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The Dark King – Chapter 469

“Listening to lies is the same as delaying and wasting my time.” Dudian looked at her: “I don’t like listening to lies.”

Amy bit her lips as she endured the pain from her wrist: “I know a bishop of the Holy Church who is member of the dark church. He has a high status and identity within the dark church. If we expose his identity then the Holy Church will make an investigation and it will be a loss to them. Moreover you will damage a pawn of other region.”

She sincerely stared at Dudian.

Dudian shook his head as the last race of hope in his heart was lost. He was in contact with the Monastery so he was aware of the inner works of the system. He didn’t care about bishops, pope or even the Speaker of the dark church. Pope should know about the identity of the bishop more than anyone. He would get rid of him the moment bishop loses the value.

Pope should be overseeing every little move.

The only pity was that the faithful believers of the god of light and the members of the dark church fought each other and bleed for their ‘god’. They didn’t know that the faith they hold was nothing but a phantom created by the Monastery to enslave them.

“Really?” Dudian rubbed his fingertips onto the pencil.

Amy was looking at Dudian’s eyes but found that Dudian didn’t respond to her news. It seems that he was disappointed. She spoke out: “Elder, did you…know about it?”

Dodian glanced at her and said: “I don’t know about truthfulness or reliability of the information. If its true then I’ll be having a problem with another elder. The next move that you will make would be take refuge with another elder. You will let them think that you have found an evidence of me colluding with the Holy Church. Afterwards there will be a conflict but you will get merits by that elder. Is it kind of a retaliation?”

Amy’s face slightly changed: “How could I? Elder, I have conclusive evidence…”

“This topic ends here. Anything else?” Dudian put the pencil gently onto the table. The sound was very light but Amy’s heart stopped for a moment.

Amy was angry: “Elder, if you punish me then the 9th region will lose a great potion master. We don’t have many potion masters in the 9th region to begin with. You just took over the position and the other parties are eyeing you. You can’t weaken your own strength. I can make up for it. I’ll develop a new high class potion within a month and will give the formula to you at the lowest price.”

“You just don’t understand me.” Dudian gestured at Hawkeye: “She has attacked an elder. Take her down to prison and get her equipment for her research.”

Hawkeye stared at Dudian. He didn’t think that Dudian was so ruthless.

Amy uttered in panic: “You can’t imprison me. You don’t have the right to do so! Do you even know about my connections?”

“I don’t have a right?” Dudian lightly said: “Before the 9th region was ruled by elder and council members. However I’m the sole ruler now. I’m the dictator, tyrant or whatever you feel like calling me. Actually it will be a good test to see how the families and the consortia that have good relationship with you will act. Would they act against me because of a great potion master? Is your worth really that high?”

Amy’s face turned pale as her body trembled. She stared at Dudian: “Don’t do this to me. I can promise you other things but you can’t imprison and limit my freedom! The potion production of the 9th region will be greatly reduced if you imprison me. The union which I head and my students will strike and stop the supply of potions! The influence of the 9th region will fall once again and become the worst region out of all!”

Dudian indifferently replied: “We are nothing but a group of cold-blooded monsters. It’s dark church not Holy Church! Do you really think that you students will go against me because I had imprisoned you? Although I’m not aware of the specifics but I can assure you that your students are looking forward to your death. No one likes to be suppressed by someone else. I just have to add a bit of sweetness for them to sway.”

Amy’s lips twitched. Dudian’s words were like sword which pierced through her heart. Deep in her heart she certainly knew that in addition to few students no one else would be willing to follow her till the end. She was vulnerable and as week as a paper in front of monster like Dudian.

She didn’t expect Dudian to be so overbearing, crazy and have tough attitude.

“You will definitely lose if you imprison me!” Amy took a deep breath: “I would rather die than make potions for you if you restrain my freedom!”

Dudian gently picked up the pencil: “Did you expect do you so easily? The most painful is barely surviving… I advise you to obey otherwise you won’t be able to keep your delicate face. What do you think if I sew a dry mummy’s face onto your face?”

Amy’s eyes widened as her chest violently went up and down. Her voice was trembling: “No..No! Don’t!”

“It would be nice to sew an ugly male face onto yours.” Dudian continued: “I don’t know what kind of an image would appear…”

Amy shook her head. It seemed that she had forgotten the pain on her wrist: “I will obey… I will obey…”

“It’s a bit late…” Dudian shrugged his shoulders: “but unless I’m satisfied with your performance…”

Dudian looked at hawkeye: “Handle this matter. In addition prepare two large mirrors and put them into the prison cell so that our great potion master can appreciate her own beauty.”

The scalp of Hawkeye tingled. He had served elder Kerry for many years but he hadn’t seen such a punishment ever. He swallowed the saliva in his mouth : “Y-yes.” He didn’t even dare to persuade elder. The new elder wasn’t just a devil on code name but a real one!

“No, no!” Amy was scared as she saw that Dudian was serious. She knew that he wasn’t trying to intimidate her: “I beg you… I am willing to do anything…”

“You have to pay the price for the wrongdoing.” Dudian indifferently said: “Do you think that trying to poison an elder is just a small matter? By the way, give up struggling. You won’t be able to escape. There are primary dark knights outside the manor and intermediate level ones inside. You won’t be able to get out of here. And the author of this idea was a madman who I had met years ago. You should thank him.”

“No!” Amy cried in despair.

Dudian looked at Hawkeye. “What are you waiting for?”

Hawkeye moved. It was as if he teleported.


Amy wanted to react but her body fell down unconscious.

Hawkeye took out a handkerchief as he looked at the unconscious Amy: “Elder, I’ll call over people to move her and change the carpet.”

Hawkeye was really worthy of being Kerry’s confidant. He both served as a secretary and a bodyguard. He should be the strongest within the 9th region according to Dudian’s thermal vision. Hawkeye’s physique should have reached the top senior hunter level and he should have additional abilities because of the magic marks.

Hawkeye once again came to see Dudian after moving Amy.

“Elder, messenger of the Speaker has come.” (speaker is the ‘pope’ of the dark church)

“Speaker?” Dudian narrowed his eyes. The Pope was quick to find him.

“Bring him in.”


A man wearing a black robe, black hood and black mask joined the room. The heat exuded from his body was superior to Hawkeye.

“Is he on the same level as the normal saints?” Dudian narrowed his eyes and looked at Hawkeye: “Go out for now.”

“Yes.” Hawkeye left the room.

“Greetings elder ‘Devil’. This is the letter from the Speaker.” The man spoke in an awkward tone. It seems that he was deliberately trying to control his voice. He took out a letter and put it on Dudian’s table. He was wearing a black glove. It seems he was afraid to leave the traces of his fingerprints on the letter.

Dudian didn’t picked up but glanced at letter. There was a black scythe logo on top of the envelope which was the seal of the speaker.

The man bowed and left without a word.

After he left Dudian took out a handkerchief and opened the envelope.


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  1. Paragraph 22 or so, “Did you expect do you so easily?..” doesnt make any sense. Please edit them.

  2. Sewing other persons face on to hers…. HAHAHA! BEAUTIFUL! MY man dudian, that is sooo fucked up.

  3. “Dudian shook his head as the last race of hope in his heart was lost” I think you ment trace instead of race .

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