DK – Ch 462

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The Dark King – Chapter 462

Dudian narrowed his eyes.

“If Rostov family of the Scott consortium has connections to the dark church then there should be forces from the dark church behind the Mellon consortium …” Dudian’s eyes lit up: “Does it mean that the poisoning of the soup and the assassination attempt at the canyon were related to the forces of the dark church behind the Mellon consortium?

There was a murderous feeling bursting out in his heart.

“Elder, the Night King and Scott consortium have deep relationship. So do other elders of the regions have contact with the other big consortia?” Dudian looked at Kerry.

Kerry nodded: “Basically there is a contact. But its not specifically clear who is sided with whom. I only heard rumors about the contacts. However I’m sure that the elders of the 12th and 7th region are competing for the support of the new consortium. You may wish to try too. If you can get support from the new consortia then the 9th region won’t be so weak.”

“Do you mean the New World consortium?”

“Yea, it’s the one which took the place of Mellon after its destruction.” Kerry continued: “The New World consortium is backed by a master from the Temple called Dean. They were able to swallow all the industries that Mellon consortium occupied in the past. Soon they will get into growth period. It won’t take long before they replace the Mellon’s previous position and compared to the other big consortia. Although the master backing them up was arrested by the inner wall but there is a chance that they would come out in the future.”

Dudian asked: “I’ve heard that too. Elder, why do you think the inner wall arrested him?”

“I have heard that the Monastery ordered the saints to arrest him. They charged him by saying that he had colluded with the dark church. It’s a very naïve assumption thou. Or maybe he wanted to cover the relationship with the dark church so they didn’t use the forces of the dark church to hurt Mellon when they were dealing with them.”

Dudian pretended to be surprised: “Why would the Monastery arrest him if there is not much of an evidence?”

Kerry slowly said: “I’m not sure of the specific details but there are lots of motives that the Monaster should have. You should be aware that master Dean invented two legendary items and a new ‘steam’ concept within a year. It not just impacted the nine factions of the Temple but the way alchemists and potion masters were thinking. The new concept had a strong impact on everyone. If he was given an extra few years of time then you would never know where he would end up with!”

“Because of such a potential danger the inner wall wasn’t going to let him continue his growth. So they had to either kill him or win him over. It would be a disaster if the other forces tried to draw him so the Monastery came up with a casual charge and took him into the inner wall.”

Dudian pretended to ponder: “Why didn’t they just call him back into the inner wall?”

Kerry smiled: “Actually it is very simple. If they summoned him into the inner wall then the attention of the other forces would be on the master and they would be able to get in contact with him. However by taking him into the inner wall under the assumption of charges they have a justifiable reason to refuse him contact the others!”

“So it is.” Dudian nodded.

“I may be able to meet him when I retire back to the inner wall. IF he was recruited by the Monastery then he should have a high status now!” Kerry said in an authentic tone.

Dudian’s eyes lit up: “Elder, do you originate from the inner wall?”

Kerry was surprised: “Why do you ask?”

“It’s seems to me that you are familiar with the inner wall.”

“I am just cooked (it’s a damn freaking phrase).” Kerry laughed: “The Monastery is the power behind the Holy Church. Every elder of the dark church is aware of this. Moreover if I was from the inner wall why would I come to the outer wall?”

Dudian was startled: “So, its going to be your first time in the inner wall?”

“Yes… The Holy one will take me to be part of the dark parliament in the inner wall.” Kerry laughed.

“Dark parliament?”

“Yes. It’s the force in the inner wall which backs the dark church. It has irreconcilable relationship with the Monastery. The relationship between the Dark Parliament and the Dark Church is the same with the Holy Church and the Monastery.” Kerry smiled.

There was a complex feeling in Dudian’s heart. If he didn’t visit the inner wall earlier on and didn’t see the elders of the Punishment division and St. Paul’s Abbey then he would believe elder Kerry. Dudian understood that Kerry wasn’t from the inner wall but ascended up the positions within the dark church.

So the Monastery had come with a fabricated solution to make them believe the existence of Dark Parliament. He didn’t know whether Kerry was not giving him the right information on purpose or the Monastery was going to use Kerry in another place!

He didn’t continue to ponder about the issue. There were way too many possibilities. Moreover Kerry could be misleading him on purpose too.

“You have Hawkeye in here. He is my trusted confidant.” Kerry patted Dudian’s shoulder: “I’m giving the 9th region to you. If there is an opportunity in the future to come back I hope to see much more powerful 9th region.”

Dudian nodded as he whispered in his heart: “I’m afraid you won’t have a chance!”

“Elder, how do I deal with the situation if other elders collude with the Holy Church to frame us?” Dudian asked.

Kerry shook his head: “That’s way too risky. Everyone will boycott the elder or alchemist who colludes with the Holy Church. No one would dare to violate such a rule! Don’t do such a thing!”

“I know.” Dudian narrowed his eyes. Since the jailbreak he hasn’t followed any rules.

Kerry nodded: “I’ll go if there is nothing else for me to help you out with.”

Dudian bid him farewell. Hawkeye sent him off.

“I’ll use the animal glue mask so go out for a moment.” Dudian commanded.

Hawkeye exited the room.

Dudian opened the box and saw an exquisite and think mask. It was as transparent as water and didn’t emit any smell.

He called Hawkeye.

“Inform me about the situation in the 9th region.” Dudian sat by the desk.

Hawkeye looked at him: “Sire, you are not serving as the elder. So we can’t use your previous code name because your origin can be detected. I hope you can give me a code name that I can register for your future use.”

Dudian pondered for a moment: “Nighthawk… Let’s go with it.”

“Nighthawk?” Hawkeye was startled.


“It’s a coincidence but there is a four-star alchemist in the 9th region with this code name.” Hawkeye continued: “Elder we can only change the code names of members below two stars.”

Dudian wrinkled his eyebrows “Then I shall be called the devil.”

“The devil?” Hawkeye reacted: “I’ll check it and see if there is anyone who uses this nickname.”

“Alright.” Dudian nodded: “Before that report the situation.”

Hawkeye looked at him: “The territory of the 9th region goes from the West Street to Puxi street of the commercial district… Our staff is concentrated in the residential district as the rule of Holy Church is loose there. We can facilitate our actions much easier. The headquarters of the other elders also concentrate in the residential district.”

“However, our five-star alchemists and potion masters mostly are active in the commercial district.”

“We have 4 five-star alchemists and two great potion master and one diviner…”

Hawkeye made an introduction then took a file from the bookcase and handed it to Dudian. There were everything in details in the file.

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    1. ooops i forgot about them. the diviners will appear later i guess( i hope he will learn this abillity =p). this is becoming more and more like fantasy. i won’t be suprised if there are really angels and devils with wings. God is not farfetched either.

  1. The previous elder will probably become a dog slave… and Why would dean give out such a rare name of the devil? Like one kid comes out of nowhere submits a formula similar to the famous fire family or w.e. and his name is the devil…. now a similar height kid comes out of nowhere and becomes an elder, names himself, devil… For someone as smart as dean he should’ve named himself lucifer or something.

    1. And this would affect him how? Nobody knows his true identity and the only probable outcome would be his past coworkers ( forgot their names) would be schocked and bewildered… that’s about it.

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