DK – Ch 466

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The Dark King – Chapter 466

“Did he cancel all my positions? “Angelika looked at her servant. They were in an extraordinary castle of aristocratic origin. The room was cool.

“In addition to you, 5 other members of the council who didn’t attend the meeting were deprived of their statuses and positions.” The young man said as he knelt on ground: “To get back the status and identity you have to re-pass the exams and get your new medal. The people were sent from the headquarters to collect your five-star alchemist badge. They are still on the road.”

“Others have been removed too!?” Angelika was shocked. Did the new elder wanted to force them to rebel by depriving them of their identity and statuses?

Angelika took a deep breath: “Elaborate about the identity of the new elder. How come he is so rampant?”

The young man bowed his head: “The code name of the new elder is ‘devil’. His origin is unknown. According to the information from the meeting he was able to hit and mess Tom the commander of the dark knights with a single punch! He has extraordinary strength. Although there are some who speculate that he may have colluded with Tom to act out. But Carlos and Lemon who are friends and students of the Tom, were removed from their positions too. It means that there is a small chance that there was a private collusion. ”

“He beat Tom with a punch!?” Angelika narrowed her eyes: “Does he want to go against the three kings like this? But the thing is if he can beat Tom then his physique has gone over the limits of human body. He must have relationship with the inner wall or else its impossible to reach such a state by relying on ‘God’s blessings’!”

The young man was silent.

Angelika’s eyes lit up as she calmed down: “All the elders are carefully chosen for their position. The new elder should have some trump cards to have such a confidence.”

The anger in her heart disappeared as she looked at the youth: “Prepare a gift. I’ll make a trip to the headquarters.”

Youth was startled. He didn’t expect someone as proud as her bow in front of anyone: “Yes.”

“He wants to recover my medal? Is he crazy?” A woman who looked like a 16 year old girl looked at her confident. The shock in her eyes turned into anger. She clenched her fingers into a fist: “It’s amazing that he can beat Tom but no one can resist my potions!”

The main bowed her head to show the respect towards Amy: “Miss is right. Even a god can’t resist the erosion of your potions.”

“Yes.” A trace of hatred flashed in Amy’s eyes: “I wanted to show him the authority that I hold but he dared to directly cancel status, identity and duties! Does he think that there is no place than 9th region where we can go!? Since he wants to use force then I will present his head as a gift to Underworld King.”

The maid said in a respectful tone: “Underworld King should appreciate the talents and attainments of the miss in potion making!”

“Of course! I gave face to elder Kerry or else I would have left long ago!” Amy replied.

The news spread quickly after the meeting.

Dudian received a report from the Hawkeye: “Elder, Sword king and Underworld king have sent gifts to you. The messengers are waiting for you.”

Dudian was reading information. This was not related to 9th region but as an elder of the dark church he had access to some confidential files. He had read intelligence on 9th and other regions last night. Because of his current constitution it was very easy and fast for him to go through books. He looked at Hawkeye: “Learn what they have sent. If it is not expensive then directly send back.”

Hawkeye wryly smiled. He had understood the way new elder made business.

“Senior hunter is the bottleneck. Certain potions can simulate the body… But that’s it… The god’s blessings are limited to only hunter. To get past this level I need ‘God’s marrows’. The problem is you can’t get those in the outer wall. The only are with them is the inner wall!” Dudian wrinkled his eyebrows as he read the information. He wanted to enhance his constitution as soon as possible but now it seemed not realistic.

It was no wonder that there were no people with saint level strength in the outer wall.

The inner wall held vast majority of resources and the monopoly on everything. This was the main reason why the inner wall could easily suppress the outer wall and even enslave them!

“In order to enhance my constitution I have to find passage into the inner wall and get ‘God’s marrows’.” Dudian’s eyes lit up. He knew that if he relied on the passages of the dark church the Monastery would be aware. He had to find another way but the inner wall was blocked! There is only one legal passage and that was to rely on Monster Institute. According to Francis, Monster Institute was the organisation that supplied ‘god’s blessings’ to the outer wall.

“I have to see if I can obliterate their supply team. If not then I have to rely on good old way! Smuggle!” Dudian decided.

Hawkeye returned: “Elder, the first gift is an alchemy item called whirling stone. It is an unusually rare and very difficult item to be refined by five-star alchemists. There is a small chance to extract it. It has a high price as a collectible item. It’s loved by the aristocracy!”

“The gift sent by the Underworld King is called ‘beauty wine’. It was created by the great potion master Sober! A drop of this wine can be used to poison tens of thousands of people. If a person directly drinks it then they will immediate die. The only flaw is that it has the flavor of the red wine. So a red wine has to be used or people will get the whif of it.”

Dudian listened to him: “All of them are third-rate items. Send them back. We can buy this in outside too. Go and buy this wine and let our alchemists analysis and see if they can decrypt the formula.”

Hawkeye shook his head: “Elder Kerry have tried this in the past. Several five-star alchemists and outstanding potion masters tried to analyze the composition but could not get any results. We have half of the bottle in the warehouse if elder wants it.”

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  1. “Miss is right. Even a god can’t resist the erosion of your potions.”
    I don’t get it

  2. Mr. Madsnail . I have been binge reading and had the most unproductive 3 days of my life . I give you complete credit for that . Great story. But the gross misuse of words and in correct sentence formation drastically reduce the flow of the story. The first 20 chapters have been wonderfully edited. I hope you find some1 to help you out. All the best.

    1. Thanks but you have to follow story on Qidian’s website from now on as I have dropped it. 😐 PS: English is my fourth language 😉

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