DK – Ch 475

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The Dark King – Chapter 475

Neuss whispered after Hawkeye left: “Master, what do I need to do?”

“Firstly, change the way you address me. I’m not master but elder.” Dean leaned against the chair: “You don’t need to do anything. I’ll make sure that you reach the constitution of senior hunter as soon as possible. You have used the magic marks of the ‘swallower’ so you will test my meals and drinks in the future. Don’t forget not to expose your magic marks in front of others or they will think of more vicious ways to poison me.”

Neuss replied: “I know, elder.”

Dean nodded. The main reason for him to bring Neuss was his magic marks. After all, he was confident that he wouldn’t lose to anyone in the outer wall in terms of strength. However no one would be silly enough to fight him face to face. Many strong people often die in the hands of the villains…

Half an hour passed.

Hawkeye carried a youth whose body was full of scars into Dean’s office. He threw the youth onto the carpet and reported to Dean: “Elder, this messenger is the traitor!”

Dean raised his eyebrows as he looked at the youth. He had gone through brutal torture. It seemed that his hands were smeared with something and the skin was brownish. Dean couldn’t see the teeth in his mouth.

“You have found the ghost.” Dean glanced at Hawkeye.

Hawkeye’s heart jumped when his eyes connected with Dean’s. He thought that all the secrets in his heart were seen through.

Dean was letting Hawkeye know that he wasn’t fooled by him. However he wasn’t intending to break down the show: “Why did you betray me?”

The youth’s body trembled but he couldn’t speak. He said few vague words: “I-I… wrong…elder…life.”

Dean looked at HAwkeye: “You have made so that I can’t get reply to anything. What should I do?”

Hawkeye’s face turned pale: “Elder, please punish me.”

Dean waved: “Who is this man? Who he used to be?”

Hawkeye said in haste: “Elder, he is just a messenger we use as a courier. He has no patrons. His father was a knight of our dark church but died in battle with the Holy Church. His mother died long time ago. He has no father, mother or relatives.”

Dean sneered: “No patrons, no relatives… How can he become a messenger?”

Hawkeye couldn’t answer.

“Is it that you don’t want to say or you couldn’t find out?” Dean narrowed his eyes.

Hawkeye replied: “Please give us a little time and we will find the person who was in contact with this messenger!”

“Time…Time is life.” Dean looked at the youth: “Do you know what kind of sin you have done by colluding with Holy Church to frame an elder? I’ll peel your skin, cut off your tendons and will put the eggs of an insect in your mouth, ears and nostrils. I’ll put you into a pig cage and sink you in water until the eggs hatch!”

The youth was frightened: “Elder… Please show mercy. I-I am innocent. I didn’t betray you… ”

Dean indifferently said: “Give me the names of people who instructed you.”

The youth was at a loss. As Hawkeye said earlier on he had no relations to anyone. Moreover he only became a messenger after Hawkeye appreciated his job. But Hawkeye didn’t promote him later on. He was waiting for the day of promotion. However he didn’t expect to be beaten and forced into such a move.

“I can guess the truth even if you don’t say anything.” Dean continued: “Did you betray me with the division of the great potion master Amy?”

Hawkeye looked at the youth in excitement: “Be frank and lenient!”

The youth heard Hawkeye’s words. He saw the last straw of life he could attach to: “Yes, yes…”

“Surely it was her people.” Dean narrowed his eyes as he looked at HAwkeye: “Amy was just imprisoned. What was your intention when you let her to pass my whereabouts?”

Hawkeye knelt down: “Elder, I’m not aware of anything. I didn’t know when great potion master bought him! Please believe in me!”

Dean coldly stared at him.

Hawkeye anxiously looked at Dean. He hoped that Dean would see the frankness and sincerity in his heart. The coldness in Dean’s eyes gradually faded away.

“I believe that you won’t do anything stupid like that.” Dean indifferently said: “However because of the negligence my life was at risk! This crime is inevitable!”

Hawkeye bowed: “I’m guilty elder. Please give the appropriate punishment.”

“I’ll think about it.” Dean said in a cold tone: “I hope you can live up to my expectations in the future.”

“Yes.” Hawkeye was relieved.

“Take him out.” Dean continued: “Call the members of the council.”

“Yes.” Hawkeye stood up and pulled out the youth from the office.

Neuss saw how sinister the methods of the members of the dark church were from the scars on the youth’s body. He was also aware that Dean couldn’t trust the people around him.

“Let’s go to the meeting room.” Dean got up.

This time Dean was the first to enter the conference hall. He quietly sat there as he thought about random things.

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