DK – Ch 447

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The Dark King – Chapter 447

An avid reader of TDK, DeezNutz welcomed his second (Connor) son a day ago! Congratulations mate!

“Mr Dean, its too late. Where were you?” Francis looked at Dodian with interest.

Dudian indifferently replied: “Do I need to report you where I travel to?”

Francis smiled: “I was just curious how you sneaked into the inner wall!”

Dudian was surprised.

Sneaked into!

Dudian turned to look at Sergei and others. Sergei secretly pointed to Kroen who was sitting alone on the sofa next to them.

Dudian looked at Kroen in shock.

Kroen’s face turned pale when he saw Dudian’s eyes: “Dean, I’m sorry. I-I was forced to … ”

Dudian’s body trembled. He was very disappointed when Sham left but he never imagined that Kroen who he brought out of the slums would betray him at the key moment!

Francis smiled as he saw Dudian clench his fists while his body trembled: “Mr Dean. We were shocked too. We didn’t dare to think that you would be able to get into the inner wall. I’m soo curious about the way you got into the inner wall.”

Dudian stared at Kroen. He didn’t care about what Francis said: “Why?

Kroen’s body shook: “De-Dean. I didn’t do it intentionally. I was told that they will kill me if I don’t talk. You see that they don’t care about civilians. I don’t want to die. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry but I don’t want to die for nothing… I’m sorry…”

Dudian never thought that he would face the same situation that happened years ago again. He remembered Jenny’s eyes piercing through his heart years ago in the prison. Dudian didn’t imagine that he will feel the same heartache once again after years.

He controlled his anger: “Kroen, you can’t! You can’t betray me!”

Kroen looked at Dudian’s eyes which were full of grief: “I didn’t want to! I know that you took me out of the slums. You gave me chance to live a good life. Because of you I felt being respected everywhere. I had much better life… But… But…I don’t want to die! I’m so young! I would rather continue to live in the orphanage than die so early!”

Dudian felt his heart ache: “Are you so afraid of death? They didn’t talk. You were the only one to talk. Why? ”

“Yes, I am afraid of death.” Kroen stared into Dudian’s eyes: “Don’t look at me like that! You took me out of the slums but in your eyes I was a tool! Nothing but a tool! You just used me to do your dirty work. I covered in places where it would be very suspicious for you to get involved. You didn’t dare to use others so you choose me!”

Dudian stared at him: “Do you know why I chose you?”

why? Of course it was because of trust.

Kroen slowly said after a moment of silence: “I know why you trust me! Its because if you leave me I will die!… In your eyes I’m just a useless cripple! I won’t be able to survive in the commercial district if I left! That’s why you can trust me without a worry! I would be loyal to you if you really thought of me as a partner. I am afraid of death but I would be willing to sacrifice myself for a friend. But you are not my friend! You are my master!”

“I have to call you ‘young master’! I’m just a servant! You took me, Barton and Joseph for old man to teach. But what for? It was all for you to use us in the future! Would you say that you weren’t using us?”

“You had so many magic marks! You didn’t even give me one of those! You can get those rare magic marks whenever you wish with your identity and status. But you didn’t even want to give one to me!”

“You never wanted to nurture and cultivate me! You just brought us out not as friend but as slaves! You have such a black heart! You are vicious, insidious and despicable! You are not the Dudian from the orphanage I remember! You are a monster! I have never seen anyone worse than you! You are the devil! ”

“You will sooner or later abandon me when you get a proper butler. It happened to the adoptive parents! You casually placed them in a house and gave them money. I’m not even sure if you will treat me like that! Maybe I will be worse than that!”

Dudian’s heart got cold as he listened to Kroen’s words. He felt the whole world making a joke with him. The expression on his face turned normal as he took a big breath: “Are you finished?”

Kroen replied: “I’m finished. I’m sorry but I’ll go to inner wall so…”

“To the inner wall?” Dudian smiled: “I didn’t give you magic marks because I didn’t want you to get involved with these things. I think the magic marks aren’t a good thing for the body so I didn’t give them to you. I never intended you to be on the battlefield so giving you a magic mark was useless to being with.”

Kroen’s face turned gloomy: “Do you think I will believe …”

“You do not need to believe.” Dudian indifferently replied: “I’m just trustfully saying my thoughts. It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not as it has nothing to do with me. As for my adoptive parents… They had adopted a new child and the family was happy. It was Gray’s dream to live in the commercial district.”

“So I helped him with it.”

“MY mother Jura…She is a very good woman. I didn’t want her to be involved in my life and suffer like you who was being held as a hostage now. You could be killed any moment. I didn’t them to live through this.”

“You said that I was vicious and despicable…True. I don’t deny that. But my enemies sent me to prison without a just cause. What do you expect me to do? …”

“Have I been despicable in any way when I have treated you?”

“Have I ever used your life in exchange for mine?”

Kroen was startled.

Sergei and Nicholas were silent as they sat on the sofa.

Dudian turn to look at Francis: “When are we leaving?”

Francis replied: “Don’t be so anxious. You are more powerful than I have imagined though. You were able to sneak into the inner wall. ”

Dudian indifferently said: “I don’t want to talk.”

Francis shrugged his shoulders: “Its possible that you will live in the Monastery for some time so I recommend you to take your daily necessities and valuables.”

Dudian knew that they had already searched all over the castle. Now they wanted to give him the initiate to take out stuff that would be taken away by them.

“Alright.” Dudian went upstairs.

None of the saint followed him.

Dudian didn’t take the chip. He took some clothes and the toothbrush made out of animal hair. He put everything into a backpack and went downstairs.

Francis winked when he saw Dudian come down.

Two saints jumped down from the second floor. They shook their heads as they looked at Francis.

Francis looked at Dudian: “Mr Dean is incorruptible. ”

Dudian indifferently said: “I just have one request. Don’t hurt others. They are my servants and have nothing do to with anything. I hope you will at least put the effort on surface. Monastery is similar to Holy Church, isn’t it?”

Francis smiled: “You are damaging our image with such words and make us look like the villains.”

Dudian was too lazy to continue to wrestle words with him.

“Let’s go.” Francis waved his hand.

Two saints left the hall and went behind the castle. There were six snow lions over there. Each of them was almost two meter tall. They had magnificent appearance. Two white sword like teeth were exposed from their mouths. The horses were screaming constantly in fear.

“Please.” Francis smiled.

Four saints jumped over lions. Dudian also went to towards one snow lion.

The snow lion began to growl as it saw Dudian approach it. Its mouth was open wide and it could directly swallow Dudian. Obviously it was roaring to intimidate him.

Dudian wasn’t feeling well because of the previous situation. He growled back when he saw the beast roar.

The snow lion saw the green in Dudian’s eyes. Its tail went down and droop under its head after it heard Dudian’s growl.

Dudian jumped over its back.

The saints were surprised as they saw the scene. The snow lions were nurtured by the Monastery since birth. Even saints had to go through several months of training to tame them as partners. They didn’t expect Dudian to tame it after just a growl.

Francis sat on the back of a lion too. He took out a pill: “This pill should stop the spread of toxins. It won’t detoxify it but will help you to hold on until we reach the inner wall.”

Dudian stuffed it into his mouth in front of Francis’s eyes but didn’t swallow the pill. The poison of the snake was frozen and had lost its effect. However if this pill was a poison then he couldn’t be saved.

“Mister! Mister!” Kroen ran out.

Francis looked back: “Anything else you want to say?”

“You promised to take me to the inner wall. If I say in here they will certainly kill me!”

Francis shook his head and turned over when he didn’t hear any news from Kroen: “Sorry but not everyone can enter the inner wall. Especially people with disabilities.”

Kroen’s body slightly trembled: “You-you…Aren’t you from the Monastery? Aren’t you part of the Holy Church? How could you?”

Francis replied: “You are too young.”

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  1. I still remember when it was commended that those people from the orphanage would become the “devils cradle” or something like that. What happens to that now? Or did the author just forget the whole thing?

    1. I wondered about that too.. That’s what I was thinking while I read this chapter… “What happened to that prophecy-like thingy…?”

    2. My guess is, Dudian going to experiment on them because all 4 will betray him. And experiment will turn them into some kind of loyal slave. Atleast this is what i hope 🙂

    3. Maybe this had another meaning, along the lines of they are the ones giving birth to the devil (the MC). Pushing him over the edge completly? Dunno, something to play ball with.

    4. Four little Devil Boys working at factory;
      One said he’d stay there and then there were three.

      Three little Devil Boys walking in the zoo;
      A big bear hugged one and then there were two.

  2. This was a poor move by the author. Kroen’s character which was built up somewhat for a long part of the story just crumbled. It was insinuated that he was dissatisified with calling Dean “Young Master” earlier, but to think that he was holding such a long list of grievances is unrealistic. When taking into account his age, it could be somewhat believable that he could make poor decisions, but the author depicted him as a relatively mature and responsible butler.

    1. there was a foreshadowing when he gave the magic marks to someone else while kroen was watching. It is still contrived though. The author should’ve showed a bit of his rebellious characteristics rather than a shallow envy.

    1. well you dont trust any one too ? because for me isnt sutpid trust . For me stupid is Kroen or the author for do it . Because dont going with the character of Kroen

    1. yep for this really hate the author , apart about the put to Dean to treat the animals (beast or spity) before . Really put me bad this

  3. The devils craddle…. Kroen…… what the….

    Can’t put this in to words….. But maybe the author forgot about it or maybe the author is using this scene to make kroen a devoted puppet of Dudian.

    Don’t know anymore

  4. I don’t blame him for misjudging Dean, because he makes it easy for people to misjudge him… But Dean gave him a bunch of chances to back out, and he’s missing the mark far too much if he thought Dean would kill him to silence him. He’d probably restrain him in some way though, so perhaps that was enough to keep his mouth shut until his dissatisfaction exploded under the pressure. He was stupid for trusting the inner wall more than Dean even then, but I guess their culture reveres the inner wall too much to suspect them.

  5. i think this is just planned by dudian , so that the inner wall won’t suspect him for being the one who sells drugs to the outer wall and planne the revolt against the inner wall since after all he is the one who betrayed the MC
    it just look like that from my point of view though

  6. At this point, I blame Dudian for Kroen’s betrayal. If he had put more effort into explaining his thought or action to those whom he trust or treasure more, then maybe Kroen might not go down this road. Never take anything for granted. If you want to gain more trust, then you should put more effort to earn them. Even if the other choose to betray you in the end, at least you have done your fair part. You can only blame yourself, Dudian 🙁

  7. I think we should think over it with cool head… Do you guys think he wouldn’t expect that Kroen betrays him? A person who once was betrayed by the most love one would ever believe someone again?… Believe me the whole scene is going according to the plan of ….

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