DK – Ch 454

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The Dark King – Chapter 454

Francis walked down the mountain pass with Dudian after warning him.

“This is the area of St. Paul mountain. It is one of the bustling areas of the inner wall. The place is under the control of the Monastery.” Francis talked while the walked.

Dudian asked: “What about other areas?”

Francis laughed: “Buy a map if you want to know the areas of the inner wall. I’m not a conductor.”

Dudian didn’t ask anything else. Both of them reached the foothill. Francis called a carriage which had flag of the Monaster. He commanded the coachman: “To the Edin city.”

“City?” Dudian was surprised “City of Edin?”

Francis laughed: “It’s the largest city under the jurisdiction of the St. Paul’s mountain area. The ‘cities’ are much bigger than the outer wall. The roads are perfects and there is an order. There are no villages or towns in the inner wall. You will get to know after you see.”

Dudian nodded. He didn’t expect to see the similar management within the inner wall with the old era system. There was no concept of ‘city’ in the outer wall.

Francis leaned back and closed his eyes.

Dudian looked at him: “The branding is over. Are you going to give me the detoxification pill?”

Francis opened his eyes, “I thought you didn’t need it.” He pulled out a plastic bag from his pocked and took out a dark red pill.

Francis closed his eyes. Dudian checked him and moved his hand towards his mouth. However he didn’t take the antidote but put back into his pocket. He looked outside the carriage and enjoyed the scenery.

There were lush trees where birds tweeted along the roads.

There were buildings scattered around in distance. The air was fresh and the environment was totally different form the outer wall. The roads were made out of large stones.

There was a feeling of ease as he saw the intensive life of the cities form the old era and the beautiful trees all around the place. He thought that he would be happy if he lived in such a place.

The next moment the idea of ease and laziness disappeared without a trace as he recovered his thoughts.

The carriage came to stop in front of a high wall after half an hour of ride. The city of Edin was written at the end of the road.

There were guards by the gate. The carriage slowed down as they approached the checkpoints. The coachman took out gold coins and handed to the guards to pass through.

Francis opened his eyes as the carriage slowed down. He looked at Dudian: “This is the city of Edin. There is different entrance taxes to different cities. Its your first time so I’ll pay for you.”

They passed through the walls and traveled for another ten minutes.

“to the Inn.” Francis commanded.

Dudian looked at the city. There were shops on both sides. The surface of the roads were clean and tidy. The bricks were paved without a trace of gap.

“Ah!?” Dudian was shocked the next moment.

He saw a woman wearing an elegant clothing and a black hat. She was holding onto a rope. The other end of the rope was tied to a man who was walking like a dog. The man was wearing a dress and his hair was combed. However he had stretched out his tongue like a dog. He was imitating an animal!

Dudian was frozen as he stared at the man as the carriage passed by. Soon he saw other nobles who were wearing elegant dresses and holding onto ropes which were chained to men or women. It seemed like they were strolling with their dogs.

Francis noticed the weird expression on Dudian’s face. He looked at the same direction as Dudian, “Those are the slaves of the nobles. Some are servants, some are maids and the others are slaves. But don’t underestimate those dog slaves. Most of them have used blessings and they are very strong. Would you like to go to the beast slave market? The nobles would often bring their dog slaves and make them fight. It’s very interesting…”

Dudian was startled: “Slave … … isn’t it…? Isn’t this contrary to the aristocratic etiquette?”

Francis was surprised as he looked at Dudian in a strange manner. However soon he recovered as he patted his head: “I have totally forgotten. You are from the outer wall…Ah… Slaves have no rights in the inner wall. In the outer wall they may be used to do some hard work but they still keep their dignity because of the rules of the Holy Church. However there are no such rules in the inner wall. Moreover this custom has been here from there very early times. There is nothing strange with that.”

Dudian’s face changed slightly as he understood that Francis was accustomed to the sight. He looked out of the carriage. From time to time he saw the same scene again and again. The surrounding people turned blind eye to the slaves as if they were already used to it.

Is this why the nobles in the outer wall desire to live in the inner wall?

He thought in his heart that the inner wall would be much more bustling place than the outer wall. The area would be much more elegant and the civilians would have very fair and easy life. Dudian thought that the system would be much better than the outer wall. However the imagination was shattered after he saw the place.

It was incredible to see how the slaves were treated. However according to the Francis the people in the inner wall didn’t have the concept of ‘human rights’.

Actually even if there was the rights didn’t have any effect on the slaves.

Dudian realized that the civilians and the nobles who aspire to live in the inner wall imagined that they would move to heaven but would get to live in the hell!

The carriage stopped in front of an inn.

Francis looked at Dudian, “I’ll take you to see the place. If you like something then you can buy. I know that you have money so I’ll pay for you and then I’ll send someone to get it from you in the outer wall.”

Dudian nodded.

Francis walked along the street as Dudian followed, “I’ll take you to see the dog slaves fight. I hope we will be lucky to see something interesting.”

Dudian nodded.

Francis’s eyes lit up as if he was eager to see the place. He walked in big strides.

Dudian checked the shops along the way. Most of them had exquisite jewelry and swords. The scabbards and the hilts of the swords were covered in diamonds. It was anything but a weapon of war.

Dudian walked along the way as he checked the atmosphere. The place was much lively than the commercial district of the outer wall. There were shops selling luxury items. Once in a while he heard laughter of nobles and their conversation which made him shiver because of the topics.

“Francis?” A sound echoed.

Dudian and Francis turned towards the direction of the sound and saw a young man with a golden hair waving his hand in greeting.

Francis was startled: “You..Why are you here today?”

“I got my leave today so came over to play around.” The blonde youth squeezed through the crowd. He noticed Dudian standing next to Francis, : “Is he the new servant you have bought? Good temperament!”

Francis laughed: “Don’t utter nonsense. He is Mr Dean and he has been appointed as the deacon of the Monastery in the outer wall area. I’ve taking him to see around.”

“Outer wall…” The blonde youth looked up and down at Dudian then recovered his eyes. He said to Francis, “We must go to Red Square today. There is a play and we have to see if we can get a place or two..”

Dudian was about to shake hands with the blonde youth. But he didn’t expect the youth to turn a blind eye. There was contempt and disgust in his eyes. Apparently the youth wasn’t friendly with him because of his hair color and the origin. They didn’t even try to cover the discrimination!

Perhaps the other side doesn’t care about the idea.

Francis laughed: “I can’t accompany you as I have to go with Mr Dean to shop around.”

“Dude Elisa is going to attend. You will regret it later.” The blonde youth insisted.

Francis hesitated for a moment then turned towards Dudian: “I’ll be back in a while don’t go anywhere. ”

Dudian nodded.

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