DK – Ch 472

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The Dark King – Chapter 472

“Bastards!” A teenager punched his palm on table and said in an angry tone: “What the hell is with Knight’s Hall? They didn’t help out but instead even took away the honor medal of Dean! Damn it!”

Nicholas who was sitting on sofa next to him, gentle sipped from tea and spoke in an indifferent tone: “The more you prune the more refined things come out. Everything will look perfect if you cut out discomfort and ugly parts. Why are you being so annoying?”

Mason looked at him: “It’s been almost three days that Dean was taken away and there is no news about him. Aren’t you worried?”

Sergei who was sitting opposite to them snapped: “What’s the use of panicking? Gwyneth and Glenn have already sneaked into the inner wall. What’s the meaning of getting angry? We have to wait for news from both of them.”

Mason’s face was ugly but he knew that he had to face the reality.

Nicholas took out a scissor to cut off his nails: “You are like a stone. Old Fulin said that the military has given them a decree that they can’t publish any news about Dean. It’s intended to make him slowly fade out of public’s memories. Overtime, he will eventually be forgotten. By the way, even the Holy Church stood still so what do you expect us to do?”

Zach who was sitting close to them said: “We can’t give up even the resistance is futile! Who will help him if not us?”

“I don’t care! Tomorrow, I’ll go to magistrate to get justice!” Mason said in a bitter tone.

Nicholas glanced at him but didn’t respond.

Sergei was about to talk when he sensed something: “Who is there?!”

Everyone looked around in surprise.

“Haha …” A gentle laugh echoed from the second floor. They were stunned when they turned towards that direction.

Dean was sitting on stairs as he watched the crowd in the hall.

Dean had already kneaded his face back to the original. He came down as he smiled: “It seems that there have been lots of things in the last two days that I was gone.”

Nicholas was like the cat whose tail was stepped on. He jumped from the sofa and stuttered: “Young master. How come you are back?”

Dean went over and patted his shoulder: “Don’t be so angry.”

Nicholas was stiffened: “Yes, young master.”

Mason exclaimed in surprise: “Dean, you are back!”

“Dean!” Zach also said in a pleasant tone.

Dean sat on the sofa: “When Gwyneth and Glenn comes back tell them not to smuggle into the inner wall so that an accident doesn’t happen.”

Sergei was amazed: “Did you sneak back? Do people in the inner wall know about it?”

“It’s alright…You guys don’t have to worry about me. Follow my instructions after both of them come back. Borrow from Old Fulin if you lack money. ”

Sergei’s face changed: “There were people outside…”

“Don’t worry, I avoid them.” Dean’s eye narrowed: “There are eight people outside the castle. They are in different locations and have locked the path. Do you know which force they belong to?”

“We didn’t dare to get close to them but Glenn was able to secretly approach them. She said that they were dressed like members of the dark church. ”

“Dark Church?” Dean’s eyes lit up: “They are too cute. These people are here to observe you but instead got their identities revealed to Glenn.”

Everyone laughed as they looked at each other.

Nicholas said in a respectful tone: “Young master, Glenn and Gwyneth drilled under the ground when they went out so these people aren’t aware of it.”

Dudian nodded. Glenn was a top assassin and there weren’t any in the outer wall who could trace her.

“These should belong to the ground who have poisoned me.” Dudian pondered for a moment. He looked at Nicholas: “What’s the recent information about the Mel family?”

“We don’t care much about them.” Nicholas bowed.

Dean didn’t blame them: “I’ll solve out this matter. You guys don’t get involved with this. Focus on completing my instructions. Especially Nicholas the matter that I have given to you ise very important. Sergei in addition to recruiting knights you have to establish a stronghold outside the giant wall. It will be the last place where we can escape to in case of emergency!”

“I’ll personally come to check the place so try to dismember the materials of the previous monster too.” (he is referring to adult splitter)

Sergei knew which monster Dean was referring to: “I will.”

Dean looked around: “Where is Neuss?”

Nicholas replied: “Master, Neuss went to old Fulin to get information about you. He will soon come back.”

Dean nodded.

At the same time the sounds of footsteps echoed from upstairs. It was Ivette who was holding the hands of Gabriel and Artemis.

Gabriel and Artemis were aware of the situation too. They were surprised to see Dean return safely. They immediately ran over.

Dean stroken Artemis’s head: “Did you listen to your brother when I was away?”

“Yes.” She replied.

Gabriel smiled: “Young master you are finally back!”

“I’ll always returned.” Dean patted his shoulder. He turned to look at Mason and Zach: “In the future you guys should practice with Gabriel too. Ask Old Fulin to give you batch of god’s blessings to improve your constitution. You have to be able to have enough strength to protect yourselves.”

“Alright!” Mason grinned.

“Nicholas Glenn will work with you to manage the affairs when she comes back. Sergei, you and Gwyneth will be responsible for the hunting outside the giant wall and the group.” Dean looked at Sergei: “Teach them when you have free time.

“Yes.” Sergei replied.

Dean smiled: “I’ll talk to Ivette so leave us alone for a while.”

Ivette saw Dean wave at her: “What?”

Dean spoke in English: “Do you want to go back?”

Ivette was stunned: “Are you willing to let go of me?” Her voice was trembling.

She was brought by Dean and thought that she would never be able to escape from the hands of the devil. Moreover she never expected the other side to show mercy and let go of her.

Dean smiled: “It’s useless for you to stay in here. I don’t need hostages. Of course, there is a condition to your freedom.”

Ivette suddenly woke up from her dreams. She knew that the devil wasn’t so kind to let her go out of blue: “What conditions?”

Dean smiled: “It’s very simple. I want you to be the king of your people!”

Ivette pondered for a long time as she understood his aim: “You are daydreaming! First of all a woman can’t become a chief within our hierarchy. At best woman can become a witch! I carry the royal blood so I can never be a with! Moreover I won’t help you even if I become the chief of all tribes.”

Dean replied in a calm manner: “Do you think I need your help?”

“The age-long goal of barbarian tribes is nothing more than entering the golden wall. You just want clean soil and nice place to live.” Dean indifferently said: “Your goal is only outer wall while mine is inner wall! IT’s not me who needs your help but your people who needs mine!”

Ivette stared at him: “Are you going for a rebellion?”

“I would betray myself if I don’t rebel against others.” Dean smiled.

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