DK – Ch 448

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The Dark King – Chapter 448

“You!” Kroen’s eyes flushed as his body trembled. He bit his lips as he thought of something to seize the last chance: “Mister, your actions will damage the reputation of Holy Church and the Monastery from the inner wall. Even if I die there will be others who will spread the news of today’s happening.”

Sergei, Nicholas and others face changed as they looked at him in anger.

Dudian shot a cold stare at Kroen.

Francis deliberately crouched his head to think: “This is justified.” He looked at Dudian: “What do you think?”

Dudian turned to look at Francis. He said in a serious tone as he stared into Francis’s eyes: “I advice you not to go with such a stupid decision.”

Francis smiled: “We are saints not devils. We won’t kill unless its necessary. Moreover there will be an investigation so them trying to cover you may be pointless in the future if you are deemed innocent.”

Kroen said in a hurry: “Mister please take me with you. If I’m cumbersome then put me in a small town within the inner wall. Please, I beg you!”

“Town?” Francis snorted as he stroked the hair of snow lion: “You have to make sure that my baby lets you to sit up.”

Kroen’s face turned ugly. He put a smile on his face as he looked at the snow lion: “Can you let me sit on your back?”

Argh! The snow lion growled.

Kroen took few steps back. His face had turned white as he looked at Francis: “Mister, did it agree?”

Francis laughed: “What do you think?”

Another saint laughed out loud: “It is a beast of light! Do you think you have the right to ride it?”

The other saints laughed when they heard his words.

Kroen begged in haste: “Your honor, please! I beg you! I will get a horse to ride after you. You have promised me or the news will spread out which will badly influence your… ”

“What do you mean?” Francis smiled. “Do you think a horse can keep up with our babies?”

“But …” Kroen wanted to continue to plead but Francis waved with his hand. The snow lion shook its head and turned around.

The snow lions began to move on their own. Kroen tried to catch up: “Mister, Mister! Please, I beg you…” He chased for 20 meters. However the snow lions were already 100 meters away from him. Gradually they disappeared from his sight.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Six snow lions left the castle by the river. They rushed through the streets and made a detour of the suburbs. They did their best to avoid the soldiers so not to be delayed. Francis rode in front while two rode on left and the other two on right. Dudian was riding in the middle.

Snow lions were sturdy and very fast. Occasionally they would encounter steep hills or swamps. But they would easily jumped past them.

They were silent all the way.

Dudian, Francis and others came to stop in front of the barrier wall of the inner wall after an hour of ride. Francis took the lead as his snow lion reached a gate. There was another saint on a snow lion waiting for them there. It was the youth who had come to take Dudian while he was giving a public lecture.

The youth’s face sank when he saw Dudian. He subconsciously raised his hand to block the bandaged arm from Dudian’s view. He didn’t want to let him see his injuries.

“Open the gate.” Francis whispered.

The youth nodded. He began to knock the giant gate in different frequencies. Moments later the gate began to slowly open.

There were two people by the gate who were wearing standard armors. Dudian thought that they were the people who patrolled the top of the barrier wall.

Francis was the first to enter and the others followed after him. The guards who were there came to stop in front of the gate. They twisted a stone valve and the gate began to slowly close.

“Thank you two.” Francis looked at the guards by the gate: “Let’s go!”

They maintained the previous formation as they went into the deeper parts of the inner wall.

The injured youth was riding at the back and blocking the only gap that was left.

Dudian’s face was calm. He had no intention of escaping half the way to the Monastery. He thought that he hadn’t offended any noble from inner wall or any other power from there. So he estimated that they wouldn’t kill him. He knew that there would be a chance to get his life back. Moreover the Knight’s Hall also promised to make sure that he was safe within the inner wall.

He would screw everything up if he ran away at this point. That way he would have to lurk in the shadows of the outer wall or escape by death!

In addition lurking in the shadows meant that he would be beyond redemption if he was betrayed. After Kroen’s betrayal he realized that in the world the only person he could trust was himself. The trust of others would deter if they were offered much more valuable things and benefits than he did!

Dudian’s mind drifted away as he thought of these. He felt that there was a lot he had to learn. It was not just about the scientific knowledge and strength! He had to know and see through the humans! He had to gain the knowledge of life!

“The jungle is ruled by its own laws. To be the king of the jungle you have to be more ferocious than the other beasts. But we live in a human society. My strength is only guarantee of my own security. The ancients said that its easy to form a country but hard to keep it! I can’t rely on force to keep others by my side.”

“Because if a country was controlled by the force then there will inevitable be a violent counterattack. I have to convince them and make it obedient by use of words!”

“If I want to be the ruler of all then I must understand ‘humans’ and know how to control them.”

“Kroen betrayed me by saying that I was despicable and evil… I did all my planning in front of him without any reservation but didn’t take into the account that he would sell me out at some point. He was afraid of me and thought that I have no bottom line and won’t treat him better in the future. That was my failure! However it was a good lesson. Fortunately this lesson didn’t cost me heavily!”

“Mr Dean, what are you thinking about?” Francis who was in front turned his head to ask Dudian.

Dudian restored his focus as he looked around: “Nothing. We have been moving for so long but we are still in the wilderness.”

Francis smiled: “It’s your ‘first’ time in here so the answer will be clear to you after few hours… ”

Dudian lightly said: “Are you trying to urge me to escape? I’m innocent and I’m not afraid of anything.”

“I know that you are not guilty.” Francis laughed.

Dudian wrinkled his eyebrows but kept silent.

After three hours of ride Francis looked at the woman on his left: “You should leave to rest and let the big guy get fed.”

“Alright. My family’s poor cat hasn’t eaten but had to run for the whole night!” The woman(saint) replied.

Dudian looked at the distant horizon in silence.

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  1. the heck. not a single comment when it was released. that is weird. anyway, i wonder how dean will escape thid predicament.

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