DK – Ch 477

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The Dark King – Chapter 477



Dean grabbed the newspaper. His eyes concentrated on the column on the corner of the newspaper: “Ivy Street No. 72… owners…suicide… suspected to commit because of problems with neighbors…”

He read word by word over and over again.

His hands trembled as his breathing got rough!


Dean suddenly got up as he caught and crushed all the newspapers including the one in his hand.

Neuss who was next to Dean was frightened because of Dean’s angry action. He had been with Dean for so long but he had never seen him act so angry. He was not angry even when he was insulted in the prison!

“Stay here!” Dean coldly said as he left the office.

Hawkeye was returning and happened to see Dean in the corridor. He wanted to greet the elder but saw that the atmosphere wasn’t right. He carefully said: “Elder, that youth has been finished…Are you worried about that?”

“I’ll go out for a trip.” Dean passed by Hawkeye as he walked step by step. His eyes concentrated on Hawkeye’s face for a moment. The man felt chill because of Dean’s glance. Dean said: “If anyone follows me then there won’t be a return trip for them!”

He was like a ghost that passed through the corridor after the speech.

Hawkeye was startled. He turned to check the elder but saw that Dean already was nowhere to be found except his robe that was on the ground.

Dean took a horse as he left the manor. This was a red brown horse which was bred by the Talin family. He didn’t need to show proof of identity and could go to anywhere within the outer wall as long as he rode the horse.

The horse flew like a lightning through the streets.

Dean came to the heart of the commercial district after an hour. The place was bustling and overcrowded.

He reached an inn and dismounted. Dean threw the rope at the attendant and said: “Take care of it.” He turned towards the street and mixed into the crowd.

He joined the adjacent street and quickly knead his face to change it. He grabbed a passerby and joined an alley. He stripped the clothes of that person and replaced with his own clothing. He quickly left the place to the other side of the central area.

Dean came to Ivy Street No. 72 after a few minutes. He saw a spacious manor. There was a carriage of the magistrate parked in front of the manor. The carriage was reinforced with steel. A knight of the magistrate was leaning to the side of the carriage as he held onto a piece of bread. He was chewing it in a depressed mood.

There was a heat of a figure inside the manor who seemed to be busy with something.

Dean sensed the thick pungent smell in the air. Even an ordinary person would be able to to sense this taste of rot.

Dean’s heart sank as if the cold snowflakes fell onto the frosty lake.


Dean disappeared from the street.

Dean’s figure appeared on the third floor of the manor the next moment. He gently pushed the curtains as he slowly walked inside. Luster of dust floated on air.

He was silent for a moment. Afterwards he slowly went to the second floor. He was like a ghost as there was no sound when moved.

He saw chaos in the second floor. The pillow on the sofa had fallen to the ground as if a robbery has happened. There was a new textile machine on the corner of the living room which was full of dust.

The figure emitting the heat was busy on the first floor. A sound was issued.

Dean bit his lips as he quietly went downstairs. He saw a knight of the magistrate wearing few layers of gloves and masks. However it seems that the masks weren’t enough to block the bad air. The knight squatted on the ground as he dragged a seriously rotten corpse.

There were scars all over the body. The ears seemed to have been cut off and was full of blood. The body was stripped of clothes and there were whip marks all over the body. It wasn’t difficult to imagine how much the owner of the body had suffered before death.

Dean’s mind buzzed and went blank as he saw the face of the owner of the corpse.

It was his adopted mother Jura!

He felt like he fell into a cold abyss…

He had bought this manor for Jura, Gray and their newly adopted kid to settle. The rights to the house was transferred to them so when he saw the address on the news his heart had sunk.

Chaos run amok in his mind as he stared.

The knight of the magistrate dragged Jura’s body along the smooth wooden floor. There was panic and anger in Jura’s eyes that were still open. The knight dragged the body along the corridor until it was taken outside.

Dean stood still. He thought of the conclusion written in the newspaper: “suicide…suicide?”

He grinned but he couldn’t laugh…


“There are so many scars on the body but the magistrate decided that they have committed suicide!”

Tears flew down across his cheeks…

The grin was still on his face. He looked like a madman.

He thought that he would never be emotional again… He would never cry…

But life and reality were ruthless!

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    1. this novel lack emotion but i can’t pinpoint what the reason is. It is always about fighting, power struggle, planning and out-witting each other. there is not much interaction or whatever between characters. i think this is the flaw of this novel:emotion/feelings

      1. Dude maybe you should look a shoujo manga instead of reading this. You don’t have to like it but there are plenty emotions it’s just not your kind of emotions (sadness, anger, confusion, pain, bewilderment, pride….etc) maybe you are looking for other kind of emotions or you just feel uncomfortable, there are holes on the story some of the parts are not even logicall at all, but the quality is 100 times better than other novels of the genre.

  1. Tbh i dont really feel nothing anymore lol. MC has eating to much shit for me to feel sad about.

  2. I won’t say this is getting old like everyone else but I seriously don’t feel anything, mostly due to the fact they’ve been pretty much forgotten about until now.

  3. Most of the reason why we don’t feel anything is because human interaction on an emotional level with the main character stopped after the prison arc. The last person he opened his heart to was Jenny, now he just treat people like pawns although he would never sacrifice them like pawns. (depends?)

  4. Oh look yet another ‘terrible’ thing happened. Wow. I. Am. So. Surpsi*yawn*sed… This garbage is so boring and contrived. It’s like a GD grade school paint by numbers on how to NOT write a good story.

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