DK – Ch 485

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The Dark King – Chapter 485

“Unfortunately, there isn’t a passage by this side of the giant wall or I could think of ways to lease it. We could create large number of high-end equipment if we could hunt all these monsters… ” Dean pondered. In his eyes these bloodthirsty monsters were materials. However his time was limited so he couldn’t personally come over to hunt them.

He shook his head as he smiled: “But even if we create an equipment from the parts of a legendary monster it will be useless in hands of a scavenger. It’s not just about the equipment but the strength of a user too… If the genetic technology of today’s world wasn’t so advanced I could just build few bombs and easily overthrow the rule of the inner wall…”

Dean sighed…

Imagination was lustful while reality was ruthless…

“Are you sighing because you waited me for long?” A sweet voice echoed.

Dean was startled. He looked up and saw Aisha. She was wearing a green tang suit and high heel shoes. There was a blue necklace made out of gems hanging on her neck. There was two bracelets on her wrist made out of strings of crystals. She looked delicate and beautiful.

Dean was startled to see her dressed like that: “Why like this?”

Aisha laughed: “We are at a date!”

Dean’s heart jumped as he froze on spot.

“I was hoking.” Aisha smiled. There was a touch of red on her cheek too: “But its first time that I’m meeting with a boy alone. Excluding that time in childhood.” Her eyes blinked.

Dean couldn’t help but think about two of them going to the orphanage. He looked at her and sincerely said: “Thanks for that time!”

Aisha laughed: “Which one?”


Aisha laughed: “I thought you were talking about last time.”

Dean smiled: “Thanks for that too.”

“Its one and same!” Aisha looked at him: “We have rare time alone. Let’s walk around.”

Dean saw her casual appearance and was stunned. It was as if she was walking in a garden. Actually he was aware of her strength so this region could be considered as a garden for her as there was no threat to her in here: “Alright. But it won’t be convenient for you to fight against the monsters if we meet any…”

Aisha gentle said: “You have to protect me. Let’s go!”

Dean’s heart was already calm but there were traces of waves. He couldn’t help but glance at her once more.

Aisha grabbed her skirt as she jumped around the rugged grass and rocks. She was about ten meters away when she turned: “Come on!”

Dean quickly kept up with her.

He was wearing an armor so he wasn’t afraid of anything for now.

“Aren’t you afraid of radiation so that you are wearing thin clothes?” Dean asked when he caught up with her.

“It’s a meteorite stone which can disperse the radiation around the body. So I’m not worried about that. Moreover this area has only shallow radiation. It’s not like outside… ” Aisha replied.

Dean looked at the meteorite stones in her wrist. They were similar to crystals but were different from diamonds. After a careful look he saw white filaments flowing around the stones.

“Do they sell it in the inner wall?” Dean asked because of curiosity: “By the way, what is shallow radiation zone?”

From his perspective even the radiation zone where the barbarians lived would have certain impact on him. He couldn’t live and survive there for long time. Because of the radiation his body would deform. But Aisha said that they were still in shallow radiation zone!

“Te meteorite stone is not for sale.” Aisha continued: “Only powers such as our Dragon clan can obtain it. You can’t buy it for money in the market. As for the shallow radiation zone, its far from here. You gotta run until wasteland to get out of this zone. You will need almost half a day without counting the time delayed by the monsters on the way.”

Dean was more curious: “Do you mean that the monsters in the wasteland are stronger?”

“Of course.” Aisha said without hesitation: “It’s not just stronger but much much stronger! I wouldn’t want to be there alone as its just too dangerous.”

Dean’s eye lit up. Aisha’s strength was inconceivable for him at this point so there were places which even she didn’t want to go…

“What are you thinking about?” Aisha saw the solemn expression on Dean’s face.

Dean pondered for a moment and slowly said: “I was thinking about the strength of these monsters. I would be difficult to kill all of them and clean the world.”

Aisha laughed: “That’s impossible! Do you want to kill all the monsters? I wouldn’t even dare to think about that! Do you know what kind of terrifying monsters there are? I would be their food if I met a legendary monster. Even our giant wall can’t resist such monsters!”

Dean looked back the towering giant wall and whispered: “It would be worth destroying this giant wall.”

“What?” Aisha asked.

Dean shook his head: “Nothing.”

A strange look flashed through Aisha’s eyes but the next moment she turned back to her previous sweet express: “Don’t say that.. We are here to stroll around. I heard that these ruins were places where the humans lived three hundred years ago. I have heard that humans were very strong and ruled all over the world.. It wasn’t like the humans were stuck within the giant wall. What do you think the cities were like three hundred years ago?”

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  1. “I was hoking.” Aisha smiled
    >.> she is into something all right XD
    *i know this is joking but spelled with a h XD

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