DK – Ch 445

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The Dark King – Chapter 445

Dudian finally understood the reason why the crowd was near the lake after hearing out Gwyneth.

“They weren’t there for ambush but waiting for the emergence of the monster. They were the bait!” Dudian’s eyes were gloomy: “Monster Institute feeds and breeds the monsters. The heat level of those people were comparable to intermediate level hunters! They had voluntarily became rations for monsters! I could understand that the Monster Institute could blackmail one or two out of them. But feeding hundreds…!”

One hundred people at intermediate hunter level at once!

Dudian understood the terrorizing means of the Monster Institute! He wouldn’t be likely to drive so many people if he used poison to control so many addicts!

“No wonder there are only 9 factions in the Temple! There is no study of the monsters neither the production of the ‘God’s blessings’! Consortia said that the blessings were produced by the Temple! The Temple however takes the blessings from the Monster Institute…” Dudian finally understood few things:” There is a relationship between the Temple and the Monster institute… ”

There is a contact.

It meant that the walls didn’t isolate the organizations!

“So if they can’t climb the giant wall to smuggle then perhaps there is a regular team that sneaks into the inner wall to get ‘God’s blessings’. Maybe this is an unspoken rule within the Temple which some are aware…” Dudian secretly thought of possibilities.


Trio returned back to the outer wall area.

They went to the giant wall. There was no one on top of it. Dudian helped the other two to climb the giant wall again and they went back to the outer wall.

“There are patrols at night over the barrier walls of the inner wall. You have to find their timings in the next few days.” Dudian looked at the other two. They were riding horses in the wilderness of the outer wall.

Glenn and Gwyneth nodded.

“I will search for another way to sneak into the inner wall. Having access to two paths would be much safer.” Dudian said. IF there was a patrol on the giant wall then the coefficient of the danger would be much to large if Glenn and Gwyneth tried to sneak into the inner wall. Moreover they had to rely on ropes to climb to the giant wall. Once the rope was removed there was no way for them to come back.

Dudian planned to make a small hot air balloon and a glider for ensuring much safer landing.

They had spent about four or five hours in the inner wall. It was still curfew time as they rode back to the outer wall.

Dudian found a suitable place to stop.

Glenn kicked open the door of a hotel. She frightened the boss of the place. They arranged a new carriage and rode it back to Dudian’s castle.

Glenn used the banner on the Temple on the carriage. Along the way some patrolling soldiers stopped them but quickly let them away after simply questions.

“Huh?” Dudian was sitting in the carriage and thinking about the situation when he saw five red heats near the castle. The heat emitted from those bodies were massive. In addition to thaat there were several humanoid heats that was exuded too. But they were weak in comparison to those five.

“Ambush?” Dudian thought of an idea as he hurried Glenn to stop the carriage.

Glenn looked back into the compartment: “Yes?”

Dudian was surprised as he looked at the people lurking in the castle. They didn’t emit any smell! However the heat exuded from their bodies were similar to saint that he had met!

The only power who would dare to ambush him in his castle could be from the inner wall!

“U-turn right now.” Dudian said in haste: “There is an ambush at home.”

Neither Gwyneth nor Glenn doubt his words. They had seen that Dudian’s strength was much higher than them when they sneaked into the inner wall.

“Good plan!” Dudian thought. He was estimating that they would come tomorrow but he didn’t imagine the saints to come over the night. Fortunately he wasn’t taken by surprised.


The horse pulling the carriage loudly screamed.

Bang! Bang!

Dudian pulled Gwyneth as both of them jumped out of the carriage. They were about seven or eight meters away from the carriage when Dudian turned to see a black shadow. It had completely broken the compartment!

At the same time a red figure appeared in his broad vision. It was like an eagle that swept at Dudian.

Dudian pushed Gwyneth to the side as he quickly pulled the dagger and attacked the head of the figure.


The figure flapped and danced over the Dudian’s body. It was a whip!

Dudian pulled another dagger as he blocked the whip. The whip was taken back. He looked at the black whip that was swaying and waving on the air. It was actually a snake!

At the same time it spat out a transparent venom.

Dudian was caught off guard. The venom hit his left harm. He tried to wave his arm but was late.

The snake’s head quickly retreated back and rolled into the arm of a person. The person looked at Dudian with an interest.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Few more figures rushed out from the distant castle.

Dudian’s face changed as he looked at his opponent. The man had a sturdy body and bright gold hair. He was wearing a platinum armor. There was a black whip in his hand. The whip was twisting and swaying at the same time. It was clearly a black snake!

Dudian took a deep breath: “The Monastery?”

The blonde man smiled: “Yes, I’m Francis, the captain of the third team of saints from the Monastery! Are you Mr Dean who had wounded our saint?”

Dudian narrowed his eyes: “Are you here to kill me?”

Francis replied: “We are not as bad as you think. We are here to take you back into the inner wall. Please help us with the investigation!”

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