DK – Ch 47

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The Dark King – Chapter 47

The first battle

  Dudian quickly fell sideways and rolled to escape the gray shadow’s attack. He looked up to a dark haired rat. It was similar to ‘bone rat’ which he had seen previously but it was a little thinner and small. At the moment it’s blood-red eyes were tightly staring at him while it exposed its hideous teeth.

“Monster!” Mei, Zach and Sham cried out loud. Their face turned white while their legs become soft.


The mutated rat jumped again towards the nearest Dudian as soon as it landed.

Dudian’s hairs were erect. The rat was too fast and he was too late to dodge it. His reaction was slow and instinctively he raised his arm to resist.

Bang. He felt a heavy impact that hit his upper body. Because of imbalance he fall backwards. He was scared so he had closed his eyes when he had raised his arm. The rats small teeth tightly bite his arm. He palm loosened and the dagger fell onto ground.

Because of fear and adrenaline, blood rushed into his mind instantly!

help me! help me!

Many ideas flooded his mind which confused him. His instincts had taken over the reason when he had faced an encounter which impacted his life. The rat wasn’t able to bite through the uniform so it began to chew his arm non-stop. A sharp pain came from his arm. Dudian quickly calmed his mind and put to panicky senses at the back of his mind. Everything happened in a time of few breaths.

“Uh, ah ah … …” Dudian roared, picked up his arm and severely hit the ground. He grabbed the leg of the rat using his other arm. He kept hitting the ground using his right arm, so that rat’s head would be hurt while violently colliding with the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Because of continuous violent crashes and pulling of its leg, the rat didn’t stick up till the end but loosened its mouth. Dudian roared and hit it’s body to the ground while keeping a firm hang on rat’s leg.


He crazily hit the rat again and again while whirling it around. Dudian roared a crazy hit, again and again to whirl hit the ground. The rat’s head-bone cracked because of hard collision and blood spilled out. Vicinity was filled with blood.

He didn’t know how many times he had hit the rat as Dudian’s anger gradually subsided. Tiredness spread all over his arm. He picked up the dagger from the ground and mercilessly stabbed in to rat’s stomach.

Dagger was extremely sharp and it continuously thorn through rats skin. The dagger was stained in blood. Dudian stopped his attack as he saw rat stopped movement.  His heart was still thumping fast. There was fear still lingering in his heart as he recalled the previous scene. This was his first time facing a life-death situation. Although he had outlived the nuclear disaster but was like watching a disaster movie through a TV. Experiencing first hand a threat like this was totally different.

Even without a mirror, he could feel that his face at the moment would look extremely ugly. He looked at his right arm. Above the uniform there were few deep dent marks. Fortunately this black, soft material was made of extremely hard substances and had a layer of lead. Otherwise as Scott had mentioned before because of the rate of the infection he would have turned into an undead like Mia’s late husband.

“Dean!” Mason cried out in vain.

Dudian looked up at him.

Suddenly Mason rushed out and raised his dagger and cut above his head.

Dudian suddenly woke up from euphoria and thought of the previous eight red spots that he saw in the supermarket.

Puchi! Mason’s dagger had thorn a rat and blood was sputtering out.

Dudian quickly looked back and saw that in addition to the rat that was stabbed by Mason another three rats had rushed out from the broken glasses of supermarket. They stared at Dudian and Mason with blood red eyes for a moment. They rapidly jumped towards Mason and Dudian as if they were agile cheetah’s.

Dudian’s face ugly as he waved the dagger again and again to intimidate these rats. However, simple intimidation did not scare them. One of the suddenly jumped to Dudian’s front.

Dudian quickly stabbed his dagger but the blade cut rat’s greasy hair. It’s outer body was so hard that it wasn’t affect by dagger instead t fall down, jumped again and grabbed onto Dudian’s chest. Two of it’s front claws tried to grasp Dudian’s face.
As a beast it instinctively knew the vital parts of its prey.

Dudian quickly grabbed its hair. Because of the armored gloves he wasn’t worried about the infection that could contaminate him. However, the rat’s hair was extremely hairy. As hard as Dudian tried he could still feel the hair in his hands to rapidly slide away.

One again he was facing a desperate situation.

Suddenly, Dudian roared. His feet straddled and body turned in a very soft posture. He had stood up without using his hands. At the same time his arm clutched at the last trace of the rat’s hair and pushed it aside. Rat flied out.

The rat fall down one ground, made few circles and stopped on to attack once more.

Dudian heart was contracted, muscle tensed and his mental force was at it’s highest degree of concentration at the moment. He suddenly kicked.

Bang! Dudian’s feet had kicked the rat as if he has expected the attack route of the rat and actually kicked it in the exact position of its flutter. His kick contained the power of his anger and despair. It was a heavy blow which made the rat to fly out, then hit and roll on the ground. The rat was screaming in sharp tone.

Dudian did not stop, instead to the initiative and rushed out!

He went ahead and used the dagger to stab it while the rat has not climbed up.

The dagger tore its abdomen, penetrating it deeply.

The rat fiercely struggled, uttering pierce sharp cries. Dudian’s body strength was exhausted but he firmly nailed the rat onto ground. He was not releasing it despite its struggles and screams.

His heart was full of hostility!

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