DK – Ch 463

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The Dark King – Chapter 463

Dudian checked the information that Hawkeye handed to him.

“Hawkeye, do you have animal glue mask?” Dudian casually asked.

Hawkeye replied: “Elder is joking. The animal glue mask is too rare and I’m not qualified to use it. I show my real face because I was born in an alchemist family. I was destined to chose this path since birst.”

“You were born in the alchemist family?” Dudian was surprised. No wonder the previous elder dared to trust him…It was because of his background: “Which family do you belong to?”

“Randy family.” Hawkeye respectfully answered.

“The Randy family… Aren’t you guys which made the ‘human glue mask’ 80 years ago?” Dudian asked. The time when he heard about the Inferno family Dudian researched about the other big families of the dark church. The people preferred to call them behind their backs as the humanskin family.

Hawkeye responded: “It was my great-grandfather who created the human skin bonding method.”

Dudian didn’t think that the Hawkeye would have such an extraordinary origin.

“I heard that the technique can help to bind the skin of others to the person. You can change your face and smell of the body.” Dudian said.

Hawkeye smiled: “Elder, its been many years that my family doesn’t dare to study this technique. It’s a taboo method so I don’t know much about it.”

Dudian no longer asked for information after he saw Hawkeye was reluctant to answer him.

“Three primary dark knights, six intermediate level… ” Dudian was surprised when he saw a piece of information. The senior level dark knights were equal to senior hunters. He had a total of nine senior hunters under his command!

It was four times more than what Mellon consortium had!

Of course, it doesn’t include the forces that Mellon consortium secretly nurtured.

“Which regions are stronger than ours?” Dudian asked.

Hawkeye replied: “Only, 6th, 8th and 11th region are weaker than us.”

“Alright.” Dudian secretly speculated about the strength of the regions. They had 9 senior hunters then the other regions had more than them. IF he made an estimate then the dark church had around hundreds of senior hunter level knights!

It meant that they had a lot of power!

“The strength of the Monastery is unpredictable if I count the saints. However the devil families such as the Dragon clan have terrifying forces. The Monastery should have hidden strength too! I have to rely on my own strength if I want to be the master of the giant wall!”

Dudian’s eyes lit up as he looked at the information in his hands. The deification had an infinite potential. He had to enhance his strength as soon as possible!

The sounds of pages flipping echoed in the huge office. Another two hours passed as Dudian checked the information.

“Elder, messengers from the 3rd region have come over to meet you.” Hawkeye reported.

Dudian frowned as he was checking the information. He pondered for a little and said: “Let them in.”

“Yes.” Hawkeye left the room.

Dudian muttered as he cracked his fingers: “Quite anxious …”

Hawkeye returned to the office with two people after few moments. One of them was a middle-aged man who was wearing a gray cloak. The other was a youth who seemed to be a knight.

Dudian checked the knight. The youth was comparable to Gwyneth in strength.

“Greetings elder. How should I address you?” The middle-aged man said in a respectful tone.

Hawkeye quickly said before Dudian opened his mouth to reply: “The code name of our new elder is ‘devil.’”

There was a weird expression on the middle-aged man’s face which disappeared without a trace after a second. He smiled: “Elder Devil, our master ‘Night King’ has heard that you took the office so sent you a small gift. I hope it would be to your liking.” He unlocked a package. There was a square box cast with gold.

Hawkeye quickly took the box. It was to prevent anything toxic infecting Dudian.

Dudian had to be careful as the dark church was the lawless place.

Hawkeye’s eyes lit up as he opened the box.

There was a vial in a green porcelain bottle. The bottle was very thin and looked almost ransparent. You could vaguely see the light red liquid flowing within the bottle.

The middle-aged man continued: “Elder this is the gift of my master ‘Night King’. It’s the spring water made from the dragon earthworm. It has incredible effects in regeneration of limbs. As long as person has a breath left then he could be saved. It’s not excessive to call it a second chance in life.”

Dudian was shocked. He had heard about it in the Temple. It was one of the most valuable items in the Temple. The dragon worm was an extremely rare monster that lived outside the giant wall. A young dragon worm was about level 20. A dragon worm in maturing period reached level 35 to 40. Mature dragon worm was a terrifying existence comparable to adult splitter!

The dragon worm didn’t have magic marks but it was in no way inferior to other famous monsters.

“Night King can get the things which the Temple doesn’t even sell…” Dudian was shocked. He recovered the next moment. Dudian was aware of the intention of the other party. There were few message underlying in this gift. The first one was that the Night King was highlighting the huge intelligence network of his region. Second one was the show of strength. Dudian had let to have a firm foothold in the 9th region so the Night King was pressuring him.

Dudian put back the vial into the box: “Relay my thanks to Night King for the gift.”

The middle-aged man’s smile turned wide: “I’ll retire then.”

Dudian nodded: “Hawkeye, see off the visitors.”

Hawkeye looked at the golden box in Dudian’s hands in envy. He recovered his eyes as he sent away the middle-aged man and the young knight.

Dudian opened the box and took the vial after the trio left. He looked at the small bottle then narrowed his eyes: “It’s a pity to send such a valuable thing to me…”

Dudian’s lips curled up as he put away the vial. He looked at the information in his hand. He had to master everything about the 9th region in short time.

The 3rd region.

“Elder Night King, he received your gift.” The middle-aged man knelt on the ground.

There was a throne above the main hall. A man wearing a black robe and a black hat was sitting on the iron cold throne. Night King looked at the middle-aged man: “Did you just say that the new elder’s code name is ‘devil’?”

“Yes, Night King.”



The new translator co-operating with us has come up with the new novel called ‘Monarch of the Dark Nights’. Its an enjoyable read and I recommend it. Hopefully I’ll release my new project in the upcoming days 😉

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  1. So does Dudian still have his status as a master for the Temple of Elements as well as a gold knight with the authority of a crystal knight? Because if those identities weren’t taken away then he has the strongest foundation out of all of the elders.

  2. Thanks for the chapters. we are gettin closer and closer to the raws… 🙁
    Looking forward to the new novel tho.

  3. Thanks a lot!
    You once mentioned a novel which you said to have “everything that The Dark king has but better”.
    Would you be able to remember the name? 😀

  4. Why dont drink the spring water ? because if I remember bad the MC stay only a couple of years with the problem with the cold

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