DK – Ch 468

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The Dark King – Chapter 468

“Elder, five-star alchemist Angelika have come to visit you.” Hawkeye’s voice echoed from outside the room.

Dudian put back the syringe into the box and returned to his seat: “Let her in.”

The door was pushed open after a moment. Hawkeye lead a woman dressed in black clothing and white cotton gloves. Dudian glanced at Angelika. According to the information the woman was over sixty years old but she looked half her age.

Dudian’s surprised calmed after he thought about her identity as an alchemist.

“Greetings elder.” Angelika bowed her head and raised her skirt from the sides. Her eyes swept through Dudian and quietly recorded his appearance in her mind. She was surprised as she had keen sense of smell. The new elder exuded very rich vitality even though he seemed very young.

Dudian indifferently replied: “If you are here for an apology then I accept. Go back and follow the rules in the future.”

Angelika didn’t expect Dudian to be so direct: “Elder is straightforward. Thanks. I hope elder will accept my humble gift.” She took out a fine gift box and put on Dudian’s table.

Dudian glanced at it but didn’t touch: “Alright, you can go. ”

Angelika looked at him: “Elder, I heard that you want 9th region to become one of the top five regions within six months!?”

“Do you have any objections?” Dudian looked at her.

Angelika replied: “No, no… I admire the elder’s courage. Please give me commands if you need my cooperation in the future.”

Dudian waved her to leave..

Hawkeye asked Dudian after sending off Angelika: “Elder, should we recover her position because of her apology?”

Dudian glanced at him: “I’m not the god of light! The only role of apology is to cause mercy and compassion of the other side. I don’t forgive!”

Hawkeye turned pale: “Elder, I was wrong.”

“Go on.” Dudian waved.

Time passed.

After Angelika one senior dark knight and one intermediate level dark knight came to apologize. They pleaded to Dudian to help them resume their identities and statuses but Dudian’s refused.

In reality, it wasn’t difficult to pass the exam. The difficulty lied in recovering the lost face.

A girl came after the two left.

“Greetings elder.” Amy stood before Dudian’s desk.

Dudian’s were dull as he looked at alluring Amy. According to the information this girl’s age was even higher than Angelika’s. She was more than seventy years old. She had taken a lot of medicine and with the help of life alchemists maintained the posture and appearance of a girl. But it didn’t mean that here life span was extended.

“I’m listening.” Dudian glanced at her.

Amy took out a small porcelain bottle from her sleeve and handed out: “This is the latest medicine that I have developed. It can make an ordinary person as strong as a bull! They won’t feel any pain. I’m ready to present the formula of this medicine to the headquarters.”

Dudian was about to reach out his hand when he saw Amy’s eye lit up. It seemed there was a hint of joy in them. He put down his hand and looked at the great potion master which looked like a girl.

Amy was stunned as she didn’t expect Dudian to stop. She panicked as she had many years of experience and know what the results will be: “Elder, what’s the problem?” Her cheeks flushed and she bent her head as if a shy young girl was looking at her crush.

Dudian was going to vomit because of the sight. He looked at Hawkeye: “I don’t need it so I’ll gift it to you.”

Hawkeye had followed Kerry for a long time. He was aware from Dudian and Amy’s expression that something was wrong: “Thank you elder!” He took out a specially made handkerchief: “It’s a precious gift and I would be ashamed to dirty it.”

Amy put away the bottle: “Since elder doesn’t like my gift then I will take it back and bring another one.”

Dudian confirmed his feelings. He spoke in a cold tone: “No need for that. Surrender.”

Amy’s face slightly changed. She bit her lips as she spoke in an angry tone: “Elder, why are you bullying your underlings?”

Dudian indifferently said: “Do you want to leave the bottle or your hand?”

“You!” Amy’s face turned ugly. She knew that Dudian had seen through her plan. She was frightened: “Elder, you can’t do this to me… I had some other things that’s why I couldn’t attend…”

“Hawkeye, get her!” Dudian shouted.

Hawkeye was feeling bitter. He was most reluctant to provoke a potion master. They were like snakes and covered in poison! But due to Dudian’s orders he had to act: “Master Amy, please take you the bottle.”

Amy bit her lower lip: “Do you dare to touch me?”

Hawkeye smiled: “I have heard that your body is toxic. Even the dress that you were are made out of spider silk which was soaked in venom. I don’t have an antidote so I don’t dare.”

“It’s good that you know!” Amy looked at Dudian: “What do you want from me?

Dudian indifferently said: “Are you still holding onto the last trace of hope? Did you want to take my head as a gift to seek refuge with the new owder? I will give you a final chance. If you say something of value that I don’t know then I can leave your old life.”

Amy’s face changed and anger burst out in her heart when she heard Dudian say ‘old life’: “Damn bastard! You were just lucky. I’ll let you taste the poison directly. Do you even dare to kill me?”

Dudian snorted as he grabbed a pen from the table and threw it out.

Puff! The pen hit the porcelain and pierced her wrist.

Amy screamed in pain as the porcelain dropped to the ground and broke. The powder spread out as she held onto her hand and screamed like a pig.

“She couldn’t change her voice… ” Dudian looked at Hawkeye.

Hawkeye was stunned as he wryly smiled.

There was fear in Amy’s eyes as she looked at Dudian: “No,no…Not my hands… I will talk… I know a big secret.”

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    1. she was successful in changing her appearance but wasn’t quite so in changing her voice… its more of a metaphorical explanation of her wretchedness

  1. So dudian is forgiving angelika but not forgetting her mistake? Does this means dudian let angelika recover her previous position? I don’t get it. English is hard

    1. He forgave her but she still has to take the punishment.
      Sorta like how a kid apologizes to their parents and the parents accept it but the kid still gets punished.

  2. From the chapter it is easy to take the test again and get their medals back, lose of face is the only issue since it is shameful for a master to retake the exam. I guess this is Dudian’s punishment fir not attending. What I dont get is the power up of syringes, if Dudian knew this all along why didn’t he start buying blessings back in the outer wall before he got arrested? If he was ijecting himself day nd night instead of wasting time with splitty he would be more powerful by now since he had unlimited funds.

    1. logic lol. HE as a temple master could buy someee. Even under his disguise as the dark church kid. It was something the author didnt want to happen. I mean Dean is dean, he couldve found a few ways to get it easy.

  3. Only the temple and church can buy…. if he want then he needs to buy at temples… plus if ‘They’ knew that Dean the architect buy a bunch of gods blessing then they can calculate his strenth or change posion as god blessing…. so much unknown variables.

  4. The reason Temple’s master don’t buy Blessing is because it’s made of “Zombie’s cold crystal”.

    When Dean was hunter he could directly absorb cold crystal instead of buying blessing but when he become one of Temple he can’t buy blessing freely as it would affect his Image/face.

  5. And he thinks Gods blessing has some secret that destroys him inside out. Would u believe if someone gave u some drug that makes u strong as a truck, and says theres no future consequence. Its too good to be true.
    I would say cool story bro. 🙂

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