DK – Ch 482

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The Dark King – Chapter 482

Dean’s eyes lit up as he looked at the familiar figure sitting on the cliff. He walked around the whole Red Maple Mountains for about two hours to find her. Fortunately he had thermal vision to detect the problems in advance.

Dean saw that she still hadn’t responded when he was about two or three meters away from her. He was no longer polite as he quickly reached out as he used the dagger.

“Ah?” Ivette was perplexed when she heard the sound of movement. The first thing that came to her mind was the bodyguards sent by her father. However the next moment that idea shattered as she felt the strong killing intent from behind her. Sh wanted to pull out the dagger from her legging but she felt the cold dagger on her neck.

Her body frozen as she didn’t dare to act rashly. However she knew that whoever the person was didn’t want to kill her.

Dagger didn’t cut off her neck but stopped.

Ivette was relieved. However she didn’t feel well because of the throat being under the gasp of the dagger: “Who are you? Do you know who am I? MY father will send troops after you if you dare to assassinate me.”

Dean said in hoarse low tone: “Tell me honestly. Who helped you come back? What is your purpose?”

Ivette’s heart sank down: “Who are you? Who is your master?”

“Stop being long-winded!” Dean continued, “If you are not honest then say good by to your head!” The dagger moved a big and sliced a bit off her neck. The blood oozed along the dagger.

Ivette’s face turned ugly: “A man who has a high position in the wall helped me to come back. I have no purpose!”

“Do you mean that you were sent as a spy?” Dean said. It was time of war so he had to speak accordingly.

“No, no.” There was a trace of anger in Ivette’s eyes. If not for the dagger tingling by her neck she would have vented all the anger on the man: “I will never ever work as a spy and betray my people! The man just helped me get back! Why no one believes me?!”

“Alright.” Dean snorted. At the same time few figures came from the other places. He had deliberately left traces so that other could reach them. He no longer delayed: “Since you don’t want to talk then no point in staying alive!” He raised the dagger.

Cold sweat poured down Ivette’s body. She saw that the enemy had lifted the dagger so she seized the gap to lift her own dagger to block.

Bang! Sparks burst out because of the friction.

Ivette almost fell over the cliff because of the giant force of the enemy.

“Who!” The patrolling barbarians shouted as they approached.

Dean turned around and ran.

Ivette turned around to see Dean’s appearance. Although it was dark but the vision of barbarians was always excellent. Dean had raised his hand to block his face but Ivette was able to see his looks through the glimpse.


Dean disappeared in the darkness.

Several barbarians guards who were on patrol came to see Ivette on the edge of the cliff.

“Princess, are you …”

Ivette waved: “I’m alright.”

“It seemed that someone run away.” The guards suspiciously looked at her.

Ivette didn’t hide anything: “He tried to assassinate me but fortunately you came in time!”

The guards were shocked: “who is so bold who wants to assassinate you? Princess, did you see how he looked like?”

Ivette would never forget the face: “Nope, I did not.”

One of the guards said: “Princess, its too late so you should go back to rest. We will inform the posts to find the person.”

Ivette nodded.

The guards separated as they left.

“How could you find him …” Ivette looked at the guards and bit her lips: “I don’t want to rebel! Why are you not giving the chance to prove my innocence? WHY?”


The Red Maple Mountains were dangerous because of steep terrain. There were many tall cliffs. Even a veteran senior hunter would find it difficult to climb such dangerous terrains. That was the main reason why Red Maple Mountains was easy to defend but hard to attack.

Dean flapped his wings as he disappeared.

About ten minutes later.

He slowly landed in the wilderness after he flew out of the Red Maple Mountains. He raised his hand and kneaded his face. The previous one was a fabricated face. He had ordered Hawkeye to investigate the members of the barbarian royal family. He had chosen Ivette’s older brother’s face which had high status and big rights.

“Ivette don’t blame me. I can’t allow you to fail. You have to become the king of barbarians and my pawn… ” Dean clenched his fists.

He looked back at the direction of the Red Maple Mountains. He recovered his eyes after a moment and erased the blood from the dagger. He put them back into his legging.

He knew that he need a weapon for close combat as the dagger wasn’t enough. He was planning to use sharp scythes of the adult splitter. It was undoubtedly best natural weapon.

“I didn’t think there would be terrible monsters within the barbarian base …” Dean checked the Red Maple Mountains while he was looking for Ivette. He found out a place on top of the hill. There were huge tens there. It seemed that they belonged to the chiefs of the tribes. He saw one which was much larger than the others. He wanted to directly go inside to face the king of barbarians.

It would be much easier than planning with Ivette.

Fortunately because of the thermal vision he was able to see the strong red heat within the tent. It was like a surging flame was exuded from the body. The person was comparable to Aisha from the inner wall!

Aisha was definitely one of the strongest people he had seen so far. Perhaps the girl wearing the Tang suit was comparable to Aisha. Moreover the figure patrolling the giant wall when he sneaked in with Glenn and Gwyneth was in that same power level too.

It was proof of how terrifying the power of the barbarian king was.

According to Dean the man was several times stronger than Francis!

He was aware that if he battled with Francis for 10 times he would win 7 while Francis would win three times.

But he knew that there was no chance of winning if he went against Aisha or the man who patrolled the giant wall.

“Francis belongs to the limitless… Tang suit girl and Aisha should be top level limitless too. Generally senior hunters can hunt monster up to level 30. Saints should be less than level 40. Francis could hunt monsters level 40 to 45…”

“I can barely cope with monsters with level less than 50. ”

“It means that Aisha and the person who was patrolling the giant wall could fight with monsters above level 50… Tang suit girl is the same level too…” Dean pondered. Although he didn’t have thermal vision back then but he had directly observed Tang suit girl’s combat prowess. Because of his observation he knew that at least for now he hadn’t met anyone with stronger presence than them.

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  1. So it isn’t that is wings are ‘retractable’ like some people said, they are just transparent and adhere to the skin.

    Also, given the fact that Dudian had the entire outer wall wrapped around his finger less than a week ago I think it would have been a simple matter for him to stir up some trouble at the crime scene of his parents murder. He could just make a scene about them being the famous master Dean’s parents and show everyone the way they died. Everyone would see that they were murdered and it was being covered as a suicide by the Magistrate and his status as a master would do the rest of the work. That would also solve the problem of the higher-ups trying to make Dudian disappear from the public, he’d stay relevant and people wouldn’t forget about him.

    1. The monestary told him to keep low, revealing he (as Master Dean) is back, or stirring up that kind of trouble even disguised would certainly not be low profile. He cannot go against them atm, even if people are on his side, they’ll just kill him and that’d be that.

  2. I imagine the wings are like Angel Salvador from xmen first class; the wings are like a clear pattern that peels off the back

  3. please, when you catch up with the translation pls translate “Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World”

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