DK – Ch 451

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The Dark King – Chapter 451

“Your arrest as a suspect was to facilitate your future work.” The elder continued: ” Don’t forget that after you become an elder of the Dark Church you will lose your glorious identity. You will have to live in the shadows. There would be two options left for you in case your identity is exposed. The first one is to be transferred into the inner wall and get another job within the Monastery. The second option is punishment by the Holy Church which is death sentence!”

“Let me remind you that there is no spare posts in the Monastery for the time being. So you have only option two for you in case your identity is revealed.”

Dudian felt a chill as he saw the faint smile on elder’s face. He realized that there was no choice for him. He couldn’t resist. Moreover he had already labeled with the ‘collusion with the devil’. He didn’t have much of a choice.

He would become a member of the dark church if he agreed.

In case he tries to expose the Monastery and the Holy Church in the future the Holy Church will use the charge to discredit him.

However if he agrees to enter the system then he would be arrested by the Holy Church once he loses the ‘value’ to the system.

Dudian took a deep breath: “What if I do not agree?”

The elder indifferently replied: “You will have a new home.”

Dudian smiled: “It seems I don’t have a choice. Is this a deliberate test for me? ”

The old man replied “I don’t need to waste my time to test you. Because of the punishments there is always a spare room in here.”

Dudian knew that the elder wasn’t joking. He asked the question for two reasons. The first was to be cautious. The second reason was to make them think that he was looking at the surface of things and he was a simple man. It was kind of a self-protection measure: “Elder, why did you choose me? There are so many masters in the Temple! Aren’t you just destroying a master of the Temple with a great potential?”

The old man laughed: “You are not humble at all.”

Dudian’s face turned red.

The old man deeply looked at Dudian: “The answer lies within the problem. The reason why picked you is very simple. They are very old and have been living under the influence of the Holy Church for too long. I’m afraid they won’t be able to accept the truth if its revealed at this point.”

“Even if they accept the position under intimidation it would be very hard for them to adapt to the change of identity. ”

“However you are different! You are young! You were in contact with a noble lady but were imprisoned because of her father and influence of other nobles. But you were able to jailbreak from the most solid prison! It shows your abilities. You are able to camouflage, observe, endure…In short everything that we need.

“Although we are not aware of your identity before your acceptance to the orphanage but we think that you were abandoned like the others. You are not someone who believes in God. You are the best fit to be the elder of the dark church.”

“I suspect that you would enter the dark church anyway. After all, that’s the most suitable place for you.”

Dudian’s face slightly changed. It was indeed easy for the Monastery look for his resume. Moreover he felt that he had defects in his alibi. Although he didn’t believe in God but he never pretended to believe in God too.

He never actively participated in the masses! He had helped to defeat the barbarians. But if someone from a high position looked at the situation then they would find out that he did it for his own benefits.

Therefore he was able to confuse the public with the barbarian feat but it would be very difficult to confuse the ones living in the inner wall who overlooked everything within the outer wall.

Old man looked at Dudian who was silent: “Mr Dean lets stop with the useless chat. It is time to announce your answer.”

Dudian sighed: “It seems I don’t have a choice.”

“As you have consented then I hope that you can fulfill your duties. By the way, don’t disappoint us!” The old man smiled.

Dudian nodded: “I will do my best to adapt. However what am I supposed to do as the elder of the dark church? Should I send intelligence about the members of the dark church to the Holy Church?”

The old man stared at him: “That is just one of the responsibilities. Moreover you won’t need to do it yourself. “

Dudian asked: “Is there any other elders appointed by the Monastery in addition to me?”

“You don’t have the right to know that. Do what you are supposed to do. I advise you to keep your identity confidential. Some of the elders are ‘real’ members of the dark church. It would be very hard to keep your identity if they know that you were sent by the Monastery.”

Dudian smiled: “Am I on my own?”

The elder replied: “The only ally you have is the Holy Church.”

“You can keep continue to engage in research. There is alchemy tower and academy in the dark church.” The elder continued: “But try not to catch many eyes. Stay away from taboo subjects that the dark church has set. Its better for you not to touch those topics.”

Dudian pondered a little: “I don’t have any background. Would it cause the doubt of other elders if I’m appointed directly just like this?”

The elder answered: “Every elder is appointed by the Pope of the Dark Church. No one knows the identity of other elders. You will be in shadows unless you take the initiative to expose your own identity.”

Dudian sighed in relief “Is it only Pope that knows the identity of the elders?”


“Why don’t you get rid of all the other elders?”

Elder indifferently replied: “That’s a simple minded solution. All the elders are involved with alchemy families and other forces. If we appoint our own people then there can be two results in the long run. Either the dark church would go light or all the elders we sent would be part of the darkness.”

Dudian knew that the elder wasn’t telling the truth. The biggest drawback of such a situation would be the ‘union’ of the elders!

The Monastery was afraid of a joint rebellion!

The Monastery didn’t want to see such a thing. Although the forces of the inner wall could completely suppress the rebellion of the dark church but it would put the Holy Church into a passive role.

“There has been long-term friction and numberous casualties between the dark church and the Holy Church. Many Knights of light with great potential have fallen! Countless amazing alchemists were beheaded by the Holy Church. Wouldn’t it be much better if these people didn’t die?” Dudian asked.

Elder narrowed his eyes as he looked at Dudian: “That’s a very dangerous idea.”

“Dangerous?” Dudian was at a loss. “Isn’t it all about that?”

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