DK – Ch 474

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The Dark King – Chapter 474

Dean bid farewell to the crowd and went to the back of the castle with Neuss to quietly dive out from the castle.

Dean stopped by the river which reflected his face through the moonlight. He began to knead his face and changed it to the previous one.

“Young master, your …” Neuss was completely stunned as he saw Dean’s appearance change.

Dean didn’t hide the information from him: “I didn’t sneak out but was sent from the inner wall as the elder of the dark church. This is called animal glue mask which can change my face. It’s too precious and I only have one of this. That’s why we have to change your face so that other won’t know your identity and guess mine.”

Neuss stared at him in shock.

Neuss slowly digested the shocking news: “Do you want my to join the dark church?”

“Yes. I know that you were knight of light under the Holy Church and there will be a bit of conflict in your heart…” Dean patted his shoulder. “But you will get used to it as you know more…”

Neuss took a deep breath as his body slightly shook: “There is nothing to contradict. I have lost my faith in god long ago when I was captured by the Holy Church! How can we talk about the god of light if there is no justice? You gave me another chance and I’ll be loyal to you until the end. That’s the justice!”

“It seems that I wasn’t wrong in my choice.” Dean smiled: “The process will be a bit painful because of peeling off your face and replacing it with a new one. I hope you will be able to tolerate.”

Neuss slightly shook his head: “Nothing is unbearable as much as I’m alive.”

“It should be alright.” Dean continued: “We will use anesthetics so you will sleep and wake up to find your face changed. The only thing that will be real is that the Neuss will be dead!”

“Neuss died long ago.” Neuss replied.

Dean looked at the town in front of them: “There is a small nest of 8th region of the dark church in this town. This is the place where the materials we need are. Wait for me in here.”

“Yes!” Neuss nodded.

Dean took off his coat and sneaked into the town. A manor of a respected squire in the town was the den of the 8th region. He went into a farmer’s house and took a set off work clothes worn by the farmer during the day. It was stained with thick sweat and taste of animal feces. He put on the clothes and went straight to the manor.

Ten minutes later.

A figure rushed through the town and appeared near the river like a ghost.

Neuss was frightened when he saw Dean appear holding onto a jacket. The next instant he sensed thick bloody smell. He couldn’t help but ask: “Did you hurt him?”

“Nope.” Dean took of the farmer’s bloody coat and threw it into the river. He put a bag by his side and squatted by the river to wash his hands. The blood spread from his palms downstream the river as he washed his hands.

Neuss noticed the bag: “Is this the material?”

“Yes, its to help you change and few other items.” Dean replied.

Dean got up and grabbed the bag: “Come on..”

Neuss touched his cheek and rubbed his face with his hands. He followed behind Dean.

9th region headquarters of the Dark Church.

Hawkeye was wearing a luxurious black suit as he stood on the balcony of the castle and looked at the distance. The sun was setting and the horizon looked gray. He frowned as he looked at the attendant next to him: “You haven’t found information about the elder even though a night passed?”

Attendant spoke in a trembling voice: “We have investigated. The members of the Holy Church encircled the people inside. However elder wasn’t there. Trunn and the rest of the members were caught or killed. Elder should have escaped. We have contacted other divisions for search but there isn’t any news yet.”

Hawkeye indifferently said: “Did you found out the reason why so many knights of light appeared on Falkland street?”

“The servant is still checking.” The attitude answered in a cautious manner.

Hawkeye narrowed his eyes: “It would be best if you find out by the sun rise or it will be your sunset!”

Attendant’s face turned white: “I’ll go.”

Hawkeye turned his head as he looked down the manor. He saw two figures approach from the corner. Both of them were wearing black robes. He was startled when he saw one of the figures make hand gestures. He had strong vision so he was able to see clearly.

Hawkeye jumped over the balcony to meet the figure because of the hand gesture.

“Greetings elder.” Hawkeye respectfully said to the figure.

Dean gently lifted his hood and revealed the handsome young face: “Let’s go in.”

“Yes.” Hawkeye nodded and looked at the figure next to Dean: “Who is this?”

“His code name is golden wolf. He is my personal attendant. ” Dean replied.

Hawkeye quietly looked at the golden wolf: “Elder, please.”

They went to the basement below the manor where the headquarters was located. There was no one around the fountain within the square. At the moment everyone had gone back to their houses and residences to begin their daytime life.

The staff behind the counter yawned because they were tired after the work over the night.

Dean sat on his chair in the office and looked at Hawkeye: “Any news for me?”

Hawkeye knew what Dean was referring to. He whispered: “Elder, it was our negligence. We still don’t know who leaked your whereabouts. It’s good that you weren’t injured. I sent someone over the night to find your trail thinking that you were secretly arrested by the Holy Church.”

Dean indifferently said: “It’s been more than 10 hours and you haven’t found the traitor?”

Hawkeye replied: “Elder, we used everyone to find your traces so we didn’t have time to investigate our people. Please give me an hour and I’ll give a proper reply.”

“Half an hour.” Dean indifferently said.

“Yes.” Hawkeye knew that there was no room for bargain.

Dean said in a cold tone: “Golden Wolf will be my personal attendant while you will be my secretary. I know that you worked for elder Kerry for long time but he has gone to inner wall. I believe that you should know who to give your allegiance. I won’t treat you badly as long as you are loyal to me.”

Hawkeye knelt on one knee in hurry: “Elder, I have pledged…”

“Stand up.”

Hawkeye slowly stood up.

“I want to know who dared to betray me.” Dean ordered.

“Yes.” Hawkeye left the office.

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      1. Well I mean the whole animal glue mask feels like the surgery from the

        *Spoiler to Metal Gear Solid 5*

        beginning of game where the medic had changed his face to match and act like Big Boss, here we see Neuss become Dean as he will soon become the head of the 9th Dark Church Branch. Moreover, the whole Dark Church feels to much like Mother Base and the Diamond Dogs. the whole part of them defecting to other branches is similar to how Big Boss gets betrayed. I don’t know, it just might be me.

          1. I am not saying that Neuss becomes Dean, but they way that the story is hinting is that Neuss might become the figurehead of the 9th, while Dean will be acting behind the scenes. This would make sense as Dean would want to control the Dark Church so that they won’t betray him. Also, it was said that the Author is a video game fan, so it might make sense that he was inspired by it. I am just saying that it has some Metal Gear Solid feels.

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