DK – Ch 473

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The Dark King – Chapter 473

Ivette stared back at him: “I can’t do anything even if I’m willing to help you. First and foremost I’m daughter of the chief. Moreover there are brothers who are much more talented than me.”

“There is nothing that you can’t accomplish as long as you are willing to do it and ready to pay the price.” Dean continued in a indifferent matter: “IT won’t be hard to be the chief of all tribes if I support you… As for those brothers of your… they will be removed if they hinder you.”

Ivett’s face changed: “Do you want me to kill my brothers?”

“Aren’t you willing to pay this small price to be the chief of all tribes?” Dean stared deep into her eyes.

Ivette’s face turned ugly: “What’s the meaning of getting the throne full of blood?”

Dean looked at her: “You will know meaning when you reap the harvest. You will get the rights and glory of being the chief. Moreover you will lead your people into the golden wall! Your name will be remember for generations. Doesn’t it stimulate you?”

Ivette bit her lips: “I don’t need to be remembered by future generations and I don’t need the rights of being a chief! I only hope that we can live on the land we deserve…Not like the savages!”


“What’s the point of getting something that I want if I’ll be killing my brothers? Isn’t it ironic?”

Dean wrinkled his brows.

He didn’t think that the female barbarian would have such family relations. He thought that the barbarian chief had dozens of heirs so they shouldn’t be united. They should be even fighting for the resources but it seems the opposite was true. Did they cherish each other because of the harsh environments where they lived?

“You may think so but it doesn’t meant that your brothers share your ideals.” Dean continued: “They will get rid of you if they know that you have cards that can affect them! Moreover, how can I help you if you refuse? There isn’t a hope for your tribe to enter the golden wall without my help. Do you want so many people live in the radiation zone for an eternity?”

There was a complex expression on Ivette’s face: “I have to think about this.”

Dean pondered for a moment: “Alright. I’ll command Glenn to take you back. I hope you can give me satisfying answer after a week. We will meet below the 8th fort by the Red Maple Mountains.”

Ivette nodded: “I’ll give you a reply.”

Dean waved: “Go and pack your luggage.”

Ivette went upstairs.

The sounds of hoofs echoed from outside the castle as Ivette went upstairs. Soon a figure entered the castle and saw Dean sitting on the sofa.

“You came back.” Dean smiled.

Neuss recovered from shock: “What did you come back? Did they send you back?”

“I sneaked back.” Dean looked at him: “What did the Ryan family said?”

Neuss was a bit worried because of Dean’s reply: “Master, wouldn’t they look for you? Isn’t it dangerous to be in here?”

“Don’t worry.” Dean said: “Talk to me about the Ryan family. I heard that you went to look for their help.”

Neuss responded: “Old Fulin said he would think of a way. He has contacted other nobles and they are ready to contact the magistrate. It’s just the magistrate isn’t willing to give an answer… ”

Dean nodded: “Old Fulin is still loyal to us.”

“Yes he is but…” Neuss added: “His children aren’t so. We covered for them when they owed a huge sum of money… But this time when I went to visit their house they bluntly said that I will get them into trouble! Ungrateful pricks!”

Dean said in an indifferent manner: “Don’t be surprised… People are so. Are you willing to follow me? ”

Neuss responded: “Of course. You took me out of that dark prison and I swore that I will follow you to any place as much as this worthless body of mine has a trace of life!”

Dean narrowed his eyes: “However we will go to a bitter place this time. We may need to peel off your face and change it to a new one.”

Neuss trembled on instinct as the picture of ‘peeling’ flashed through his mind. However he suppressed the feeling as he looked at Dean’s gentle eyes. He took a deep breath: “I will.”

Dean suddenly smiled: “You should have thought about it a bit more. It will be bitter…”

Neuss replied: “I’ll follow you even if its worse than the prison… ”

Dean patted both of his palms. Sergei and others who were on second floor came down as they heard the sound. Ivette also was in the hall.

“Tell Glenn to take her back after she comes.”

Sergei asked in astonishment: “Why are we letting her go? Isn’t she a hostage?”

“Her value may be high but there is no point in continuing to act so if she doesn’t speak our language.” Dean stood up: “It’s getting late. I can’t be outside way too more as I found an opportunity to slip out and may cause doubt. I’ll come to find you so don’t look for me.”

“Are you going back to the inner wall?” Mason was surprised.

Dean patted Mason’s shoulder but didn’t answer him. He looked at Neuss: “Are you ready to go with me?”

Neuss nodded and went upstairs.

“Do you want to take Neuss?” Sergei continued: “Isn’t Gwyneth or Glenn more appropriate as you helper?”

Dean laughed: “Neuss isn’t worse than them.”

Neuss heard Dean’s voice as he reached upstairs. His mouth curled into a smile as he quickly walked…

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    1. In the next reply , harem king say :”scar’s friend, his nickname is jin” I think is for you this answer and for me because I didnt remember his name only his nickname . But was think eas him but the name wasn I remember XD

    1. kroen will be back cause now he hates the inner wall as much as dean does lol and plus dean got that potion that can regrow limbs as a gift from guy

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