DK – Ch 483

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The Dark King – Chapter 483

Dean came to the barrier wall set up by Holy Church. He relied on his thermal vision to escape all the patrols and came to stop in front of the giant wall. Dean used his wings to climb the giant wall.

There was thick dust and black snow on top of the giant wall. Apparently no one had set foot in here.

“There was a patrol on the giant wall by the side of inner wall. However there isn’t slightest residue of human interaction on the outer wall part. They may think that no one can climb the kilometer high wall from the outer wall…” Dean pondered for a moment: “If I reverse the reasoning then it means that there are people who could climb the giant wall in the inner wall. So they are trying to make sure that those people don’t sneak in or out.”

He found the ‘death passage’ after moment. He overlooked from the top and saw that there was a red dot in the wilderness outside the giant wall.

Dean focused to see that there was a simple shack and a person lay inside. It had to be Sergei.


Dean flew away.

In the blink of an eye he reached the grasses outside the shack.

Sergei moved as he heard the movement. He grasped his weapon from the side and secretly looked through the door.

“Young master?” Sergei was stunned to see Dean.

Dean asked: “Did you get the monster’s body parts?

Sergei didn’t expect Dean to come out of the giant wall as he didn’t dare to expose himself in the outer wall. He quickly replied: “I haven’t moved them as I didn’t think you will come up so fast.”

Dean frowned.

Sergei rushed in front to lead when he saw Dean unhappy: “We can get them now…” He didn’t wait for Dean’s answer.

Dean didn’t say anything. He knew about bad habits of Sergei and didn’t want to easily blame him for everything. Soon they reached the remnants of adult splitter’s body.

A rancid smell exuded from the body of the adult splitter after so many days. Fortunately the temperatures were very low because of the black snow season. The ground was frosty so the body was frozen. As a result it wasn’t completely frozen.

Dean jumped down. He picked the forelimbs of the adult splitter as they were the sharpest scythes. He looked back at Sergei: “Cut off the parts as soon as possible. Find a place to restore it and make sure that it doesn’t rot.”

Sergei scratched his head: “All of it?”

“All.” Dean replied: “including flesh and blood.”

Sergei wryly smiled: “Why do we need it’s flesh and blood? We can’t eat them anyway. There are many parasites and bacteria in it by now.”

Dean glanced back at him: “People may not be able to eat but monsters can. Do you get me?”

Sergei wanted to kill himself. He was also a senior hunter but had totally forgotten about the use of monster meat. The time in prison had rusted him. He said: “I know.. But we can’t retain its corpse for long. It will rot anyway after the black snow season.”

“Don’t worry about that. I have a way to keep them frozen.” Dean indifferently said. He held onto long scythes that were almost ten meters long. Both limbs seemed thin but they weren’t light. Each of them weighted about thousand pounds. Fortunately this weight was nothing to him because of his current constitution.

They came back to the giant wall. Dean asked: “Do you have ropes?”

“Yes.” Sergei took out a bundle of ropes from the shack.

Dean took them over and opened his wings. He went straight to the giant wall.

Sergei was stunned at the scene. He finally understood how Dean was able to sneak out from the inner wall. He had a pair of wings!

Dean instantly flew to the giant wall. Sergei knew that flight was the ability of gods! He didn’t think that as a mortal he would have such a great magic marks!

“Such an ability… It’s impossible with rare magic marks.. He certainly has legendary magic marks!” Sergei enviously looked at him.

Dean unlocked the rope and tied it to the edge of the giant wall. He flew down and stopped in front of Sergei: “Temporarily live outside the giant wall. Sneak back using the rope in case of an urgency.”

“After you get to the top of the giant wall then go down to the corner. The radiation is too large in the corners so there is no patrols stationed by the Holy Church. It will be up to you to pass the golden wall…”

Sergei’s eyes lit up as he looked at the rope. There was excitement in his heart as he never expected to board onto the giant wall one day.

“It’s good. At least I won’t have to stay in the detention center for a week.” Sergei grinned.

Dean nodded. Although there were people from the 9th region who had infiltrated detention center and the Holy Church and he could use his privileges as elder to let Sergei go back directly but it would easily expose his own identity.

“I’ll go back now.” Dean said. He bent over and grabbed the scythes from the edges. Dean unfolded his wings and leapt up. The weight of scythes didn’t affect his flight. Moreover those scythes would be very usable in close combat to behead the enemy.


Dean began to run after landing on giant wall.

Dean quietly entered the commercial district after an hour. He hid the scythes in a common house which was owned by a family of three. The couple had a 16 year old daughter. All of them were asleep as he hid the scythes in the cellar of the house.

Dean returned back to the headquarters of the 9th region afterwards.

It was 2 o’clock in the morning but the headquarters was very busy and bustling. The elite of the 9th region was buying and selling high-end items. Most of the people who were attending were at least three star alchemists. Of course, some high status alchemists would bring their students to open their eyes to the ‘world.’

Dean walked through the square.

Dean felt a familiar smell that floated in the air.

He stopped to looked at a middle-aged man who was wearing a black robe. He was selecting materials from a stall. There was a slim girl wearing an owl mask behind him. The familiar smell scattered from her body.

“Nightingale?” Dean was startled as he didn’t imagine to see the old acquaintance in here.

“Greetings elder!”

“Greetings elder!”

The passerby people respectfully saluted him. They didn’t mind Dean who didn’t respond to them.

Dean pondered for a moment before he went towards Nightingale.

The stall owner who was showing the materials to the middle-aged alchemists felt someone came up. He was frightened as he looked up: “Subordinate greets elder!”

The black robed middle-aged man quickly bowed too: “Greetings elder.”

Nightingale was also reacted when she saw her teacher act to respectfully. However she was surprised as she didn’t expect the elder of the 9th region to look so young.

Dean was silent as he observed her. She was smart as always. He looked at the middle-aged alchemist: “You seem to have a good student.”

The man was stunned.

Nightingale was shocked but then she was in joy. She didn’t imagine that she would get the favor of the elder in the first meeting with him. It was a sign that she would get a lot of benefits in the future. Moreover she was going to be famous in their own circle!

Dean turned and left without a word.

The trio reacted after Dean left. Nightingale looked at her teacher: “Teacher, he just praised me!”

The middle-aged man looked at her: “Not he but elder!”

Nightingale smiled: “Teacher the elder of our 9th region seem so young!”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” The middle-aged man said.

Nightingale didn’t dare to talk more as she saw her teacher take a harsh stance.

The stall owner smiled: “Little girl you may not now but members of the council and elder have their own ways to keep themselves young. They may look in their 20th but in reality they can be older than your grandfather.”

Nightingale uttered: “Really?”

The middle-aged man frowned.

“Ask your teacher.” Stall owner smiled: “Elders have extraordinary knowledge which a 20 year old man couldn’t know. You are too young…”

Nightingale replied in a well behaved manner: “Thanks for telling me.”

“It’s alright.” The stall owner smiled: “But you will have a promising future if you got the appreciation of the elder. You might be stronger than your teacher in the future. So take care of my business if you get promoted.”

Nightingale smiled: “My teacher is very powerful. I could never learn all his knowledge in this lifetime.”

The middle-aged man’s eased a bit as he revealed a pleased smiled.

Dean looked at Hawkeye the moment he arrived in the headquarters: “Come over.”

“Yes.” Hawkeye kept up with him.

Dean wrote down an address: “Go to this address. There will be two body parts of a monster. Each of them are about ten meters long. Be sure to bring them back here in safety.”

Hawkeye nodded: “Yes.” He took the note and left.

Dean put on the clothes of a five-star alchemist after Hawkeye left. The clothing could block the radiation from the vast majority of materials. It was even resistant to the radiation in the radiation zone. It was an extremely expensive clothing.

He went into the alchemy room to continue working on the production of the new item.

The new product was totally different from the ones in the past. It was a vast project and he had to rely on himself to finish it. Although the other alchemists could complete the item because the technical content wasn’t high but that way the information might leak to the ears of pope and the Monastery. That’s why he had to rely on himself to do it. The time required to finish it would be much longer too. He estimated that it would take a few months for himself to finish the project. However it meant that there would be confidentiality and security.

The new item would be his gift to the public of the whole wall!

Therefore he couldn’t afford to lose.

Dean went out of alchemy room in exhaustion. He returned to the office to see Neuss had already brought the breakfast.

Dean ate breakfast and called Hawkeye: “Did you bring the materials from the yesterday?”

“Yes.” Hawkeye asked: “Elder, do you want them now?”

Dean waved his hand: “I don’t need them. Hire few masters to transform those scythes. I need handles above them. Don’t forget that there is no need to modify its characteristics as they are already sharp enough.”

“Yes.” Hawkeye respectfully replied. He had seen the two scythes. He guessed Dean’s purpose. It meant that elder was making a weapon for himself. Moreover he saw the terrifying sharpness of the scythes when they carried it back. In addition they were very heavy! The scythes could slice the iron as if cutting through butter.

Dean took out a paper and pen. He had good idea about what kind of a weapon he wanted. He painted it on paper and handed it to Neuss: “Make sure that they follow this style.”

“Yes.” Neuss left.

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  1. They don’ know about steam concept but bacteria is a common knowledge? Hmmm…. I wonder where they found microscope

    1. I see what you’re saying, trying to speak in defence of the author, it’s possible to imagine a scenario with a technological backslide, and, in that scenario, if loads of dangerous microbes are a very real part of day-to-day living the knowledge may be preserved, handed down mouth to mouth even while the finer points of mechanical engineering are lost,

      I like the idea that most people in this setting would say ‘ooh infection, nasty virus’ without any real understanding of the microbes in action, like we say ‘that’s a bad cold’ without really getting to grips with whether its a viral or bacterial cold

  2. I think nukes would a bit hard to create with the current technology. Plus the population inside the inner wall probably have ( was it called light physic?) radiation resistance. The monastery might have an underground and there is a few people who are flame resistant.
    Nuking would probably still be fun though,
    if it didn’t include the death of a few million people
    And all the beautiful architecture, gone to waist!
    Nuking outside all the walls might be better, might get rid of a few undeads

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