DK – Ch 459

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The Dark King – Chapter 459

Aisha said in haste: “It’s not that difficult to climb over the wall as long as there are no guards… ”

Dudian was speechless. The girl was able to climb over the wall when she was around seven or eight years old. What kind of physique she had? The cultivation methods of the devil family should be incredible as a little girl could burst out with such strength. The average person couldn’t be so powerful even if that person was fed with ‘God’s blessings’ since the time in womb.

“Unfortunately, you won’t be able to climb …” Aisha sighed in regret. After a moment she said in a pleasant sound: “I have a way.”

“Yeah?” Dudian was doubtful.

Aisha continued: “We can meet outside the giant wall afterwards. You were summoned by the Monastery so you must have good connections in the outer wall. I see that you have extraordinary physique too. I think you should be hunter too. So if you can go outside the giant wall then we can decide on a place and meet there.”

Dudian reacted quickly: “It’s not a good idea. It’s very dangerous outside the giant wall, if…”

“It’s alright.” Aisha put her hands under her chin as she pondered for a moment: “You just need to stay in a safe location and I’ll come over. So there won’t be any dangers.”

Dudian’s heart stirred when he heard her words. He spoke in a soft tone: “I’m not worried about myself but you. It’s very dangerous for you to cross the areas to see me. So its better for you to choose a place and I’ll come over to meet you.”

Aisha shook her head: “I didn’t take that into account before. But the passage to the outside from the inner wall have long distance to the passages to the outer wall. In the middle there will be lots of dangerous monsters. You won’t be able to pass.”

Dudian hesitated a bit: “I have special skills so I won’t face an accident. Don’t worry about it.”

Aisha flicked her finger: “Don’t underestimate me. I’m very strong! There is no danger to me so the matter is set.”

In fact, Dudian had already noticed the heat emitted from the girl’s body. It was very rich. He had seen the person on top of the giant wall exude such a heat. Even the captain of the saints team Francis isn’t on par with Aisha. The woman elder that he saw by the old elder was lacking in comparison to Aisha.

Moreover, its seems she is too powerful as she was able to pass through the barrier wall all those years ago. He thought that Aisha was comparable to the dragon girl he had met. Unfortunately, back then he didn’t have thermal vision so he couldn’t observe the heat emitted from her body. So he couldn’t make a reference at this point.

“Alright, let’s meet at the corner of the giant wall.” Dudian said.

Aisha laughed: “Alright, when are you going to be free?”

Dudian pondered for a moment: “After seven days.”

“Seven days?” Aisha nodded: “Alright, I’ll see you at night seven days later. We will meet at the west side of the wall. Time to pinky promise!” She reached her hand.

Dudian smiled as he reached out to pull the hook with her pinky finger.

“You will be going tonight, won’t you? It’s pretty early now so I’ll take you to see around the place. It should be your first time in the inner wall, isn’t it?” Aisha laughed.

Dudian thought of Francis and then nodded: “Alright, I’ll trouble you then.”

“Good. I was out to play around. We have a proverb in our clan which says the music isn’t fun when listened alone.” Aisha smiled.

Dudian didn’t expect to hear such an old eastern proverb in here. He looked at her tang suit and thought of some things. However he didn’t want to ask such a secret thing at the first meeting.

Aisha saw Dudian checking her out. She blinked: “Do you like my clothes?”

Dudian retracted his eyes: “Pleasant to look at.”

Aisha laughed but didn’t say anything.

At dusk.

A carriage with a black dragon banner came into the city of Edin and headed towards the station outside the city.

Aisha said to Dudian: “There are few more places to take you out but we don’t have a time. I’ll take you everywhere after you enter the inner wall.”

Dudian smiled: “There will be a chance later.”

The carriage stopped at the station. Dudian didn’t see Francis’s carriage there. Most probably he had gone back in advance. He turned to Aisha: “Thanks for the hospitality! I’ll see you again!”

“Seven days later!” Aisha smiled.

Aisha pulled the curtain and the carriage left.

Dudian looked at the carriage until it disappeared from his sight. He returned back to the Inn and bought a horse. He had gold coins with himself but didn’t brought gold notes. After all the notes were issued by the banks of the outer wall. He didn’t know if he would be able to exchange them inside the inner wall.

Dudian spent a gold coin to buy a horse. The prices in the inner wall were ten times more than the outer wall. He rode the horse and left the city of Edin.

Unconsciously, he returned back to the St. Paul mountain. In matter of seconds, he saw young men and women surround him. They were wearing the uniform of saints.

Dudian frowned he was about to open his mouth when he heard a voice: “Slow.”

Dudian saw that it was Francis. He looked at Dudian: “Didn’t you run away?”

“Why should I escape?”

Francis waved his hand and the saints surrounding Dudian put away their weapons. Francis looked at Dudian: “I said to wait for me. I came back to see you disappear so I thought you took the opportunity to slip away. I was going to issue an arrest order for you. Fortunately, you came back on time otherwise…”

Dudian was speechless: “You should be aware of my identity. Escape means death!”

“This is the result of disobedience.” Francis shrugged his shoulders: “I have to do my job and report. It’s the responsibility of top brass to deal with you.”

Dudian saw that there was no point in arguing with Francis: “Can we go back now?”

“Of course.” Francis whispered few words to the saint beside him and patted the man’s shoulder. He looked at Dudian: “Let’s go.”

Dudian heard Francis tell the man to go back and remove the arrest warrant. He felt angry as he followed after Francis.

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