DK – Ch 484

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The Dark King – Chapter 484

Depths of the St. Paul’s Abbey in the inner wall.

“I have heard that he is buried in his own alchemy room for day and night. He had let go of the management of the 9th region.” The elder of the Punishment division leniently leaned against the sofa.

A repulsive groan echoed from a sturdy young man who was in front of him. The youth’s body was hanging and there were scars all over it. There were stab wounds, whiplashes and so on. Even the skin of the abdomen was cut open. The flesh and blood was revealed. The internal organs would fall out if the cut was a bit deeper.

Francis looked down at his feet as he replied: “According to the news from the shadow he had let the secretary of the former elder ‘Hawkeye’ and the fourteen members of the council to control the region by popular vote.”

“The kid just took over the office and claimed to be the ‘devil.’ Why did he lay low so suddenly?” The elder glanced at Francis.

Francis still bowed his head: “I have inquired about the details. It it likely that he changed his mind after an incident.”


“It was a small event. Pope gave him a task. He commanded him to send someone to assassinate a member of naturists. However he personally went to the task. According to my understanding this small even made him change. There are likely two reasons. First is that his ideas changed after being in touch with the member of naturists. The second is that Pope took this opportunity to nurture a knight of light. This knight was the member of a family which was his enemy. Most probably he was dissatisfied with it and stopped.”

The elder slightly wrinkled his eyebrows: “So it seems this old guy Miller had made a move. He has also realized that we have send the kid to be nurtured as an elder to replace him in the future. So he had deliberately used his former enemy to anger the kid. Miller wanted to kill Dean’s will and get rid of him. A good play…”

Francis was startled: “Elder, do you mean that Pope isn’t willing to retire?”

“He has been in ultimate power for 20 years and accustomed to the identity… ” Elder indifferently smiled: “He knew that the kid has potential and we will do our best to cultivate and nurture him. Miller is aware that the kid will replace him sooner or later… Ha ha ha.. Really funny!”

Francis pondered for a moment: “I’ll send someone to notify him then.” (He refers Dean)

“Nope.” Elder continued: ” It’s a small problem. How can he serve as a Pope if he can’t overcome it? He is still too young..We gave him rights and powers to be in charge of others but he isn’t accustomed yet. We have to wait a bit. We have to wait until he wakes up and wants to be strong… It’s kind of a life experience too.”

“Yes.” Francis responded.

“But old Miller isn’t obedient. He will think that we are blind if we don’t beat him…” The elder looked at Francis: “Do you know what to do?”

Francis whispered: “I understand.”

“Go.” Elder waved.

Francis left in hurry without neglecting for a second.

Elder gently smiled as he looked at the youth who was hanging in front of him: “You have rested for half a day. Have you considered my proposal?”

The youth closed his eyes He was barely breathing but he still kept his silence.

“Why are you being so stubborn?” The elder said in a soft tone: “The pain will disappear and there will be money and beauties for you to enjoy as long as you are willing to write down that recipe. You will live so until the end of your life. What’s the meaning of being stubborn? Monster Institute won’t be able to take you out from this situation!”

The youth slowly opened his eyes and said: “Monotheistic dogs who want to get their hands of the formula of the abyss! Why don’t you go to kingdom of god (die) to inquire the formula? I bet you can’t even make half a step!”

Elder shook his head: “I like stubborn people like you… I like challenges!”

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Dean came out of the alchemy room. Neuss was familiar with Dean’s timetable so he had prepared the breakfast in advanced. He personally tried everything to confirm that none of them were toxic.

Dean checked the newspapers while making the breakfast. He wanted to understand the recent changes from the perspectives of the newspapers. The military had restored its strength and was ready to expel the barbarians.

Dean’s eyes lit up. He called Neuss after the breakfast and asked: “When the weapon will be ready?”

“The masters said that materials are too hard. Its very difficult to insert the handle. It will take a few more days. ” Neuss responded.

Everything was within Dean’s expectations: “Try to urge them but ensure that the quality is good. ”


Dean kneaded an ordinary face and wore a mask. He left the office.

Hawkeye quickly stepped forward when he saw Dean: “Elder, are you leaving?”

“A small trip.” Dean left the 9th region.

A few hours later.

Dean appeared by the giant wall. He flew to the top of the giant wall and went to the western corner of the giant wall. He flew down and hid his wings.

He swept around the place and didn’t see Aisha. It seems he was earlier than her.

Dean found a clean rock and sat on top of it.

“There are lots of monsters in the region.” Dean checked the place. He wouldn’t be able to find a place if he didn’t have his abilities. He saw some huge red heats scattered few miles around his location. The monsters weren’t inferior to Sergei or other senior hunters in terms of ‘heat’ emission. He estimated them to be around level 30.

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