DK – Ch 486

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The Dark King – Chapter 486

The next chapters are ‘combo’ chapters as the author calls them. They are double the size of normal chaps.

“300 years ago?” There was a complex expression on Dean’s face when he heard her words. He slowly said: “In fact, there is not much of a difference from 300 years ago.”

“No difference!?” Aisha was surprised because she noticed that Dean’s tone didn’t belong to someone who speculated but made a statement. It was as if he had seen it. She felt a bit funny: “How do you know?”

Dean looked at the ruins which were covered in grass. He was vaguely able to see asphalt road and debris of high-rises. He was silent as he didn’t answer Aisha’s question. He didn’t want to lie.

Aisha was considerate as she didn’t continue to ask when she saw him not answer her. She had met a lot of suitors since small ago and experience lots of strange ways used by her pursuers. Some pretended to have profoundness like Dean as to life her interest.

She didn’t disgust those people but felt prideful. Dean was using this method to get her interest. It meant that the dress she wore wasn’t in vain.

“Are you willing to join the Dragon clan?” She changed the subject and asked a straightforward question. She was too lazy to continue to go through useless topics since she felt that Dean was interested in her. Moreover her time was very valuable.

She turned to look at Dean with soft eyes. No man could resist her look.

Dean was startled as he didn’t expect her to make the invitation. His mind was swaying towards the easy life but suddenly the tragic appearance of Jura couple emerged. His feelings cooled down as he whispered: “Sorry but I don’t want to join other forces for time being.”

Aisha was perplexed as she didn’t expect Dean to refuse her invitation. She thought that Dean was intentionally using the ‘escape’ trick. She decided that Dean was too cunning so she didn’t continue to force the choice upon him as not to lose face. She clapped: “Let’s go.”

Dean nodded.

Aisha jumped towards a block of boulders in a lively manner.

Dean was startled as he noticed that Aisha couldn’t detect the presence of monsters even though her physique was top notch.

Did it mean that her perception was poor?

However he didn’t utter a word as it would expose his own abilities. He was vigilant despite the kindness he had seen from her.

Dean walked after her when a figure jumped out from the grasses. It was wolf lizard which was a level 32 monster. Its body was covered with hard cuticle. It opened its mouth to swallow Aisha.

Dean said in hurry: “Be careful!”

Aisha rapidly responded. She leaped high up and the wolf lizard couldn’t bite her. Instead her legs touched the wolf lizard’s head.

Bang! Aisha’s body fell on monster’s head and its head was trampled down. The stones underneath were crushed. The wolf lizard’s jaw was knocked open as it was killed on spot.

Dean’s pupils shrank as he looked at the sight. The monster was a level 32 monster. Moreover it was a natural predator of this terrain. Two senior hunters who had reached the top of their class wouldn’t be its opponent in a combat. But Aisha easily killed it!

Aisha leaped up once more and dropped down on the monster’s back. She lifted her foot to chech her shoes. She was relieved to see that the high heels hadn’t broken.

“Scared me.” Aisha patted her chest. Although she was 16 years old but her peaks had matured long ago. They flapped which were very attractive.

Dean rushed towards her: “Are you alright?

“I’m alright. It’s good that I didn’t have to put much of an effort.” Aisha smiled.

Dean’s mouth slightly twitched. Did she called it effortless?

“Let’s go. The other monsters will come over because of the smell of blood. I don’t want our date to be interrupted by those things.” Aisha grinned.

Dean saw her mention the word ‘date’ once more. However he didn’t say anything and followed after her.

It didn’t take long for 6 monsters to come towards the corpse of the wolf lizard. Dean and Aisha had left the place and were standing in front of a crumbling high-rise that was covered by moss.

Aisha was like a green butterfly that floated towards the top of the high-rise.

Dean stepped on the wall and climbed quickly.

“Let’s take a break.” Aisha grabbed a large leaf and padded it at the edge of the high-rise to sit down. Her slender legs swayed back and forth.

Dean sat down next to her but didn’t pay much attention.

“The structure of houses today are totally different from the 300 years ago.” Aisha grinned.

Dean was silent.

Aisha turned to look at him: “Did your parents abandon you?”

Dean thought of the frozen storage capsule. He remembered his father, mother and sister. There was faint pain in his heart: “Yes.”

Aisha looked at him: “Do you hate them? They are so bad to leave you.”

Dean slightly shook his head.

“Why?” Aisha was puzzled.

Dean slowly said: “If giving me chance to live is by abandoning me, how can I hate them?”

Aisha curiously asked: “How do you know that they gave you the chance?”

Dean shook his head as he was reluctant to give answer.

Aisha turned to look at the distance: “In fact, you are like me.”

Dean was surprised for a moment: “Are … you an orphan?”

Aisha shook her head: “I’m the second princess of the Dragon clan. My mother has died but my father is alive.” A trace of gloominess flashed by her eyes but she quickly converged.

Dean’s heart moved. However intuition told him that there was a hidden secret that Aisha didn’t tell him. But he knew that he should ask for more: “You are not an orphan since your father is alive. It’s not like no one wants you.”

“You don’t understand.” Aisha shook heard head: “I’m the second princess. I have an elder sister who as the princess of the dragon is my father’s successor! She awakened the blood power since birth and became the genius of the dragon clan. She enjoyed the love and respect of the clan since birth while I was obscure and foil by standing next to her.”

Dean was curious about ‘blood power’ Aisha talked about. However seeing the sad look on her face she didn’t intend to ask about that: “Your sister bears a lot of responsibility.. There is a saying that with power comes greater responsibility. There are two explanations to this. The first is that the people with greater power and capacity should bear more responsibility.”

“The second is that people with great responsibilities get bigger capacity and power. Although the meaning seems the same, the order is totally different. So looking from this perspective your sister who had awakened the ‘blood power’ was forced to get the identity she has. It can be inferred that this identity and status didn’t just bring her love but hardships too.”

Aisha bit her lips: “Are you siding with her?”

“I’m not helping or siding with her. I just want to say that there is no point in envy.”

Aisha pouted: “If that was only the case… But you don’t know. My sister was a troublemaker since childhood. No one could control her and she is also very jealous of others. She likes to forcefully grab the favorite things of others!”

Dean was startled and pondered for a moment: “That’s not a good attitude. She should have everything what she wants. Why would she be jealous of others?”

Aisha said: “That’s why I said she is hateful and greedy!”

Dean nodded: “There is no stop to human wants…”

Aisha pouted: “Since childhood she felt that she should get all the love of the father. That’s why she would say bad thing about me in front of father. Isn’t she bad?”

Dean nodded: “Very bad.”

Aisha was more energetic as she got his approval: “All the best resources of the dragon clan were used in her body because she is the goddess of the dragon. However she would smear the name of our clan in front of others!”

Dean frowned: “That’s very bad.”

“This is not the end.” Aisha continued: “She relied on father’s favor to deduct my resources and to suppress my constitution. She wanted me to be only a limitless and stationed within the giant wall. Fortunately I met some good people who helped me. Otherwise my future would be uncertain.”

Dean was surprised: “Why would she harm you? It’s not right as you are sisters from the same parents.”

“She used to hurt me many times.” Aisha sighed: “She relied on her strength to hit me many times in the childhood. That’s why once I secretly slipped out from the inner wall and met you.”

Dean understood the reason of their meeting: “No wonder you secretly came out… ” At the same time he was surprised. She was able to sneak from the inner wall at that age. How strong her sister was to oppress her?

Aisha looked at Dean: “But I’m thankful for that. Fortunately she forced me out and I was able to meet you.”

Dean thought that her words could be considered as a confession.

He pretended not to understand her. After all, he was grateful to her because virtually she save his life. But gratitude didn’t mean love. They had been in contact for too short and didn’t completely understand each other.

But there was a question in his mind. He thought that they were unfamiliar with each other but she thought that they are considered very close? Is it that she is too lonely? It is because of her father’s coldness and her sisters suppression she trusted him?

However he still couldn’t remain indifferent.

Aisha looked at Dean. She saw that Dean turned his head. Her lips curled up into a smile.

Although Dean wasn’t ‘looking’ at her but he was ‘seeing’ the expression on her face. He didn’t understand why she smiled but he felt relieved.

Dean turned his head and changed the topic: “What’s the name of your sister?”

“She is called Hailey.” Aisha whispered.

Dean noted down the name. He thought that he would make sure that this person feels the bitter taste after he overthrows the inner wall. This way he can return Aisha’s kindness.

“Are you willing to go to inner wall with me?” Aisha looked at Dean.

Dean looked at her lonely and lovely eyes. It was difficult to refuse her. He clenched his fists: “Sorry, but temporarily I can’t go to inner wall.”

“Why?” There was a trace of anger on her eyes: “Isn’t it the dream of people from the outer wall to enter the inner wall?”

Dean smiled: “I don’t want for the time being but I’ll come in the future.”

Aisha bit her lips: “I grew up without friends because of my sister. She destroyed everything that I loved. She got rid of them including my favorite pet that was killed by her. You can rest assured that now I have the power and strength to protect my friends! So don’t be worried about that!”

Dean’s feelings were tangled as he looked at her. He wouldn’t have a safe environment in the inner wall unless he came up with the new product. According to Aisha the situation within the dragon clan was complex and he didn’t want to get involved for now. At least until his new item was produced. He wanted to go into the inner wall when he felt that he had the strength protect himself.

“I’m very sorry but I don’t want to go. Give me a year… Oh no. Give me six month of time. I promise to personally come over to meet you inside the inner wall in six months.” Dean refused.

Aisha looked at him: “Why half a year?”

Dean smiled “I have my own reasons.”

Aisha didn’t force him: “Alright, I’ll wait for you.”

Dean was relieved because of her answer but he felt embarrassed. After all, she had saved him and invited few times but he refused all the offers.

But he had experienced many things and wasn’t the ignorant teenager. He clearly knew that he needed unmatched strength to get indestructible feelings.

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      1. wahahaha if the first dragon girl he met is the sister of Aisha then there will be a love triangle.

        1. ooops i’d take that back. the first dragon girl is not a princess =b. but a love triangle in the future is not farfetched

  1. I have the impression that Aisha has mental problemsI have the impression that Aisha has mental problems

  2. He says that sisters shouldn’t treat eachother like that, yet he wants the barbarian princess to kill off her brothers. Makes sense.

  3. It is different. He gets stuff when the barbarian princess goes on a power hungry spree.

  4. Dean doesnt join other factions?:0
    What’s wrong with the author, is he sick?
    LMAO, i thought that this novel is all about the MC joining every faction out there. XD

    1. +1 he is invited by two dragon clan members already, the first one has the possibility of being a princess while the other is a princess.

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