DK – Ch 458

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The Dark King – Chapter 458

For those who are stuck in handkerchief issue then re-read chapter 1 once more


In addition he was aware of the chaotic order in the slums. If he was caught by the other people at the time he wouldn’t be able to survive the hard conditions. Even though he was smart but there was language barrier coupled with his frail constitution he will be dead not long after.

Therefore he had regarded the girl as his own saviour as she had helped him to get into the orphanage. He was grateful towards the girl and to Jura couple.

The girl was startled as she heard Dudian’s word: “I didn’t think you will remember the things back in those times after so many years.”

Dudian smiled: “There are things that should never be forgotten!”

The girl added: “My name is Aisha. I belong to the hunter family called Dragon clan. If you have any difficulties in the future you can always find me for help.”

Dudian was relieved to see her smile in non-malicious way: “My name is Dean. If there is anything that you need my help with please tell me.”

Aisha blinked: “How come you are in the inner wall? As far as I know its very difficult to pass from the outer wall to the inner wall.”

Dudian responded: “I was taking here for a reason and will go back tonight.”

“For a reason?” Aisha was perplexed: “Would you be able to come later on?”

Dudian shook his head: “I don’t know but I assume yes.”

There was a trace of loss express in Aisha’s eyes: “Will you…not visit again?”

Dudian felt the reluctance in her tone: “Its hard to say anything about the future. But as long as there is an opportunity then I will come back.”

Aisha pondered for a moment: “What about joining the dragon clan? You can live in the inner wall. What do you think? ”

Dudian pondered for a moment then shook his head: “I have joined the Monastery…I’m afraid…”

“The monastery?” Aisha was surprised: “So, you have been recruited by the Monastery. I have heard that the Holy Church of the outer wall is part of the Monastery. Does it mean that they have brought you here and tasked your with some secret mission?”

Dudian didn’t think that she would be able to infer the details of the situatino from few sentences: “You are right.”

Aisha’s interest rose: “What is the task about? Is it fun?”

Dudian saw her eyes shine in curiosity. He immediately shook his head: “It’s a secret task. I can’t tell you the details, I hope you will forgive me for this.” Although Dudian was grateful to her but he couldn’t tell her everything at the first meeting.

It wasn’t distrust but a long-term habit of vigilance.

Aisha looked at him: “Stingy!”

“I can give you a high position in the clan and get you a nice place in the inner wall. Do you want to join the Dragon clan? As for the Monastery they will let go of you if I come forward to plead for you.”

Naturally, Dudian was eager to live in the inner wall and get in contact with high level people to know the core secrets of the giant wall. However once he was part of the Dragon clan he had to rely on the protection of the little girl in the future. He was ignorant about the situation of the Dragon clan. The only thing he knew that the dragon girl from the earlier hunt had super combat strength. He assumed that they were a strong hunter family.

“Do you guys have strong standing within the inner wall?” Dudian asked.

Aisha laughed: “Of course, we are one of the three devil families. Moreover we are the strongest one. The Monastery would let go of you if I come forward to help. It is an easy task. ”

“Three devil families?” Dudian was surprised.

“We will give you the most generous resources to cultivate and nurture you if you decide to join us. You will certainly get the best because of me. In short time you will get to be an existence who will be on part with the holy level warriors of the Monastery.” Aisha continued: “No one would dare to bully you.”

Dudian remember the little girl’s silhouette who took him by his arm and brought to the orhpanage. He said in a deep tone: “Thank you!”

Aisha’s eyes lit up: “Do you agree?”

Dudian shook his head: “I can’t agree for the time being.”

“Why?” Aisha was surprised.

“I don’t want to live in the inner wall for the time being.”

“You don’t want to live in the inner wall!?” Aisha was stunned. It was first time she saw someone to deny life in inner wall: “I won’t force you since you don’t want to live in the inner wall. But if you want to come to the inner wall then this should be enough to help you out. ” She handed a medal to Dudian.

It was a black medal which had carving of a dragon.

Dudian reached out and took it. He looked at her: “Thank you! I will definitely come to find you if there is an opportunity.”

Aisha continued: “Unfortunately, I don’t have enough authority to go to outer wall on whim. I want be able to call you from there. Damned wall!”

Dudian was surprised “Why can’t you go to the outer wall?”

Aisha responded: “The last time I sneaked out. We don’t have permission to go the outer wall. In addition, I don’t have the right to call you in unless you are willing to become part of our clan.”

“How did you slip out the last time?” Dudian asked because of curiosity. Perhaps there was a more convenient way to sneak from the barrier wall.

Aisha shrugged her shoulders: “I climbed over the wall when the guards were not looking.”

Dudian was stunned: “Over the wall? You were only a kid…The height of the wall… “

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  1. We are the same Dean I didn’t forget about her even after 8 years(just kidding I started reading this 4 days ago)

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