DK – Ch 446

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The Dark King – Chapter 446

“Please?” Dudian knew that it would be very difficult to get away as the other figures came over from the castle: “The people from the inner wall have a very special way to treat others.”

Francis smiled: “Special invitation method for special person! This is our style. Mr. Dean please cooperate with us.”

Dudian looked at him: “Don’t forget that I’m a golden knight of the Knight’s Hall! Show me your identities before I go back with you.”

“It’s too windy in here. Let’s go back to your castle.” Francis laughed: “Mr Dean please don’t think about escaping. I have the antidote for the snake venom. You will be killed if you don’t use it.”

Dudian narrowed his eyes. Although he was looking at Francis but he could see the wound on his left arm. The previous transparent venom spat out by the strange snake hadn’t spread into his shoulder but…was absorbed by the ice!

Sometimes harmful things could benefit a person too!

Dudian thanked the ‘ice blood syndrome’ he had. He quietly said: “The Temple and the Knight’s Hall must know about your forced arrest. Otherwise I will doubt your identity. After all, I’m not sure whether you work for inner wall or the dark church!”

Francis indifferently smiled as he made a gesture for Dudian to get into the castle. He seemed to have expected Dudian’s actions.

Dudian followed back to the castle. Glenn and Gwyneth were surrounded by several saints as they returned to the castle.

Dudian saw a youth wearing a platinum armor within the hall. The youth was a saint too and was wearing the same style of armor Francis had.

Sergei, Nicholas, Mason and others were sitting on the sofa next to the youth. Mason stood in hurry when he saw Dudian enter the hall: “Dean, run! They are here to force you back!”


The saint who was standing by the sofa kicked Mason. Mason’s body flew out and hit the wall. He dropped to the ground and coughed up blood. Mason lost consciousness as he laid there.

Dudian clearly saw that there were four or five ribs on Mason’s chest that were broken. This was the result of the saint being sensible. Otherwise Mason’s body would be broken into two!

Despite knowing this Dudian felt anger gushing out of his heart. The blood in his body boiled. He burst out in a flash and hit the saint’s chest.

The saint’s face changed as he tried to block Dudian.


Dudian’s fist was like the hammer that hit the saint’s arm that was blocking his attack. It was the first time Dudian had used the full power of the splitter’s magic marks after getting them.

Bang! The armor covering the saint’s arm deformed the instant Dudian’s fist touched it. The saint’s face turned ugly as the armor distorted and concaved in. He was about to retreat when pain spread through his arm. Saint’s body flied back and hit the stairs. Bang! The wooden stairs crushed and fell down. The dust covered the place.

“Stop!” Francis shouted.

Dudian’s eyes were full of anger as he wanted to slaughter the saint on impulse. However he restrained himself. If he killed all the saint in here then he will have to face the Monastery’s wrath. He couldn’t bear to face them at this point so he had to tolerate the actions of saints!


A saint standing behind the Francis rushed towards the saint under the broken stairs. He cleaned the blood form the latter’s mouth. The neatly combed gold hair was scattered as it was stained with dust. The other saint was full of anger as he went to grab the hilt of his sword to counterattack Dudian.

“Enough!” Francis shouted once again.

Dudian looked at Glenn: “Check Mason.”

Dudian wasn’t able to move as Francis and other saints had surrounded him.
“Okay.” Glenn rushed out and picked up Mason. She looked at his chest then at Dudian: “Several ribs are broken.”

“Stabilize the injury!” Dudian ordered.

Glenn nodded as she undressed Mason who was unconscious.

Dudian looked at Francis: “Is this how saints act? Would you wound innocent civilians?”

Francis wrinkled his brows: “We are being cautious. He took the initiate to cover the crime of a suspect! Don’t forget that you are a suspect now who is investigated for the relations with the dark church. He should be grateful that we didn’t kill him on spot!”

Dudian said in anger: “IT doesn’t matter that I am a suspect or if he tried to cover me! According to the law no one could be treated that way!”

“In general you are right.” Francis indifferently smiled: “But as you said he is just a civilian. You aren’t an aristocrat too! A civilian who dared to harbor a criminal suspect! We have already given face to you by not killing him!”

“The proofs of your identity?!” Dudian changed the topic.

“This is our medal of honor.” Francis took out a medal and handed to Dudian: “This is the medal which proves our identity. As for the warrant!? We never need a warrant to take people from the outer wall.”

Dudian’s face sank as he grabbed the medal. He carefully checked both sides.

Francis and others couldn’t help but laugh as they saw Dudian’s actions. Francis continued: “It’s a real one. By the way, its expensive than gold!”

Dudian handed the medal back to him but remembered all the details of the medal.


I was way tooo drunk! So sorry for the late release. I got back home like 6 hours ago and slept for 4(I usually sleep 4 hrs a day). I’m good now and on ‘madsnail’ mode! Expect more to come!

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  1. How the hell is he supposed to get away? These people clearly want to fuck him over, plus if they find the wings(which they most likely will) he’s in more shit.
    Is another arc of suffering coming? Does Dean escape and collude with the Barbarians to destroy the wall? Find out next time on THE DARK KING!

  2. “Francis continued: “It’s a real one. By the way, its expensive than gold!”” I think you missed out on a word shouldn’t it be ” its MORE expensive than gold!”

  3. I dont care about the realease .I’m worried about you, you drunk a lot . Its normal take a cuple a beer or drunk 1 time to week , But you say almost all days Look that can cause liver problems and a lot more problem of health
    My love for you from a fan GAMBATTE and like always ARIGATO !!!

  4. Oh look more of the same BS. Yawn. The talentless nitwit who vomits this out needs to get a new thought this shit is old and boring.

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