DK – Ch 467

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The Dark King – Chapter 467

“Alright.” Dudian spoke in a casual manner: ” Find few outstanding potion masters and set up a research group. Give them the rest of the wine. I’ll write the formula later on. They should find it out afterwards…”

“Analytic formula?” Hawkeye was stunned: “Elder, do you understand potions?”

Dudian waved him to go out as he didn’t want to waste time.

Dudian took a piece of white paper and wrote down the distillation process and chromatography. He threw aside. It was more than enough to analyze the poison and he didn’t intent to delve into this aspect of the process. In fact, he didn’t even care about learning how to operate the 9th region.

“After all 12 regions of the dark church are just pawns in the hands of the Monastery. Even if the performance is outstanding they will be nothing more than a piece on the board to be controlled by the Monastery. It’s stupid to be immersed into such a thing!”

“However I have to cut off the fingers of the chess player if I want to get rid of the manipulator.”

Dudian’s eye lip up.

The Monastery will repent for this sin in the future. They will repent for letting him return to the outer wall!

This time he was planning to get good grasp of the time and resources. He wanted to have enough strength to compete with the inner wall the next time he faced the risk!

However he couldn’t rely neither on strength of the dark church or Holy Church. After all the strength of the entire outer wall was nothing but a dust in front of inner wall! He must use the strength from outside the chess board to overturn the game!

He called Hawkeye.

“Yes elder.” Hawkeye was holding onto a list of master potioners who he was going to contact. He was surprised to see Dudian to call out to him. It seems the elder was going to give him new instructions. Actually he was a bit frightened. The new master was totally different from elder Kelly. The new one was always doing something while Elder Kerry was a low-key and cautious person by nature. It was difficult to adapt to the new conditions.

Dudian asked: “How many ‘god’s blessings’ do we have in our warehouse?”

Hawkeye shook his head: “We don’t have recent statistics. But the last time I made a count there were enough to promote seven intermediate knights into senior level. Do you want some?”

“I want all of them.” Dudian glanced at him. “Do not ask another question right now.”

Hawkeye bowed: “Yes.”

“Bring them as soon as possible.” Dudian said: “In addition buy from the market too. The price doesn’t matter. If you are short on money then let me know.”

“Yes.” Hawkeye was surprised. He knew that the new elder was going to make a big move so he didn’t neglect.

After a while.

Several dark knights followed after Hawkeye as they entered Dudian’s room. They were carrying huge black boxes. Hawkeye said: “Elder, these are the blessings in the warehouse. We left some to satisfy the basic daily needs of the 9th region. Do you need more?”

“Temporarily no.” Dudian opened one of the boxes and looked at the old-fashioned syringes which had pink liquid inside them.

Hawkeye waved at the dark knights to leave after they transported all the boxes.

Hawkeye asked after everyone left: “Elder, any other orders?”

“No, you go out.” Dudian gentle stroked the box.

Hawkeye exited the room and closed the door. He saw Dudian put back the syringe into the box as he closed the door.

Dudian picked out the god’s blessing that he put into the box moments ago. He lifted the sleeve of his right arm and stabbed the needle into his arm. He slowly injected the liquid into his body.

According to the information and knowledge from the old era he knew the serious consequences of genetic manipulation. He had felt the chill the first time when as a scavenger he had used the god’s blessing. He always felt that the god’s blessing was imperfect. Something very horrible was hidden in the secret formula of the god’s blessing. Or there was a conspiracy. He couldn’t believe that the backward world of the giant wall could solve something that couldn’t be solved back in the old era.

However after these years he knew that god’s blessing was the only way to become strong. The final price would be destruction.

Because of juranzhi’s magic marks he could take shortcuts and directly absorb the cold crystals to enhance his strength. As a result his left arm was left unconscious and now he suffered from ‘ice blood syndrome’. Now, he didn’t have the magic marks of the juranzhi so he had to rely on creations of the Monster Institute.

“I don’t know what kind of secrets this Monster Institute… ” Dudian secretly pondered as he injected the god’s blessing.

After the injection he felt cold spread from his arm into his body. But soon this cold feeling turned into hotness.

In a blink of an eye he restored to usual.

Dudian continued to inject the second God’s blessing. He felt the same sensations again.

He had a senior hunter level constitution so the cell’s in his body could still desire for god’s blessings.

Dudian didn’t stop but kept injecting and absorbing 18 god’s blessings. There was a slight pain in his arm so he stopped the process. According to the instructions this was a sign of short-term saturation. If he continued with the injection of the god’s blessings then the capillaries in his body would rupture. He may even cause damage to his internal organs.

“I can absorb 20 blessings or so in one go …” Dudian felt that his strength was significantly enhanced. But it was relative to his overall strength. An average senior hunter need to absorb thousands of god’s blessings to reach the physical limit of senior hunter.

“Because of short-term saturation on average I can absorb three times a day. According to basic calculation then I need more than five months if I continue to absorb 18 blessings, three times a day.” Dudian’s eyes lit up. Six months were needed to reach the limit of senior hunter. However with the deification of his magic marks he would be much more stronger than the captains of the saint teams.

It was inefficient because of the slow speed of increase in strength.

But this was the limit of everyone within the outer or even inner wall. It was impossible to go over the limits as the results would be terrifying. Otherwise the big consortia would have a lot of strong people by their side.

Dudian picked up another syringe and carefully observed it: “Cold crystals can also enhance the constitution but the consequences will be harsh. It’s a proof that the god’s blessings are extracted from the cold crystals. The problem is the cold crystals will turn the body into ice and they have transparent color. The god’s blessings is colored pink. What have they added into it? Where do they extract this pink thing?”

“Aisha said that she was able to climb over the barrier wall between the outer and inner wall at the age of eight or nine. Dragon clan must have a special way to make people quickly enhance their strength. A new born child would die if they are injected by god’s blessing every day. She couldn’t have that must of strength even if they injected a blessing a day.”

“Unless she had wings… But it seems she doesn’t have wings as I clearly looked at her stature…

“The devil families… the hunter families …”

Dudian knew that if he got the secrets of any devil family or the Monster Institute then he could speed up his growth. But there was a barrier wall. He wouldn’t be able to sneak into the Monster Institute and steal their secrets even if he was able to sneak into the inner wall…

He thought of the meeting he had agreed with Aisha after seven days…

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  1. Wtf. Sooo all these elders weak af but they have gods blessing… I swear i was about to rant how other elders could literally become the same as MC(similar) if they had 1/3 of the IQ of my cat… but I guess this is where the author just said “MC will grow and nothing can stop it”

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