DK – Ch 480

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The Dark King – Chapter 480

“Check about the institutional structure of the barbarians and get me all the information about the members of the barbarian royal family including the personal preferences.”

“Barbarians?” Hawkeye was slightly startled. He didn’t expect Dean to inquire about barbarians. Although he didn’t know what elder wanted to do but it was obviously a grand matter. He didn’t inquire much: “Yes, elder.”


Hawkeye left the office.

Dean took a piece of paper and began to draw with a pencil. Outline of two sketches emerged which were two different faces.

Dean handed out the paper to Neuss after drawing was done: “Personally look after these two men.”

Neuss took a look to remember them but was puzzled: “Elder, who are they?”

“They are knights belonging to magistrate at Caesar avenue.” Dean indifferently said: “Don’t forget to make sure that they find you. In case they are killed keep up with the killers to find the people behind their deaths.”

Neuss was confused but didn’t ask for more as it seemed Dean wasn’t going to tell anything else for now.

Dean was silent for a moment before giving the ashes to Neuss: “Find a cemetery and bury it.”

Neuss asked: “Elder, what’s this?”


Neuss’s face slightly changed: “Whose?”

“My foster parents.” Dean took a deep breath: “Someone wanted to inquire information about me from their mouth. Find a good place and bury their ashes. Don’t write their names on the tombstone.”

Neuss was at a loss: “Them? How could … ” He clearly remembered the faces of Jura couple. Dean had commissioned him to personally bring them to the commercial district. Neuss didn’t imagine that innocent couple to be killed. No wonder Dean was like a volcano which was about to burst and explode when he came back.

“Were these two the culprits?” Neuss was angry as he looked at the pictures one more time.

“They are just minions and wouldn’t be used for such a thing.” Dean continued: “The people who got the money to rule out the outcome may know about the situation. But I think they wouldn’t know much too.”

“I will assassinate them!” Neuss said in an angry tone.

Dean slightly shook his head: “We can’t scare the snake now! They are just nobodies… I want to catch the people who killed them!”

Neuss suddenly thought of something: “Is it the Mel family?”

“I don’t think so…” Dean narrowed his eyes: “The people responsible for this should have no hatred or resentment towards me. It seems that they wanted to control me by finding my weakness… They wanted to control a master! So that they could threaten me in the future when necessary…It seems they didn’t let go of their aim…”

Dean once again remembered the tragic scene which looked like hell. There was a trace of extreme hatred and anger in his eyes. His face expression turned ferocious for a moment but the next instant it faded away.

Neuss instinctively wanted to retreat when he saw the killing intent on Dean’s face. He knew that Dean won’t hurt him but he couldn’t help but panic. Neuss pondered for a moment: “Elder, how do you know that they didn’t let go of their goal? If the enemy knew your weakness…”

Dean interrupted Neuss’s words: “I wouldn’t be sitting in here then…” He would be isolated by the Holy Church in case Jura said that he had ‘ice blood syndrome.’ He was sure that Jura didn’t disclose his illness.

That’s why the pain in his heart was much heavier.


Dean was tired as he closed his eyes.

Neuss picked up the ashes and lightly went away.

Dean slowly opened his eyes after a while. The previous exhaustion was no longer there. He took a pencil and a paper. It was time to draw the new invention.

Conference hall.

“Where’s he?”

“Are we going to decide by voting?”

“He actually want us to decide the matters when the others are at our doors! IT’s the first time I see an elder like him!”

“Stop quarreling! Isn’t it the same?”

“I believe elder has his own reasons.”

14 members of the council debated. Several of them sided with Dean. Angelika who was punished earlier by Dean was one of them.

Hawkeye slightly smiled as he had expected the situation. He slightly raised his hand: “Ladies and gentlemen! The 8th region wants to swallow our 13th sub-region. Although it’s a remote place with no resources but it is our boundary! Once a hole is torn there bound to be more trouble in the future. Other regions would get the courage to treat us same way too.”

“Nonsense! Of course, we can’t let them act the way they want!” Tom said in anger.

“8th region is deliberately provoking us. Hmpf! They have been staring at our region for long.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have to protect everything that is ours.”

“Of course!”

Most of the agreed to keep the 13th sub-region. Only four or five people didn’t agree. There was a person who wanted to abandon the sub-region.

“Hawkeye, the elder said that we will become one of the top 5 regions within six months! Did he abandon the idea?” The enchanting woman said: “It seems that he is retreating now. What do you say?”

Hawkeye didn’t expect the topic to be brought up again: “Elder said that he will certainly accomplish that task. It’s too early and you are being impatient. Today we will talk about the problem that we are facing right now!”

No one replied when they heard this. They continued to discuss the plan to recapture the 13th sub-region.

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