DK – Ch 457

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The Dark King – Chapter 457

Dudian remembered the little girl who took him to the Meishan orphanage in the rainy night all those years ago. She looked the same age as him and was also wearing a tang suit. She should grow to be the same age as the girl in front of him.

Moreover he had never seen anyone else wear that unique style of tang suit. Most of the nobles wore western-style suits while the girl from the dragon clan who hunted the adult splitter and the one in front of him are the ones wearing that style. Apparently both of them are from the dragon clan. In addition the one who had led him to the Meishan orphanage was from the dragon clan too!

His eyes lit up as he thought about the situation.

“Do you know about this handkerchief?” Dudian asked.

The girl blinked few times: “Come to the carriage with me, we will talk there.”

Dudian was in a good mood. He understood that this wasn’t the right place to talk about the handkerchief’s origin: “I’m a bit curious but…can you help with something?”

“What?” There was interest in Girl’s eyes.

Dudian continued: “I want to take this person’s life.” He raised his hand and pointed to the middle-aged magician.

The magician was scared as the sweat followed down his spine the moment he heard Dudian’s words.

The girl replied in a gently tone: “Its alright. You should be able to kill him with your skill. If you want to kill him then kill him. I’ll cover for you.” She raised her chest in a proud manner.

Dudian sighed in relief as he saw the girl had no malicious intention toward himself. He didn’t know if he would be able to find the middle-aged magician in the future so he made the request to fulfill his desire.

“Little Miss. I didn’t offend you…you can’t… ” The middle-aged magician’s legs trembled as he saw the girl promise Dudian. He went forward to beg but was stopped by the knight from the dragon clan: “Bastard! Stay away from our lady!”

“Yes, yess …” The middle-aged magician begged as he face turned white in fear: “Miss, my magic show was very successful. I didn’t do any harm to him and he wants to take my life. Miss, you can’t promise it to him. I’m part of Baron Jesse’s household. Please forgive me because of him…”

The girl frowned: “Who is Jesse? What is he?”

The middle-aged magician was going to continue to plead when Dudian took a step towards the girl: “So should I go with the…?”

“Of course! What are you afraid of? It ain’t a big deal.” The girl didn’t seem to care about the man.

Dudian thought that the price of life was not expensive than a grass in the inner wall. He took the sword from the ground and stabbed it at the middle-aged magician. The sword pierced through his mouth and went out from the back of his head. There was fear in his eyes but the man didn’t even know when he died.

Dudian pulled out the sword and stabbed at the assistant who was standing behind the magician’s corpse.

It was the assistant who had spoken in a harsh tone with Dudian back in the street. The assistant was shocked as he didn’t expect Dudian to attack him. His eyes widened the moment the sword pierced his chest. The breeze blew and the assistant body fell down from the platform.

Two people were killed in an instant.

Dudian looked at the girl, “Sorry, I had forgotten about the other one.”

“It’s alright. Should we go now?” The girl was only concerned about the handkerchief.

Dudian nodded: “Yes.”

The girl jumped down the platform. She walked towards the carriage as she hummed a song.

Dudian quickly put the things into his backpack and followed after them.

The knight jumped over the horse as Dudian entered the carriage.

The people came to the center of the road after the carriage left. They began to whisper.

“Geez, I didn’t expect to see the little miss of the dragon clan in here.”

“It seems she is one of the two princess of the dragon clan! ”

“She is so beautiful.”

“Be careful! If they hear then your tongue will be cut off! The second princess is known as the little devil!”

“I rely envy the kid! I don’t know his origin but he was able to get a favor from the dragon clan!”

No one looked at two corpses which were around. They only talked about envy and lament.

“Where did you get the handkerchief?” The girl asked as her eyes stared at Dudian. She spoke in a cold tone and there was no smile on her face.

Dudian was startled: “A person gave it to me.”

“Gave you?” The girl narrowed her eyes: “It is an item of our Dragon clan! It seems you don’t know but if you lie to me you will get a miserable death! It will be much worse than those two!”

Dudian wrinkled his eyebrows: “It was given to me by a person long time ago. I assume you should be able to check it out as the Dragon clan should have a big intelligence network.”

The girl stared at him: “Who gave it to you? When? Where?”

Dudian replied: “It happened a lot of years ago. Seven or eight I think. I saw the girl only once and never saw her again. I don’t even know her name.”

“Seven or eight years ago?” The girl was perplexed.

“Do you remember that you saw a little boy in slums of the outer wall seven or eight years ago?” Dudian asked.

The girl thought about his words and spoke in a surprised tone: “You are the little boy from the outer wall! Right?”

Dudian was excited: “Yes, I’m that little boy from then. Do you remember me now?”

The girl whispered: “The original so… seven or eight years ago … Outer wall… No wonder… No wonder … …” She stared at Dudian: “Thinking of it then it is really you. I didn’t expect yo see you in here after so many years.”

Dudian was happy to see her remember the boy she had met overnight. He had big impression of the girl as it was the first time he had come out from the frozen storage and the first person who he had made contact with. He thought that the girl had totally forgotten about him.

He was in joy as the other side remember him.

Dudian took a deep breath: “Thanks for sending me to the door of the orphanage back then. I’m afraid I would have been dead otherwise.” He knew that if he wasn’t accepted as an orphan to the orphanage and sheltered by them then the only choise was that he would be caught and used as a slave in the mines.

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    1. I think so too, it feels like the chapter is getting shorter each time and the release frequency is longer

    1. Lol my point exactly, he’s acting like she’s the same innocent young girl he saw 8 yeard ago but clearly she’s a tyrant

      1. She’s probably very normal considering this f*d up place in this f*d up inner wall… probably has a few human dogs too. They clearly don’t care about people being casually killed, or ordered, or raped, or enslaved, or… you get my point.

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