DK – Ch 465

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The Dark King – Chapter 465

Hawkeye was stunned: “Cancel their posts?”

The member in the conference hall were shocked as they looked at Dudian.

Dudian wrinkled his eyebrows: “Did not hear it?”

Hawkeye understood that he hadn’t misheard. He said in hurry: “Elder, they are the members of the council. Canceling the position of six council members at once, I’m afraid…I’m afraid…”

Dudian indifferently continued: “You have misunderstood me. I said to cancel their positions! It includes the titles they held regardless whether they were five-star alchemist, great potion master or a dark knight. All of that should be cancelled! If they want to get their positions back then they have to re-apply from scratch!”

The crowd was stunned. The previous middle-aged man was the first to react. He came over and hit the table with his palm as he said in an angry tone: “Are you kidding? Do you want to cancel their posts and identities because they couldn’t attend? Do you even know what you are doing? Do you want to destroy the 9th region?”

Dudian narrowed his eyes as he looked at the man: “First, adjust the volume of your voice when you talk to him. You don’t know my rules so I will forgive you for this. The second, elder Kerry must have notified about his retirement to everyone. They haven’t come over to greet their new elder!”

“In addition, if they had temporary tasks then they should have sent people to apologize in advance. None of them acted so!”

The middle-aged man continued in an angry tone: “I don’t care! You can’t cancel their positions even if they didn’t come! You are forcing them to betray the 9th region and you are self-destructing! ”

Dudian shook his head and raised his hand: “Come over.”

The middle-aged man rushed at Dudian and said in an angry tone: “What do you want?

“Look at this.” Dudian raised his right and and clenched his fingers into a fist. The middle-aged man’s eyes fell onto his right fist. He was about the speak when he instinctively raised his hand to block the punch. However he was slow!


The pain burst out from his abdomen and his body bowed like a shrimp. His feet gently went up the ground as he couldn’t help but choke blood out of his mouth. His body slowly fell down like a snow. The violent pain spread all over his body. It was like all the bones in his body were cracked. It was hard for him to stand.

Dudian pulled out a white handkerchief and gently wiped the invisible filth on his right hand. Then he threw the handkerchief on the middle-aged man’s face. Dudian indifferently said: “Don’t think that you can be unscrupulous because your are the commander of the dark knights. Kerry needed you for protection but I don’t. This is the first time but the second one won’t end up with just a simple ‘pain’.”

The hall was silent.

The eyes of council members almost protruded out as they watched the scene in shock.

The middle-aged man’s palm tightly pressed onto the desktop to support his body. He clenched his teeth to restrain screaming but his body was covered in sweat. He adapted to the pain and reluctantly looked at Dudian. There was fear and anger in his eyes. Perhaps he would be dead if Dudian had a dagger.

“They didn’t join the meetings and I assume their purpose was to test the new elder who took the office. Unfortunately, I don’t like arrogant people. In my house everyone follows my rules! I kick out the one who doesn’t comply with those rules!”

The attendees barely maintained their calmness but there was trace of alarm in their eyes.

Obviously no one thought that the newly appointed elder would be so strong. The strength had scared everyone. However there were few who thought that the middle-aged man co-operated with Dudian to stage this play.

“Anyone who betrays me while I’m in charge of the 9th region will face death! I’ll use all the resources of the 9th region to hunt them down!” Dudian coldly looked at the crowd. After finishing the talk he turned away and left the hall.

Hawkeye was stunned but recovered and followed after Dudian.

The tight and cold atmosphere lingering in the hall relaxed after Dudian’s departure. Everyone felt that the newly appointed elder was much more oppressive than the previous Kerry.

“Tom, are you alright?” The enchanting woman asked.

The middle-aged man took deep breathes. The abdominal pain gradually subsidized and he was able to tolerate it: “I’m alright.” At the same time he looked at Dudian who went out. There was fear in his eyes. He knew that no matter how much power was used such a strong pain wouldn’t be caused unless a special meridian was hit. It alone was proof that the elder was much powerful than him.

However there were less than people who numbered in less than fingers of two hands in the entire outer wall who could beat him!

“I didn’t expect the new elder to be so strong.” An old man whose face was full of beard said. There was diagonal scars on his face which made him look more hideous: “He deliberately used power to deterr us! I think he is comparable to high level warriors of the Holy Church.”

“It’s really strange that we haven’t heard about such a monster that lurked in the dark church.” Another old man frowned.

The enchanting woman whispered: “Every elder has amazing background and strength. I think our new elder is not simple either. He has chosen the self-styled ‘devil’ code name not to show off but to deliberately provoke three kings.”


“Perhaps the 9th region can really be one of the top five regions under his leadership.”

“We can produce the philosophers stone if the resources are sufficient!”

“Don’t be so happy! The strength is the most worthless power in the dark church!”

Hawkeye said as he saw Dudian sit by his desk: “Elder, those six positions… There are two five-star alchemists, two senior knights, an intermediate dark knight, a great potion master… Some of them belong to families while the others rely on nobles. We will lose strength and the loss will be too great if we do it as you say.”

Dudian looked at him: “They tried to use strong force to rebound but I will use the force to suppress them. The basic of the system is that the subordinates have to follow the superiors.. Not visa-versa!”

Hawkeye wryly smiled: “We can use more gentle means to suppress them…”

“Violence is the most effective wave.” Dudian waved: “Go out.”

Hawkeye was dumbfounded. He turned and left.

Inner wall.

“Funny…Did he really say that?” The elder of the Punishment division said with a smile: ” Half a year to reach a top five… He is a funny one…”

A shadow next to him whispered: “Should I remind him not to stand out?”

“No need.” The elder shook his head: “He is already low-key. He could subjugate all the areas with his strength. He knows that we are checking him so he didn’t go for a quick success. He wants to be a king so he is telling us that he will follow our will and do part of the work he has to do. Its enough that he hasn’t drawn trouble.”

The mouth of the shadow twitched under his cloak. Dudian had named himself as future king! Moreover he was going to take 9th region into top five. Is it being low-key?

“Go back.” The elder continued: “The outer wall will be very lively for the next six months. If he sincerely makes an allegiance to us then he will be the next pope.”

“Pope?” Shadow’s eyes narrowed. However he bowed his head as if he had heard nothing. “Subordinate will go back.” The shadow disappeared.

Elder turned to looked at the door which opened and closed. There was a smile on his face.


The previous chapter was almost as long as 2 normal chapters of TDK so we have 2 chaps today

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  1. Looks like Will become much more interesting in the future..
    Will Mellon consortium plot repeated in the same manner with the dark church plot ?

  2. I know MC has plot armor. But let us think realistically. IF the commander of his region leaves, his soldiers will most likely follow, some of them at least. Now he cancels these people with family backings, and let’s say some of his own council that showed up leaves because they ain’t weak and could probably join other peeps(now he has way more enemies some who have intel on 9th region). Now he’s stuck with weak ass MFS, the others kings eat up all his remaining territories, now he can’t do much due to the constant assassination attacks and poisonings and what not. He’s being targeted by 3 kings, and he doesn’t have any support. That’s the realistic view of it. What’s gonna happen, ‘Thou dare claimeth that he’s the new king? har har ha- bleugh.” one king down 2 more and so on lol.. Somehow ruthless killers will decide to stay with a dude whose first attempt at communication was to wack a respected commander and tell them they’ll be killed if they overstep 000000.0000000001 micro step. BUT of course, they believe him… Kinda hoped for him to get fucked over somehow and learn that no everyone responds to violence… cuz they don’t. And hope the author doesn’t forget that the MC is dying of disease…

    1. I agree but he said the 6 months, they will use that time to search for a new king and prepare their future if he really is able to acomplish it then there is no problem if not, they dont need to antagonize him directly just “accepting” what he says and doing something is better in the long term (why face his wrath if it is easy to sell his info and keep working? Then later just work to the ones they sold the info) . I hope they will plote his destruction and he will crush the wills of simple minded “masters”.

    2. there is no trust i the dark church so going to a different region isnt as safe as staying in your original region where you have a stronger foothold. also this story is fiction so applying realism to every situation doesnt make sense

    3. About the MC is dying of disease Why dint try yo drink the medicine give before ? or use to a better medicine ?

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