DK – Ch 456

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The Dark King – Chapter 456

“The dragon clan?”

“Quickly escape! It is the dragon clan’s carriage!”

The pedestrians on both of the street went sideways as they saw the black dragon flag on the carriage.

“Dragon clan?” Dudian remembered the dragon girl from the last time. He quickly moved to the roadside to avoid the carriage.

The middle-aged magician and his troupe didn’t respond so quickly. Although they saw the carriage approach the place but the crowd was too chaotic.


The knights that rode in front of the carriage tightened the ropes of the horses in front of the crowd.

“Bastards! Get away!” The knight used the whip to hit the people who fell onto the ground.

The people who were on the ground climbed up and carefully apologized to run towards the roadside.

The road was cleaned and the carriage was ready to continue the voyage but the door of the carriage was kicked open. A figure wearing a green clothing jumped out. It was a girl who looked 15 or 16 years old. She was wearing a green tang suit. Her face was lively and naughty. There was a pair of wretched eyes that looked around. Her eyes focused on the middle-aged magician. She looked over the knight at the side: “I want to see a magic show!”

The knight was perplexed: “Miss, why did you come down?”

“I want to see the magic show!” The girl walked towards the middle-aged magician without answering to the knight.

Knight’s face was anxious as he jumped over the horse, “Miss, we have to hurry.”

“I said I want to see a magic show! If you are in hurry then go on!” The girl replied in a harsh tone.

The knight wryly smiled as he was aware that he couldn’t overcome the Little miss’s order. The middle-aged magician shouted in haste: “Hey! Didn’t you heart? Little miss wants to see a magic show! Get ready for a good show!”

The middle-aged magician’s spine was full of cold sweat as he spoke in a tone full of fear: “Greetings Little miss. What kind of magic show do you want to see?”

The girl touched her chin as she pondered for a moment: “I have heard that the most exciting magic show that magicians can perform is cutting a person! Hurry! By the way make sure that I don’t see through your petty magic tricks! If your play is too clumsy then your heads will fall down!” She raised her hand and made a gesture of slicing the neck. She was staring at the middle-aged man to intimidate him but the tender and beautiful face that made her look cute.

A man being cut!!! The middle-aged magician almost choked out a mouthful of blood. He regretted that he hadn’t brought the proper equipment for today. He glanced around at the previous crowd but it had been long that everyone had scattered away. There were only a few blonde nobles. He hesitated for a moment but then saw Dudian behind the girl across the street. He nodded as he looked at the girl: “Miss we are lacking manpower. Is it alright that person to work with us?” He directly pointed at Dudian.

Dudian didn’t think that the trouble can find him from so far away. There was killing intent in his eyes as he looked at the magician. He wasn’t worried about the previous noble as he was going to leave tonight and there was no way for the noble to find him. Moreover he didn’t plan to get revenge on the magician too. But the other side once again was sending him to the foot of death.

“Hurry up! I’m not in favor of waiting for long.” The girl replied in impatient tone.

The middle-aged magician was relieved as he knew that the girl had given permission for them to use Dudian. He gestured at his assistants.

Several assistants came to stop in front of Dudian. One of them said in a cold tone: “Please cooperate with us!”

Dudian saw the expression on the assistants eyes. He knew that the middle-aged magician dared to act so because once Dudian resisted it meant offending the little miss!

He took a deep breath and suppressed his anger. He knew that it was not worth to offend such a big force because of a street magician: “Alright.”

One of the assistants continued in a angry tone: “You are not away but this…”

Dudian raised his hand and pushed the guy from his shoulder. He stepped forward in big strides and stood in front of the middle-aged magician; “Are we going to start?”

The middle-aged magician smiled as he said: “Thanks, please come over.” They stepped onto the high platform and the magician opened a wooden box.

The others came over to assist the middle-aged magician in the performance.

“Miss, we are going to begin the show.” The middle-aged magician was going to begin the ceremony.

“Hurry up! Don’t continue with the nonsense.” The girl wrinkled her little nose.

The magician was embarrassed but he had being in the magic business for many years. He adapted soon and turned to wink at the assistant. He raised the sword: “Today we are going to perform the show with this swords. It is a real sword…Check it…” He pushed the sword and cut a wooden piece.

Dudian who was inside the wooden box was listening to the middle-aged magician’s act.

The middle-aged man finished the opening ceremony and began with the real performance.

Dudian used his thermal vision to detect the middle-aged magician’s movements as he sat inside the wooden box. Although he couldn’t see the sword in magician’s hand but he was able to every move of the magician. That way he could easily determine the position where the sword would pierce through.


The sword stabbed into the wooden box.

Dudian was ahead of the attack.

The middle-aged magician’s heart was relieved when he didn’t feel the sword to pierce through the flesh of Dudian.


The second sword stabbed into the wooden box.

Dudian escaped again.

The third, fourth… In the blink of an eye ten swords had pierced the wooden box. All of them were inserted from completely different angles.

Little miss and the knights clapped. The audience also exclaimed. They were standing far away but still watching the show.

“Huh?” The girl was surprised as she looked at the wooden box.

The middle-aged magician was relieved and quite proud as he saw the surprise expressed on the girl’s face: “Miss, its time to open the box.” He waved at his assistants.

Assistants came to stand in front of the box. They pulled out swords one by one. All of them were surprised as there was no bloodstains of the swords.

Moreover it was just a normal wooden box!

They opened the box. Dudian’s body was revealed. There was no injury on his body. There were a few scratches on his clothing. He took a few steps and the backpack fell down. It was cut and the clothes and other things that he carried fell down.

Dudian frowned.

He turned to pick the things.

“Huh?” The girl issued a cry. Her body was like wind as she moved form the ground to the high platform in a matter of second. She looked at Dudian: “Give that to me.”

Dudian was surprised as he saw the girl talk to him. There was purple handkerchief in his hand: “Do you want this?”

The suspicion in girl’s heart turned into surprise as she looked at the handkerchief. She looked up and down at Dudian. She was going to say something but she changed her mind; “Nope. You look very pleasing to the eye. Come with me.”

Dudian understood that she knew something about the purple handkerchief in his hand. The handkerchief was one of the most treasured items that he had. It was given to him by the girl who had brought him to the front of the Meishan orphanage. He had never used it since then and had kept it like a work of art! Is this the girl which gave the handkerchief to him so many years ago?

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    1. hahaha i knew it that girl in the very first chapter is special wahahahahahhaha…
      i never once forget her =)
      i think i commented about her chapter 190+ 2~3days ago but the sad thing is the handkerchief was never been mentioned again by the author hayts until now…

  1. Years ago? did I miss a “12 months later” stuff. In my head when he met the dragon girl wasnt that far away but maybe a few months.

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