DK – Ch 471

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The Dark King – Chapter 471

Dudian smiled: “don’t be nervous, I’m here for a casual chat.”

Marley’s face turned ugly: “She was innocent. An ordinary civilian. Don’t you feel shame by killing her?”

“Every corpse is innocent… No need to get into those topics.” Dudian indifferently said: “I’ve come to visit you to talk about teachings of nature.”

Marley’s pupils shrank when he heard ‘teachings of nature’. He took a deep breath and no longer care about Dudian who sat on sofa. He quietly walked and sat on a chair by the sofa. He said in a calm manner: “I knew that sooner or later someone will knock my door.”

“That’s why you had only 1 servant.”


“Did you expect a visit from the Holy Church?”

Marley stared at Dudian: “What’s the difference?”

“There isn’t.” Dudian looked at the elder man with the scholar temperament: ” Since you were aware that such a day would come why do you live alone? Isn’t it more dangerous?”

Marley questioned: “Do you think I should live in a turtle shell?”

“Everyone seems to live in a turtle shell.”

There was a trace of mockery in Marley’s eyes: “But our thoughts can’t be imprisoned! You just believe in those fake gods. All things in this world are composed of materials. That’s what constitutes the life. There is no god of light or other holy gods. You just ignore the truth…It’s ridiculous and sad!”

Dudian smiled as he looked at the bookshelves: “If I’m not mistaken those should be the books that you have written. Didn’t you know that you will be exposed once you go out into public?”

“I volunteered.” Marley continued: “I wanted to question the existence of these ridiculous claims. I expected that there will be a revenge!”

“Do you want to die? Don’t you want to live?”

“I would love to live in a world in which the minds of public is liberated.”

Dudian looked at him: “Unfortunately you can’t do anything. Your books are banned and sealed by the Holy Church. No one will listen to you. Actually your presence is meaningless at this point. The only meaning that it will have would be death in my hands.”

Marley’s mouth twitched: “Nothing can stop the people from pursuing the truth even if my book is sealed… My life would be meaningful if just one person checked my book.”

“Yeah… Unfortunately people never knows where to pursue the truth.” Dudian got up and came to stop in front of a bookshelf. All the books were signed by ‘Marley’.

“… …” Dudian randomly picked a book: “Are all believers of the nature same like you? Do you want to overcome religion by the word of mouth?”

Marley looked at him: “What do you want?”

“I just want to know if you have any capital that can be used against the Holy Church.”

“Do you want to use our teachings to attach the Holy Church? You are daydreaming!”

“Why?” Dudian smiled: “We can naturally use your teachings to attack Holy Church. As for the dark church… No one cares about what we believe, including ourselves.”

Marley was perplexed.

Dudian sat back on the sofa: “This book seems good. Can I take it?”

“To read that book you must believe in materialism.”

“Of course I believe.” Dudian shrugged his shoulders.

Marley was stunned: “Indeed a member of the dark church. You can abandon your gods and faith to achieve your unscrupulous purposes and goals! I won’t tell your about the headquarters no matter what you do!”

Dudian faintly smiled: “I really believe in materialism…”

Marley frowned.

“There are no gods in this world. If there were any then they wouldn’t let us live within the giant wall.” Dudian continued: “The people would know that the gods are nothing but shit if they stepped out of the giant wall.”

Marley narrowed his eye: “How can you become an elder of the dark church without believing in your gods or devils?”

Dudian smiled: “Do you have to believe in god to become a pope? Do you have to believe in justice to get justice? Do you have to believe in love to get lose?”

Marley was startled as he sat in silence.

Dudian checked the time. It was almost seven o’clock. He retracted his eyes and said: “I’m interested in your teaching methods… You know you guys have two enemies, the dark church and the holy church. As the saying goes the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I hope we can become good friends.”

Marley looked at the vase next to the bookshelf. There were several roses inside the vase. He murmured: “What you said was right.”

Dudian raised his eyebrows as he didn’t know what Marley was referring to.

“Read the book and you will know how to join the believers of the nature… ”

Dudian looked at the book in his hand: “All the secrets are hidden in the book?”


Dudian got up and shook his head: “Thanks! I’ll make sure that they will move to the point. ”

Marley was silent as he looked at the vase full of roses.

Dudian left the room and came to the door. He put on his shoes and opened the door. He looked like a student who had come to visit his teacher.

Trunn who was hiding outside came to him: “Elder.”

“Make sure that his death isn’t painful.”

“Yes.” Trunn waved and two more people rushed into the house with him.


Dudian heard them brutally kick the door that he softly closed. He closed his eyes and opened them again. Suddenly he saw large number of heat in the neighborhood.

Whoosh! His body disappeared like a smoke.

The sounds of armored people moving in the street echoed as Dudian vanished. They came from all over and surrounded the house.

A teenager leisurely walked along the path by the river. He looked at the castle reflected on the river because of the moonlight. He shook his head: “It’s been few days…”

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  1. Holy fuck Dudian is shutting off his emotions to to succed his goals. Damn I think killing an ordinary civilian is a big step towards being the dark king

    1. i felt literally 0 significance from killing a civilian. i hate to label her as innocent because she’s part of a faction.

    2. Uhhhh… he lures splitty into massacring an entire fortress of knights who never offended him and treated him respectfully, and you take an issue with him killing a random civilian 100 chapters later?

    1. That’s why they asked for 3rd tier. Barely capable, good enough as sacrifices. Moreover, they were the actual dark church believers; must be eradicated.

  2. Hey, I don’t know if you have an editor or someone who fixes mistakes. But I’m down to help you edit for free, if you ever need someone. Thanks for the chapter.

  3. There are a lot of things that have been bugging me with this story the further it goes, So I want to write about a few of them. This gets a bit long.

    1) The premise – guy enters stasis to avoid the man-made apocalypse and awakens 300 years later in a cruel and backward society, he uses advanced knowledge to get a head. This is great, however, guy is only 8-9(?) when he wakes up, it’s not made quite clear at the start, with some lines saying he went to Harvard at 12, yet other lines which clearly state he was 13 after going through 3 years of scavenger training. So my first problem which continues to bug me is ‘He’s too damn young!’
    The author tries to fudge over this rather lazily at the beginning, with the comments about his parents being both scientists, him having a high IQ etc. Yet throughout the story the MC makes references to the past as if he really lived there, he’d have memories of his family and some basic knowledge but that’s about it. If he was 16 when he awakens then I can believe his desire to change the world, as he’d have actually made friends, read widely, played games, worked, studied, just experienced the past properly, he’d know more, and he’d be able to learn more from the memory chip he has. The other point related to this is why would your parents freeze you to live in a barren wasteland when you’re only 8, who would do that?

    2) MC’s motivation – I really laughed when the author out of nowhere (perhaps when he realized not much was driving our MC) wrote that his father told the MC that he must “rebuild civilization”, and gave him a chip which is basically an encyclopedia of all human knowledge. So not only does he freeze his 8 yr old son and go to die with his family but tells him to rebuild man-kind’s future (superman – codex?), not something like “try to be happy and live a good life, btw, if it’s really f*cked up here’s a suicide pill”. Anyway, we can generally say that the MC wanted to improve the living conditions and rules that governed this new society, but comes to the conclusion he can only do this if he is the strongest ever. He wants to create a society where the unwashed masses don’t have to fear those above abusing power and using their lives as pawns, but can believe in the equality of the law. So he sets about abusing his power, disregarding all the values the ‘old laws’ he wants to reintroduce are based on, using civilian lives as pawns, and aims to install himself as a ruthless technocratic dictator above all. Oh wait… it’s almost like nothing is really driving him and he has no real goal.

    3) MC should have been rap3d – Every story like this has a MC who gets mistreated/tortured and this serves as a catalyst for them becoming more ruthless or detached, and less naive.. it’s par for the course. But in this story it felt like MC’s change of character and following actions were out of all proportion to his mis-treatment and even serve to contradict his underlying motivation and leanings from the ‘old world’. Casanova (the famous Italian) was imprisoned by the church and tortured, when describing his ordeal he noted that for the 1st time he had to “rely on all the philosophy I’d read but never used”. My point is If we accept that he was a 8 yr old super genius with vast knowledge of the past (so silly), then surely he would have read philosophy texts and other teachings which would allow him to cope with this without becoming psychopathic.
    I felt this trope quite acutely in this story because the MC surrounds himself with people who have been tortured and treated far worse, yet who show no such drastic character change (even the characters who were rap3d), also these characters were stronger than MC at the time of their mistreatment and were unable to avoid the humiliation, so even if our MC could fight off the prisoners, then the guards would have been able to restrain and rap3 him. Then I’d feel like his actions and character change are more proportional to his experiences, and he’d be a more humanized character. It was probably when he killed the wife of the Deacon that I felt his character was starting to lose any sense, not only does this come out of no-where but serves no strategic purpose either.

    4) The romance tag – this is in no way a Romance, even if the MC eventually settles with the girl it’s not a romance. We’ve had 1 childhood crush, the only purpose of which was to set the MC up for a fall, I also cannot see the MC ever ending up with someone after all he’s done now and his general personality – unless it’s a girl from the inner wall and has grown up desensitized to killing civilians. Just imagine you were really into someone and you’re lying next to them chatting intimately about your lives and you learn they’ve been killing innocent people to further their own goals, or at the slightest offence, pretty sure you’d be getting yourself out of that situation. The author seems confused when it comes to romance, in the beginning after Jenny I was expecting a cool girl his age to show up and a bond between equals would form over time (nightingale?), but then the author starts introducing one cool pretty bad-ass girl after another, like they’re just riding a conveyor belt towards the MC. And even if they’re strong they’re also chaste, shy, virgins (except the few the author had rap3d), urghh this annoys me. The only one who’s not like this is the older lady Glenn, and it was suggested she had a relationship with the other top hunter from the Mellon group, but of course our author finds a way to get rid of this powerful dude because they’re can’t be any cool dudes around the MC.

    5) The lack of any cool dudes around the MC – Or in the world in general, the main character surrounds himself with beta males so as to bolster his own fragile ego and masculinity, this is most telling when his first entourage he recruits is a group of deformed, crippled, radiation monsters from the slums. He harbors a deep fear of women while projecting a cocky, arrogant appearance, despite the author throwing all the most capable girls his way he remains a scared virgin. Well my psychoanalysis aside, where are the men/teenagers? The world is dominated by men, they are in the majority when it comes to the hunter/fighter positions, there are a lot of strong women too (which all meet our mc…) so where’s the other men? In all the various noble houses there isn’t one kind-hearted and powerful 15yo boy? Or in the disciplinary knights that Gwenyeth was a part of, there weren’t righteous boys her own age who may even exceed her in power? The other young men in this story are either mean and petty, evil and incompetent, or subservient to the MC. Yes you want the MC to look cool, but does it mean he can’t be that with another powerful, young, handsome, and competent guy around him? Maybe a relationship would develop between said guy and one of the (far too many) pretty, young, bad-ass girls around the MC in his chaste quasi-harem.

    1. If you actually read the story carefully you would realize that he is not the one that went to Harvard but his sister. So the whole age loop whole is invalid

    2. Truly obnoxious.

      1. It was stated that his sister went to Harvard and not him.

      2. it wasn’t a forced “plot”, he started out as a young naive child but as the story progressed we were also witnessing his change in personality. He is simply adapting/evolving to his circumstances in order to achieve his goal. Which he got from his family.

      3. You know that everyone he’s surrounding himself with was BORN and raised in the age he woke up in right? they have a different mindset compared to our mc. Even if he was raised in the same time period as the one’s who got tortured or raped, he was not born in their time period. Don’t forget he also has the Micro chip.

      4. Romance. the tagg can stay where it is because there actually was romance in the story. There’s also the tragedy tagg attached to the story. About the virgin girls and uncool guys around him, that’s just how your opinion tbh and not much of a problem for the story.

      5. again, this is merely your own feelings and opinion towards the story. Again, this is another time period not ours, so your analysis is so/so at most. A different kind of society = a different kind of upbringing. The future time period dean is in is basically like our ancestors time, the time when aristocracy was extremely common and arrogance of family strength or contempt and bullying of those who were not as blessed as you was normal.

      1. In the old era, children with an IQ range of 120 to 140 were labeled as geniuses. His daredevil sister had 142 IQ. However, his result from IQ test was 168. He would never forget the day that he was accepted to Harvard University at the tender age of twelve.

        It actually says in Chapter 7 that he was the one that went to Harvard.

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