awaken it while its dormant for others! However only few people out of thousands can awaken it!”

“Are chances so low?” Dean was surprised.

Aisha continued: “But once you awaken the blood power… ” Her face turned sad.

Dean changed the topic: “Are there stronger people than pioneers?”

Aisha pondered for a moment: “Maybe… I have never seen such people. Perhaps they exist only in legends.”

Aisha continued: “The strongest person I have seen is my sister and she is only a pioneer.”

Dean thought that his new product will be able to deal with the inner wall.

Aisha asked: “Are you still a hunter?”

Dean nodded.

“You will certainly need God’s marrow.” Aisha’s eye lit up: “If you want to pass the limit of hunter then you must use God’s marrow or else you will be stuck at the same level.”

Dean was puzzled “Do you want to …”

“I will give you!” Aisha said: “I will help you with God’s marrow. Your constitution is week or else I would have given you the ‘nucleus’ to become an advanced limitless!”

“Give me?” Dean was shocked.

Aisha blinked: “Don’t you want it?”

“Of course.” Dean was planning to take the initiate to mention the matter to her. It was good that she was the first to propose it.

Aisha smiled: “I knew you will reply so..” She pondered for a moment: “I didn’t bring any with me today so I’ll give them to you the next time.”

Dean felt both grateful and ashamed: “How much it will cost?”

Aisha laughed: “Do you want to give me money? You shouldn’t think about that.”

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    1. TNT maybe? But that seems too primitive for dean, but still it’s baby steps towards the future. The steam era has just begun, so don’t expect anything electric

      1. ‘Cause I’m T.N.T., I’m dynamite
        (T.N.T.) and I’ll win the fight
        (T.N.T.) I’m a power load
        (T.N.T.) watch me explode

  1. Heavens this series I sooo addictive. Once I read a bit I want more. I admire mad snail for keep up with the releases, I could never do it!( I would probably be selfish and just read ahead) thanks for all this work
    This series is bloody amazing

  2. TNT maybe? But that seems too primitive for dean, but still it’s baby steps towards the future. The steam era has just begun, so don’t expect anything electric

  3. With Aisha we finally have our first actual heroine. I wonder how the story will progress.
    The hints we have about what he is producing is that most of it could be done by a regular alchemist and that it uses a lot of metal materials. It could be something nuclear, maybe a dirty bomb or something. But the only way for a bomb to establish his power is relying on mutual assured destruction, but that would only be possible if he first shows the power of the bomb. Besides, with so many people stronger than him in the inner wall I doubt he thinks he can keep a bomb like that.
    Another option would be stronger guns, machine guns probably. But for them to be effective he would need a lot of people to wield them.

    It’s great that he is going to level up again, I wonder how powerful he will be since he is way above a senior hunter because of his legendary mark already.

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