DK – Ch 455

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The Dark King – Chapter 455

Francis and the youth left. Dudian was carrying his backpack as he waited. He saw a crowd gather around a place across the street. The bursts of laughter echoed from there.

He moved over to observe the place because of the curiousity.

“Kid, look where you walk.” A voice echoed from behind.

Dudian turned to see a blonde youth with an arrogant look. There was a graceful woman with beautiful golden hair in his arms. There were few people wearing black suits and white gloves behind them. Apparently the man was an aristocrat and belonged to an extraordinary family. Dudian’s eyebrows wrinkled but he moved sideways to open the room for them. He didn’t want to provoke anyone inside the inner wall for now.

The youth and the beauty walked pass him without taking a glance at him.

Dudian came to stop behind the crowd. He use his toes to look. There was a table in the middle and few people were showing performance. It looked like an ordinary magic show.

Dudian knew that magic was also one of the favorite hobbies of the aristocrats.

“If a real magician was disguised as a magician then he would be winning numerous… ” Dudian was thinking when a voice resounded.


Dudian turned to see the previous blonde youth. He didn’t know when and how he had appeared in front of the crowd. The blonde youth said, “It’s too boring… Show something different! Cut people off!”

“Young master we are just a small group. We don’t have equipment to do such a show live right now.” A middle-aged magician replied.

The blonde youth didn’t expect to be dismissed. He waved and one of his attendants hit the middle-aged magician in chest. The youth pulled out a stack of golden notes and threw them at the man. He said in a cold tone: “I will say it once more. I want to see a show. Do you understand me?”

The people on the stage jumped in hurry to help the middle-aged magician.

Dudian’s brows wrinkled as he saw the scene. He didn’t expect the blonde youth to be aggressive and overbearing. The nobles in the outer wall would love to do something like this but were restricted in the outer wall.

In addition he didn’t want to be a hero and naturally stayed away and quietly observed the sight.

“I have given you the money! Quick!”

“We are going to see a man cut into parts!”

“Come on!”

The crowd cheered and urged the middle-aged magician and his group.

The middle-aged magician’s face turned ugly as he saw the excited crowd.

He knew that it would be very problematic if he didn’t go on with the show.

“We will.” The middle-aged magician nodded as he looked at the blonde youth: “Please be a bit patient! We will get the equipment.”

The blonde youth looked at him: “Are you deaf? Or are you an idiot? I want to see it now! Do you want to die or do you want to be a dog slave? … It would be quite nice to have a dog slave who knows magic! Don’t you think so?” The blonde youth looked at the woman in his arms.

“Mister, Mister …” the middle-aged magician panicked.

The woman looked at the youth and shook her head: “He is soo old. My sisters would pull jokes because of him.”

The youth nodded, “Alright, I will look for a young one.”


The youth turned towards the middle-aged magician: “Are you still in here?”

The middle-aged magician was relieved as he squeezed a smile and turned towards his assistants. Such a dangerous magic trick was prone to errors even if there were equipment.

“Leader, what should we do?”

“We don’t have the equipment for cutting people. What should we do?”

“Yeah, how to solve this problem?”

The middle-aged magician was troubled as he climbed to the stage. He said to the assistants: “I have a way…” He whispered once more, “Do you remember the show?”

“The leader is smart.”

“We knew that you would come up with a solution.”

“Leader, wouldn’t it be …”

The middle-aged magician interrupted the last assistant: “Don’t be long-winded! Do you have a way?”

The assistant shrank back without giving a reply.

“Everyone, the next show will be about cutting off a man alive!” The middle-aged magician stood on high platform as he loudly said. At the same time his assistants brought a huge wooden box onto the high platform.

“Now, we will pick out one person from the crowd. It will be a random choice!” The middle-aged magician said with a big smile. The crowd was stirred because of his words. He continued, “Rest assured that there is no danger in this performance.”

He raised his hand and looked at the crowd.

Dudian felt bad when their eyes met. He pulled over a person from the side and moved.


The man who Dudian pulled floated for a moment and stopped in the position where Dudian was moment ago.

The middle-aged magician’s finger was pointed at him.

The man saw the middle-aged magician’s hand directed at him. His face turned ugly as he shouted, “Do you want to die?”

The middle-aged magician felt embarrassed when he saw the man to be a noble. He felt angry but found Dudian standing next to him: “Little brother, why don’t you come up?”

Dudian thought that he had escaped the problem. His face turned gloomy: “You said that you will pick a random person! What are you doing now?”

The middle-aged magician’s face turned sullen: “I just chose you! Do you want to make the young master unhappy? Why don’t you bless him with your performance?”

Dudian understood that the middle-aged magician was not prepared for the show and knew that the process was dangerous. He didn’t pick anyone from his own group but had to select from the crowd. He was the only one with the black hair in the crowd. He was going for the soft persimmon.

“Boy, go on! Do you want us to take you there?” The group of servants standing next to blonde youth rushed over.

“Yes, go on stage!”

“Whose servant is he?”

Dudian looked at the middle-aged magician, “You aren’t prepared for the show! What will you do if there is a danger?”

The middle-aged magician didn’t expect to be questioned by Dudian, “We are professionals. There is nothing dangerous. We made jokes about the equipment to make the atmosphere a bit lively. We can perform even without the technology. Don’t worry about anything!”

Dudian wanted to kill the man, “What technology? If you have any technology then make the people fly!”

“Stop being long-winded!” The man next to Dudian said in an impatient tone.

The middle-aged magician looked at Dudian: “Don’t make people wait any more.”

Dudian looked at the person next to him who said him to go on to the stage. His hair was brownish. However there was an expensive watch on his chest. It seemed that he had a big background too. Dudian said in a cold tone: “If you are so interested in the show why don’t you go?”

“Hey, are you talking back to me?”

“Sooo rude! Why hasn’t his master disciplined him?”

The angry roars echoed.

Dudian narrowed his eyes. He wanted to slaughter all of them but he had to press down the impulse as this was not the outer wall. He said in a cold tone: “Whoever wants may go on to the stage. I won’t!” He turned away to walk.

The crowd pointed at him when they saw Dudian try to leave.

At the same time sounds of hoofs echoed out as a carriage with a black dragon banner on it moved. There were knights gathered around the carriage. The loud shouts resounded: “Open the road! Open the way!”

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  1. I still don’t understand how Francis didn’t see MC’s wings when he was putting the brand on his spine.

    1. that is exactly what I was thinking, I was like: wuou his back? is he sure of that? he will show his wings if does this.
      then evertyhing was just like: méh job done get out
      and not even one reaction or word about it <_<

      1. yea and I hope someone or the author doesn’t say something like, “Oh he can retract them whenever he wants” because that would just be stupid

        1. Thought his wings were retractable, otherwise how wud he hide them in his clothes without being uncomfortable

          1. the author never once said his wings were retractable, and where the hell in your body is there spare room for some damn wings to retract into, you’re just speculating

        2. if u used ur brain for 2seconds then you would understand that he doesnt have his wings out 24/7. the monster that he got the wings from didnt have theirs wings out 24/7 and also when he got sick and his servants had to carry him into bed the would have seen/felt the wings on his back

      2. I think it is like an insect, open his shell and then the wings come out. I think that is how the author describes them coming out. So I think that is the reason he can show his back and have no wings come out.

          1. I personally think Dudian can retract his wings inside his body. For example he has 2 scars on his back where the wings come out of and can go inside. And since Dudian’s body is covered in scars no one would suspect that he had wings or anything inside 2 scars on his back. I hope what i said is understandable.

          2. How has no one thought of the explanation that maybe he just didnt give a rats ass i mean look at all the weird crap hes seen i mean some chapters ago hundreds of people were randomly sacrificed and slaves have zero human rights so i woudnt be surprised if he has seem some weird stuff

        1. LOL.
          Emotional engagement in a story!

          When one likes a novel, he/she will think of explanations to possible plot-holes or turn a blind eye to them. However, when one doesn’t like the novel, every possible pot-hole becomes a target for mud-slinging or damnation.

          The wings are described in chapter 351. The wings are transparent and Splitty has them “under its shell”. No mention is made whether Dean’s wings are retractable.

          On a different note, I laughed when I read that some members of the Dark Church put their branding marks on their buttocks. What happens whenever visual verification of the mark is needed ….

  2. I thought we were going to see double release since there’s wasn’t any yesterday. Thanks for the chapter though. So there’s weak people in the inner wall? I get the impression that there’re only strong people in the inner wall based on the Dudian encounters in the previous chapters

  3. I think it was a tramp stamp it’s a the base of the spine so his whole back my not have been shown oreflects they give no fups

  4. I thought his wings where translucent see through like stuff… and he got the brand to overlap on the two wings so he can move the wings a bit and you have an incomplete dark church brand. Thats what i think his intentions were with the brand. His “guide” guard just left him…. instead of saying hey lets go here for a min i need to get tickets, really takes his job seriously even after taking a tour of a torture dungeon. lol

  5. Maybe his shell looks like just ordinary skin… most insect does.

    Dean should said – ” tired of living ?”

    Nobles hair color is not black -_-

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