DK – Ch 450

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The Dark King – Chapter 450

“Greetings, Elders of the Punishment division.” Dudian nodded.

The old man looked at him in silence. After a moment he smiled: “I heard that you have hurt a saint of the Monastery.”

Dudian expected to be held accountable for hitting the saint: “It was a misunderstanding. The saint approached in an instant and I thought he was an assassin of the dark church. Therefore I resisted with full force. I didn’t know about his identity as the saint of the Monastery at the time. I have offended the Monastery, I’m sorry and I hope you will forgive me.”

“Sorry isn’t enough to express sincerity.” The old man whispered.

Dudian’s brows wrinkled.

“Elder please instruct me.” he said.

The old man smiled: “Did you observed the place when you came here?”

Dudian quietly answered: “yes.”

The old man looked at Dudian’s expression: “Mr Dean has a hard backbone. I am just curious if you will stay so after experience ‘the life’ in here.”

Dudian’s face sank: “I don’t believe you will listen to the slander of others. If there is no evidence then it’s a proof that I’m being wronged. Are you going to believe to the words of others without an evidence?”

Francis scolded him: “Pay attention to the way you speak!”

The old man waved his hand to stop Francis: “You are young but wise. I hope you will continue to be smart. So let’s cut the long-winded chat and focus on topic. We called you over to let you join the Monastery.”

Dudian was confused.

“Join the monastery?”

The old man smiled: “Yes. The Holy Church is just a ‘missionary’ division of the Monastery within the outer wall. Pope of the Holy Church is preacher of the Monastery. You are an outstanding master of the Holy Church. We have reviewed your resume and decided that you are eligible to join the Monastery. Are you willing to?”

Dudian was perplexed. It was an unexpected situation.

“Elders.” Dudian continued: “I was ‘suspected’ of colluding with the devil. How am I going to join the Monastery?”

The old man gently smiled: “I am aware of that. Normally, the priests and architects of the Holy Church or the Temple are sent an invitation to be called over. This way all the forces within the outer wall know the situation. But you are a special case so we had to use a special way.”


“Yes.” The old man slowly said: “You just mentioned the dark church. Do you know the origins of the dark church?”

Dudian was startled as he could understand what the old man was going to talk about.: “I don’t. What does elder mean?”

“There was no dark church two hundred years ago.” The old man continued: “The first preacher was appointed by the Monastery to the outer wall. He was the missionary that established the Holy Church. Since then the believers of the faith began to appear. However the peace didn’t last for long. There were people who joined the Holy Church who dominated over the missionaries. They wanted to seize the power.”

“A civil war began within the Holy Church and the organization was split into several factions. After some time all of them joined into two big forces. Now they are Holy Church and the Dark Church.”

Dudian was startled.

Although Dudian was aware that the waters of the dark church were deep but he didn’t expect it to split out of the Holy Church. No wonder the names were antagonistic to each other.

The old man continued: “The elders and the preachers of the Monastery were furious when they heard the news. They decided to send the saint to the outer wall to destroy the Dark Church for good! But His Majesty ordered to preserve the existence of the Dark Church after he was informed about the situation. As a result the Dark Church became a division of the Holy Church!”

Dudian was frightened: “The Dark Church is part of the Holy Church!?”

“Yes.” The old man nodded: “You should be aware that in this world there is light and the darkness. People won’t know cherish the light if they are not aware of the darkness.”

The old man continued: “You will be one of the deacons of the Monastery in the Dark Church if you the Monastery. Your first appointment will be as the elder of the Dark Church within the outer wall. You will work to preserve the other within the Dark Church and cooperate with the Pope to eradicate unregulated extremists.”

Dudian felt like he was in a dream. Everything was too dramatic to hear.

Many hidden mysteries could be understood after the explanation of the elder. No wonder Nightingale told him that the town they visited was under the rule of the Dark Churc. The town was full of alchemists, potioners and others while there was no one from Holy Church to arrest them.

The hands of the Holy Church were everywhere. Moreover it was impossible to keep the information about the town as secret. Nightingale had told him that the town was under rule of a noble. But now it was obvious that the Holy Church was the big brother!

In addition, even Gwyneth had told him that there was no dark church within the inner wall!

The dark church was a terrifying force that lurked within the outer wall. The Holy Church fought with it for endless years and spent endless number of forces. The alchemists and potion masters were the most frightening ones out of all. But Gwyneth as the member of the disciplinary knights was not aware of the existence of the dark church within the inner wall!

“Why did you linked my arrest with the devil? If you want me to join… ” Dudian bitterly looked at the old man.

The old man faintly smiled: “In this case, you won’t have a leeway…”

Dudian stayed silent while he was relieved in his heart. It seemed that his life wouldn’t be threatened. Although the structure of the Monastery had shocked him but he had a chance to breathe! He got another chance!

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  1. Did not see that one coming. Also a few chapters late but I really think that the title “The Devils Cradle” refers to how they helped foster him in his very beginnings. all four of them did to some degree. He already is the devil (title in Dark Church) so the fact that he is betrayed now is of little significance.

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