DK – Ch 452

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The Dark King – Chapter 452

Elder looked at the confused expression on Dudian’s face: “Do you know why some inventions are classified as taboo?”

Dudian’s heartbeat increased but on surface he looked like a lost sheep: “Why?”

“Do you think those bans have something in common?”

“Common points?” Dudian thought for a moment: “I remember that the inflammation technique used by the military is banned because of the destructive power. If its not properly used the it would cause numerous casualties and destruction.” At the same time he speculated in his mind. He came to a terrible answer but he didn’t dare to show it on his face or tell it.

The old man replied: “True. The main reason for the ban is the destructive power. Such things are great harm for the nobles and the inner wall. That’s why they are banned. The priests have studied your steam rifle. It’s much more dangerous than the inflammation technique. Even a child could easily kill a noble with the steam rifle!”

“Do you think the nobles would let these weapons run rampant?”

Dudian was silent.

He had expected this possibility long ago. Nevertheless in the Middle Ages when the gunpowder was born the sword lost its rule in the Western countries. But in this case the gunpowder was suppressed by the inner wall. Moreover they chose to suppress the steam rifle too!

He moved with the production of the steam rifle despite knowing the results. The main reason was to take the opportunity to destroy the Mellon consortium in one sweep. It was a consortium with roots far and wide. It would take him a lot longer to clean it up if he went with the normal solution. That’s why he had made a bet!

But it wasn’t a blind risk but a calculated move. He knew that it wouldn’t threaten his own life because the dark church had banned the inflammation technique of the Inferno family. So at the worst case the same would happen to him.

“The life and wisdom was given to us by the God of the Light.” Elder slowly said: “But if the wisdom is not converged then it would lead to a disaster! Your steam rifle was based on the concept of the ‘steam’. If you joined the dark church then it would be used for the evil.”

“But as the founder of the ‘steam’ faction you still can do research but can’t publish it. The Inferno family from the dark church does the same. They can make research but it has to be audited before publication. If its deemed to be banned then the research wouldn’t be public!”

Dudian was silent as he listened to the elder. He knew that he had no room for negotiations or resistance. However there was a strange question in his mind. If the research is classified as forbidden and can’t be made public then why they allow for such research to continue on? Do they want to give some level of freedom to architects and alchemists… Or would these banned inventions will be used in the necessary times? (like the army did)

If its like that then how do they define the necessary time?

Is there a stronger enemy within the inner wall? Or is there a greater threat outside the giant wall?

The elder looked at silent Dudian. He didn’t imagine that Dudian was contemplating about the issues. He thought that the boy was young so he didn’t dare to speak in front of him. The elder smiled: “You are an elder of the dark church from now on. I hope you will work on behalf of the Monastery and deal with the issues of the dark church. Try to adapt as soon as possible otherwise no on will help to keep your little life.”

Elder stopped for a moment then laughed: “But you have survived in the Thorn Flower Prison for three years…so the general scene should be so frightening for you.”

“Francis, take him through the formalities.” Elder looked at Francis.

Francis respectfully replied “Yes, elders.” He looked at Dudian: “Mr Dean, lets go.”

Dudian looked at the elders: “Elders, I have never been to the inner wall. Is it alright if he shows me around?”

The old man replied: “Not a problem. Francis take him to see around. Don’t forget to delay the evening trip.”

Francis nodded: “Yes.”

Dudian regretted as he had less than a day for the trip. But he didn’t have right to speak so he followed after Francis as they left the room.

The door was closed. The old man and the woman listened to the footsteps. The woman who was sitting on the old man’s lap smiled. Her fingers were playing on the chest of the old man: “An interesting little fella.”

Old man was surprised: “Do you fancy him?”

“His body smells delicious.” The woman licked her lips.

The old man’s eyes lit up: “He is too young but he was able to achieve a physical limits of the saint within the outer wall. Its really rare occurrence. Its impossible to breakthrough from the senior hunter level by relying on the ‘God’s blessings’ or magic marks. The most important point is that the God’s blessings supplied by the Monster Institute to the outer wall area don’t enhance the physical constitution after senior hunter level… the kid has many secrets.”

The woman looked at the old man: “Should I make a move?”

“He can’t afford you.” The old man gently smiled: “Moreover he is a deacon of the Monastery! Its very hard to find candidates so…”

“So I’m a deacon of the Monastery now! Is my position lower or higher than yours?” Dudian asked as he walked by Francis’s side.

Francis smiled: “We haven’t gone through the procedures and you want to control me? ”

“I just want to beat you.” Dudian cracked his fingers: “I guess the other saints aren’t aware of these things. Is it only captains that have access to the information?”

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  1. Thanks!!! Read them all from chapter 1..took me about 4 days xD
    Very thankful for the translation!
    Cool story

    1. wow faster than me. i plan to catch up to chapter 502 this day. This is my fifth day reading this. 100/day =) so addicting

  2. I take my words I said yesterday. The authors sure can think of something else beside prison, torture and revenge

  3. WHy would the inner wall ban things like guns and inflammable powder??? Because then if the people feel like they want to rebel id would be easy. Doubt the saints could take bullets to the brain and survive.

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