DK – Ch 45

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The Dark King – Chapter 45


Third and last chapter for today! I’m too sleepy…

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“Undead’s corpse!” Scott muttered. He saw Mia carefully cover her face with a trace of a of loss, sighed: “Clean up the room! This thing must be burned otherwise it will be a source to nurture the other monsters! ”

Mia mouth was fretting. She silently got up, looked at this woman rotten face and turned around to clean up the room of other available materials.

Dudian heard Scott’s words. His heart was startled. He couldn’t help but ask: “What is ‘undead’ ? ”

Scott looked at Mia’s back and saw her silently picking up the materials on the ground and table. He sighed and replied to Dudian: “Undead’s are a type of monster which are extremely power and similar to human being. They like the taste of the blood so they will hunt and eat any living being which they detect. They suck the life out of body by eating the flesh and drinking the blood. As more they feed on animals and humans, more powerful they will get”

“How did they come about?” asked Dudian.

Scott sighed: “They were infected by the devil. Before death these undead were human beings. Unfortunately they could not withstand the temptation of power offered by the devil and eventually abondoned their soul for it. Although they gain eternal life and unlimited power, but they loose their personality and memories. In short they turn to devil’s minions.”

“Infected?” Dudian naturally didn’t believe in the devil story, so he asked more: “Is the infection result of the radiation?”

Scott did not think that Dudian would want to go to the bottom of the hole for the answers. He looked at him and shook his head: “Of course not! Radiation damages the body distorting its shape. But they will never become such bloodthirsty monsters. However in this case, it’s the devil that agitates them buy exchanging their soul for power. Moreover it is like a plague disease which can be transferred to other if they bite someone off. It’s like the previous ‘bone rat’ which was a low-level monster that could infect others by biting.”

Mutual infection, ha? Isn’t this a virus? .

However, where the virus was originated?

Could it be three hundred years ago, after he went into frozen storage capsule other things had happened?

Scott sighed and said: “These ‘bone rats’ like hiding in the darkness. Hunters would normally ignore them. Although with our power we can kill them but you all should be careful not to be bitten by them. In case your skin is scratched then you will turn into an undead!”

He looked at Mia who was silently picking up materials and said: “Mia’s husband was bitten on the arm by a rat monster…”


The metal object in Mia’s hand suddenly fell onto the ground.

Scott was startled. He didn’t say anything anymore to Dudian. He changed the topic: “We should separately clean the rooms. Remember to be careful. These monsters can smell our body’s odor and blood. Although the ‘bone’ rat ran away but it still is hovering in the vicinity. Be carefully as they hide in the darkness. So check corners and dark places before going in. The best is team up into groups of four so that you can take of each other in case of emergency!”

He was mainly talking to new scavengers. Those consortium scavengers were not as good as the regular scavengers but they had rich experience.

Hearing Scott’s instructions, the people began to scatter away. Mason, Zach, Sham and others were shocked by the terrible appearance of the undead. Moreover the previous ‘bone rats’ huge body had made their minds uneasy. They had never seen such bloody and dangerous scenes! Most of them had forgotten their studies in the training camp and at the moment just to wanted to hold together close to Scott.

Scott looked at these children’s pale faces which was the result of shock. He slightly frowned: “Haven’y your instructors told you that being a scavenger is not a simple job? If you continue to follow me, you will lose your chance to pick up anything valuable. By the way, there is a quota set by the consortia. If your scavenging results are lower than that for several times you will be expelled from the consortium!”

Expulsion? Mason, Sham, Zach and other turned paler. The fought back the fear in their hearts, clenched their weapons and turned to leave.

Dudian was about to turn away when Scott called out, “You do not have to follow them, just follow me. This time, I will give you one third of everything that I will pick. However the next time you will be on your own.”

“I’d like to go alone. If there’s something wrong I’d call for help!”, Dudian frowned.

Scott looked at him in surprise and said: “Well then, be careful.”

Dudian nodded slightly and turned towards Mason and the other two: “Let’s go!”

Mason secretly gave him the thumbs-up and left the room with them. Dudian saw that all the rooms in the second floor had already been occupied by small teams to be search so he said: “We are going to go to third floor.”

Mason and the other two didn’t object. They had come to unconditional decision that Dudian’s decision would be final say at all times.

The third floor was also the top floor. Vegetation was sparse. Gray cloudy shadows shone in from the broken windows. The floor was piled with a thick layer of dust while blood was scattered on the walls and the corridor. There were corpses along the corridor. Some were cut at different parts of the body while the others had their heads crushed. There were traces of blade scars on the walls. The hunters had been here and a vicious battle has taken a place.

Dudian noticed that all the corpses had sharp claws instead of fingernails. Although he didn’t know where the virus originated from but there is no doubt that to have such amazing effects it had to be created at world’s top biological institute. Maybe, not, most likely it was made by ‘those guys’…

Mason and the other two swallowed their saliva when they saw the bodies on the ground. During the training they had killed snakes, lizards and other animals. They have cut them into pieces, taken out their organs and seen their blood flow out. But at the end of the day, human is human. Witness a human corpse in front of the eyes was totally different to killing an animal and dismembering it.

Mason, Zach and Sham felt a sense of fear. There limbs went cold as if these dead bodies will suddenly get up claim their lives.

Dudian was equally afraid, but he tried to keep calm. Through illumination of the sunshine he came to the first room in the corridor. The door of the room was open, and the lock was broken. There was a violent intrusion and traces of the battle that had happened not long ago were still engraved on the walls of the room. There was a pool of blood on the ground and two more corpses. The dead bodies belonged to young man and woman. There complexion was unusually pale. The green veins appeared on their body and their feet were dry and lean. It was as if the body fat was drained and only the muscle tissue was left.

Dudian put on his mask and spoke in a low tone through it: “Do not touch the body. Look around for useful materials.”

Hi eyes swept the whole room. He saw a laptop covered in dust.

Dudian cleaned the dust off the laptop. He gently pressed down the power button. Apparently the spring connecting the button had rotten and was unusable. He took it back so that later on to disassemble it to see what parts were functional.

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  1. I’m really expecting some action or tension. No author would write this in if their intention was only to “merely” show their job. I bet something, under cliche law, will jump at them, be hidden around or something else.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. I bet this top “biological institution is the Holy Church of the current times. They probably went hiding in their bunkers and were unable to safekeep their test subjects, some of which were probably the cause of this human mutation. Of course, if it isn’t, then how the hell can they reproduce “God’s ‘blessing?'” Their current technological level, if assumed to still be at the Middle Ages deduced from their societal aspects, shouldn’t allow them to be able to handle genetics which should develop centuries later. If they just have a great deal of an amount of these substances in their treasury, they shouldn’t be able to freely distribute them monthly and, more else, even to rookies. If these conjectures aren’t right, then this novel is just a syncretism of xuanhuan and sci-fi.

    1. i love the way you deduct possibilities… Let me ask you a question. Is it possible that the organization that Dudian referred to as “those guys” isn’t Holy Church but the one who supplies Holy Church with the gene modifying substances?

      1. Yes, it’s probable enough with certain conditions. If the Holy Church originated from the modern times, then they probably colluded with these “guys” to recover the ruins of mankind for the survivors’ progressive prosperity. If they didn’t, they probably regard these figures as “envoys of God” from witnessing the power birthed from the “blessing” and dogmatically worship them, if not suspicious.

        For the former, they’d not cunningly conspire like big boss villains from pop culture if they’re just descendants of the survivors; how could they brand it as God’s blessing if they’re devout since science still doesn’t exist to refute their belief? They’re probably threatened; these “guys” should have an arsenal in their hands for them to survive in this world teeming with deadly monsters. Or, assuming they had a smart guy in power like a high priest or a pope, this could be possible without any need for threat. A wise ruler knows the pros and cons of every important thing; that is, he probably intended to salvage mankind’s lost knowledge, wealth, and power with “God’s blessing” (which should explain why there are hunters and scavengers), and so this doctrine has been passed down to his successors.

        For the latter conjecture, this would make “these guys” the puppeteers pulling the strings behind the scenes. However, what is their front? They probably live in seclusion in underground (if they live outside the walls their divinity wouldn’t be upheld too long since the Church would start doubting them for why monsters still exist despite their presence) with the facade of a holy sanctuary. In it, they should be wearing white lab coats which make them appear holy for the ignorant churchmen who are merely descendants of the survivors.

        If they’re one of the consortia, this particular consortium should have an unfair advantage amongst the other organization (which could possibly the Mellon consortium; if these “guys” are scientists, then this explains why the organization itself values people like Dudian to the extent that they would modify their contracts to the registrant’s advantage). But if they are instead all of the consortia, they are probably just making “competitors of themselves” to avoid being an eyesore of the Church for monopolizing artifacts which these “guys” are probably using to reinvent mankind’s advanced technology (in this case, the Church are trading with these “guys” with the Church’s side promulgating that beyond the walls are dangerous, so that no people’s assembly would try to know what’s there, and protecting them from nobles or the magistrates by giving them justifications).

        There are so many possibilities and cards to play, but the most exciting of all is the fact that the whole story is up to the author’s mind. By the way, thank you for translating this novel. It’s a very exceptional one, different from mainstream Chinese pop novels.

  3. “Undead’s are a type of monster which are extremely power and similar to human being”

    “However in this case, it’s the devil that agitates them buy exchanging their soul for power”
    > by instead of buy

  4. Shouldn’t rookies be informed of dangers outside and thought every kind of monster they will face and their weekness? I mean it would be much more effective to teach them before so they have a better chance of surviving instead of making them learn everything as they encounter the monsters… If something goes wrong and they get sperated from the veteran while encountring a monster they have never seen before how are they supposed to act? I guess author is just making it in this illogical way for more dramatic impact.. Stupid but yeah…

  5. ミ /彡   
    ..ミ、|ミ //彡 Thanks!!
    ミ.|.ミ/ ./.|  Nepu!!
    .|//|.  []. ∧_∧
    /.  []    (´・ω・`)
    (Copied from Yunchii)

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