DK – Ch 470

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The Dark King – Chapter 470

Dudian didn’t think that the ‘speaker’ would give him a task before the seat under his buttocks is heated: “Kill ‘Marley’ at 7 o’clock tonight. A three star alchemist have to be used for assassination.”

“Target location, Falkland Street 12 …”

There were no superfluous words in addition to the task within the content.

“The task to kill the ‘Marley’ seems an easy one but the identity and the number of assassins… ” Dudian narrowed his eyes: “I would like to know who this ‘Marley’ is…”

Dudian lit up and burned the letter. He didn’t want to expose the identity of the speaker. Although the writing wouldn’t be Pope’s own handwriting but one of his henchmen but still being a bit cautious won’t hurt.

“HAwkeye.” Dudian called Hawkeye after the ashes were extinguished.

Hawkeye came in: “Elder, do you have any order?”

“Investigate someone called ‘Marley’ who lives on Falkland street.” Dudian commanded.

It didn’t take long for Hawkeye return: “Elder we have checked out. Marley is a history professor and 58 years old this year. He was born in a declining knight family. His grandfather was a silver knight and the family owns twenty acres of land. His father has passed away and his mother lived in his hometown. He temporarily resides in Falkland street 12…”

Hawkeye paused at this point and looked at Dudian: “It seems that he is a believer of nature.”

Dudian didn’t think that they could get such clear information about a person in such a short time. He was surprised by dark church’s intelligence network: “Nature? Does it means that he doesn’t believe in god?”

“Yes.” Hawkeye nodded: “They don’t believe in neither the god of light or our great gods. They always utter blasphemous words such as ‘material’. They were quite low-key until two years ago. But they have been more active recently. We had several frictions with believers of nature but didn’t have any fierce conflict.”


“According to Elder Kerry the Holy Church would be more interested in dealing with them than us. So we left them to Holy Church.” Hawkeye responded.

Dudian nodded. It meant that Kerry wasn’t a person sent by the Monastery but someone who had moved the stairs from the bottom. The Monastery used this move to place him inside the dark church and eradicated a real believer of the dark church.

“Is there any three star alchemist who is free?” Dudian asked.

Hawkeye pondered for a moment: “There are few.”

“Get one and let him take nine people. We will go to kill this Marley at six o’clock this evening.” Dudian ordered.

Hawkeye was surprised: “Do you want to personally kill him?”

“At the same time I’ll get to know what this teachings about nature is…” Dudian casually said.

Dudian was pondering about something when he remembered the animal glue mask. He took it from the box. He couldn’t always use proper masks as there could be someone who could imitate his body language and voice to convey fake commands. The consequences would be unpredictable.

The Night King had sent him the vial with regenerative powers so he wasn’t worried about anything. He removed his mask and put on the animal glue mask.

IT was like a soft layer of skin that was attached to his face. It seemed to penetrate the pores on his face. He looked at the mirror. His appearance has actually change into the face of another person. The opposite side had to concentrate to see that the pores were different than on usual human face.

Dudian began to knead his face. He saw that his appearance was changing.

“It’s amazing that the Monastery have designed something like this.” Dudian saw that his face had totally changed. It was an artifact for any criminal!

However once the disciplinary knights got involved the situation would change. You couldn’t escape from the tracing and tracking abilities that they held just by changing the face.”

“I can’t change my face to an old man’s as my voice will spill out that it’s a mask.” Dudian looked at the mirror.

Time passed.

Six o’clock.

Trunn was outside the manor beside a carriage with nine of his friends. He took out the pocket watch to check the time once in a while. He was excited and tense since afternoon. He didn’t think that he could travel with an elder to do a task. It was like a dream. The task wasn’t difficult too!

He knew that if he could have the backing of an elder then it was possible to get promoted once again.

His friends rushed to beg him to choose them. They offered him gifts to get a place in the squad. However he didn’t pick any people who were three star alchemists like him but acquaintances from the bottom level.

Two people came out of the manor as Trunn nervously waited. His eyes lit up as he recognized Hawkeye. He was secretary of the previous elder too. Even five-star alchemists couldn’t neglect him and give him face because of his identity.

Trunn’s eyes fell onto the body of a young man who looked 20 years old. The man had black hair and moist eyes. He had unique temperament.

“Elder!” Trunn whispered in a respectful tone as he saluted Dudian.

Dudian wrinkled his brows.

Hawkeye looked at Trunn: “Don’t you have brains?! We are outside!”

Trunn looked at Dudian: “I’m sorry…I couldn’t help…”

Dudian was lazy to listen to Trunn: “Is everyone ready?”

“Yes.” Trunn replied.

Dudian nodded and sat into the compartment.

Hawkeye said in a tone full of worry: “Shouldn’t I accompany you?”

“No need, go back.” Dudian closed the door.

Trunn sat at coachman’s place and winked at his friends. All of them sat on the carriage. Trunn whispered: “Should we go now?”


Trunn drove the carriage.

The carriage deliberately went through few streets before reaching Falkland street.

It stopped at the corner of Falkland Street 12. Trunn jumped off the carriage and went towards the compartment: “Should we begin now?” He didn’t want to make any mistakes so he speak as low as he could.

Dudian opened the door and looked at the tall building. There seemed to be two people in the building. One of them was walking around and it seemed that the person was a servant. The other was sitting and that one was their target – “Marley.”

“Clean up the scene so that Holy Church can’t find traces.” Dudian continued: “I’ll come out soon. No one is allowed inside without my permission.”

“Yes.” Trunn laughed.

Dudian strode to the door and gentle knocked the door.

An ordinary middle-aged woman wearing servant’s clothing opened the door and looked at Dudian in puzzled manner: “Who are you?”

“I’m looking for Mr Marley.” Dudian replied.

“Come in then. Mr. Marley is in study room on second floor. I’ll call him for you.” The middle-aged woman handed slippers to Dudian.

Dudian put on slippers and entered the living room. He was surprised to see that the living room was full of bookshelves.

“Mr. Marley will be here in five minutes.” The middle-aged woman came down and poured tea for Dudian.

Dudian thanked her as he quietly waited.

Middle-aged woman wiped the place while she looked at Dudian from time to time.

Dudian felt that making his face too handsome had brought some problems onto him.

Footsteps echoed after few minutes. A man with mixed white and black hair came down. He looked at Dudian who was sitting on the sofa. He couldn’t get who Dudian was so he put on the glass to check him out: “Who are you?”

Dudian smiled: “Mr Marley. Hello, its our first meeting. I’m an elder of the Dark Church!”

Marley was startled and frozen at the same time.

It was the first time he was meeting a member of the dark church in open. Moreover the other side wasn’t just any member but an elder.

“Ah.” The middle-aged woman was stunned too. It was very difficult to believe that the handsome young man on the sofa had such a shady background.

However she wasn’t able to utter a word before the cracking sound of her neck bones echoed. Her lifeless body fell down as blood splashed out.

Dudian moved his arm. It seemed that he was holding onto something but it was gone.

The plates that were beside the middle-aged woman were dyed in red.

Dudian turned back to sit on sofa. Marley couldn’t utter a word for a while.

“You-you!” Marley’s face turned pale as he looked at the corpse of the woman on the ground. He clenched his fists but there was fear in his tone: “What the hell are you doing?”

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