DK – Ch 481

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The Dark King – Chapter 481

Two days passed.

The outer wall as always was calm on the surface and waves splashed in the darkness.

The 9th region eventually chose to fight back the 8th region after the vote. They recaptured the 13th sub-region and Tom personally led the force to reconstruct the guarding posts. Conflicts on this magnitude occurred often. Afterwards the sub-regions would be ruled jointly or a friction would be inevitable.

Dean was working in the alchemy room in the headquarters of the 9th region. He was researching his own new invention. He decided not to deal with the affairs of the 9th region before completing the product. It didn’t matter to him whether the 9th region lost or gained anything.

He didn’t want to take over the business of the 9th region so as not to waste his own energy. After all, he wasn’t doing anything good for himself but the dirty work of the Monastery. However the new invention was totally different. I would be used for his own interests. Moreover this would be the strongest weapon in his hand. He would be able to get revenge for the Jura and Gray! Moreover he could overthrow the inner wall and become the king of the outer wall!

Since there had to be a king then he would be the one!

In an underground hall.

“They haven’t moved even thought it has been two days…” A man whose face was covered with a mask said.

A graceful figure wearing black goggles knelt in front of the man and whispered: “In addition to normal colleagues no one else contacted with them.”

The man looked up: “It seems that the newly appointed elder isn’t the genius master who had disappeared… Hmpf! The old guys in the Monastery should have taken this rare talent for themselves.”

Graceful figure looked down without a word.

“Go and clean up. Make sure that you don’t leave any traces.” The man said in an indifferent tone.

Graceful figure indifferently replied: “Yes.”

Knock~ Knock~~

The door to the alchemy room was knocked as Dean was engraved in drawing a part.

He wrinkled his brows as he turned his head. He saw the heat emitted from the person standing behind the door. According to the emission of heat it should be Neuss. He put down the pen and moved to open the door.

“Elder.” Neuss was slightly startled when he saw Dean’s messy hair: “The knights that I was tracking were killed today!”

Dean narrowed his eyes: “Did you track the killers?”

“They were two people and were wearing masks. I tracked them all the way to a manor in Simpson town. They didn’t come out for a long time so I guess they are people of the dark church too.” Neuss said in hurry.

“Simpson town …” Dean’s chest went up and down: “The underworld king!”

Dean said in a cold tone: “Don’t follow them anymore so that we don’t scare the snake… Attend all meetings of the 9th region with Hawkeye and record the content of the meetings. Report to me immediately if any of the operations implicate Sergei or the New World Consortium.”

“Yes.” Neuss nodded.

Dean closed the door.

Same night.

There was a trace of weariness in his eyes as Dean came out of the alchemy room. He joined the office and drank two bottles of red wine form Kerry’s collection.

He had replaced the previous need for high-calorie food with the wines. The results were good as this special wine could easy his hunger and coldness in his body. The only bad part was that it was easily intoxicating him.

“I have to order Hawkeye to brew some wine to warm my body …” Dean looked at the wine shelf.

He wore a suit, black robe and tied a dagger to his legs. He opened the drawer and glanced at an information. He confirmed the address and left the office.

“Elder.” Hawkeye was surprised to see Dean: “Elder, are you leaving?”

“I’m going out for a feast.” Dean adjusted his tie: “Something wrong?”

Hawkeye wryly smiled: “Nothing.”

Dean nodded and left the manor.

Normally, at least one intermediate level knight would follow an elder for protection.

Fortunately, the elder’s strength was extraordinary and there was no need for additional protection.

Dean went out of the manor and sneaked into a dark street. He went around a dozen streets before taking the suit and tie off. He threw them into a trash cane and covered them with leftovers to cover the smell. No one would be able to trace him this way.



Dean quickly left the commercial district and came to the golden wall. At the moment the golden wall was being repaired by workers. Most of it had been restored.

The patrolling soldiers went back and forth along the golden wall. The barbarians were still occupying the Red Maple Mountains. That’s why the military didn’t dare to slightly relax in defence of the golden wall.

Dean went towards the part of the golden wall which faced the giant wall. Those areas were mainly wastelands and the people avoided to live in those areas because of intense radiation.

Dean took of his coat. The transparent wings stretched out from his skin and quickly became thin and hard. The flapped as his body went upwards.

He flied over the golden wall and came back to the area where people lived some time ago. The towns were desolate. The villages and towns had become ghost towns. The houses looked gloomy in the darkness of the night.

Dean passed through the abandoned villages and towns straight to the Red Maple Mountains.


Ivette was sitting on the edge of the cliff. The sound of the waterfall roared beside her ear. She was in trance as she looked at the faint starlight.

She sneaked back with the help of Glenn. However her tribesmen looked at her strangely because of her return. Especially several brothers and sisters of her which she was close with in the past tried to avoid her as much as they could. It felt as if she was infected with a plague that would spread out any time.

She felt lonely.

Ivette was aware that what the people were worried about. It simply didn’t make sense that she could safely come back after being arrested!

She felt that even her father didn’t believe her after she explain the reason to him.

“I’m not a spy! I’m clear about it even though they may choose not to believe me.” Ivette whispered: “They will naturally believe that I’m not a spy as long as I’m not involved in any intelligence leaks…”

She secretly made up her mind. However she didn’t notice that a black figure swept from behind the waterfall. The shadow didn’t issue a sound it gently walked towards her.

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