DK – Ch 444

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The Dark King – Chapter 444

Dudian felt the hatred in her tone. He remembered the reason of her imprisonment.


Gwyneth led the way. They avoided the monsters hidden in the bushes. After about two hour they had passed over a long distance. They had passed by hills, lush forests and dark lakes.

“Giff Valley …” Gwyneth looked at the steep cliff: “The central zone of the inner wall is after this Giff Valley. The Monastery is also located there. We can’t continue to move forwards as there will be ‘limitless’ on duty. They have variety of abilities to find us. It would be very difficult to past by them.”

Dudian looked at the blurred rock on the cliff. It had a natural blend. However the silhouette of the rock seemed like Buddha. There were moss all over it.

Dudian was shocked so see the statue of the Buddha in here. “Buddhism” never appeared within the giant wall. The Holy Church should have replaced it. Most probably the statue was left from the old era.

He retracted his eyes and looked at Gwyneth: “How do we determine the location to pass the letters if we can’t go to the central zone?”

“Sorry, young master.” Gwyneth bowed: “We can only make contact in here. We will be definitely exposed by the ‘limitless’ patrolling around the central zone if we move forward. Even the rare mature monsters won’t be able to sneak inside let alone us.”

dudian pondered for a little: “Alright! I will find a way to pass information to here.”

Both of the women nodded in confirmation.

“Let’s get familiar with the next terrain and go back.” Dudian said. The task was almost completed.

Gwyneth nodded as she led Glenn and Dudian to wander around the vicinity of the place.

Glenn poured lime powder or sulfur powder from time to time. Dudian knew that she had a special smell perception of the soil and rocks so she was covering their tracks.

They were passing by a lake when Dudian sensed a rotten smell. His pupils shrank as he pulled Gwyneth and Glenn. He turned to look towards the direction where the smell floated from. He saw red spots scattered around as he looked through the countless jungle trees.

He was already very familiar with his thermal vision. Although he could only detect heat but he instantly knew that it was a group of people behind the forest.

There were hundreds of them!

Dudian concentrated more. It was night and there were hundreds of people lined up in the forest. Why? Are they trying to make an ambush because they had traced Dudian’s team?

The next moment Dudian’s face turned ugly. Every hair on his body turned up because of the fright!

He saw a huge red heat coming out of the lake. The entire like seemed like a sea of fire. He had never seen such a big heat emission even outside the giant wall.

The most important thing was that the shape of the source of the heat was extremely large. It looked like a giant ball. The diameter was at least forty or fifty meters!

What was this creature?

The biggest monster Dudian had ever seen was the adult splitter. But adult splitter was much smaller in comparison to the giant monster within the lake. Was it another legendary monster?


A roar echoed from the lake. It seemed like the sound that cattle would make. However it felt like a low thunder.

Dudian saw hundreds of people rush from the forest into the lake.

Ambushing monster?

Dudian overthrew the idea the next second. It wasn’t an ambush. They were jumping into the lake one by one and disappear.

Why would they jump directly as they were facing such a monster?

They weren’t ambushing it….

They were its food…

Dudian was startled as he stood still in the same location.

His hand was pulled. He looked up to see Gwyneth looked at him. Sh gestured them to another location. It meant they had to leave.

Gwyneth was the first to leave. Glenn followed after her as she heard the sound of the roar.

Dudian didn’t neglect Gwyneth so he quietly caught up with them. After four or five miles they increased their speed.

“What was that?” There was still fear lingering in Dudian’s mind. The size of the creature was unimaginable for him.

Gwyneth turned to look at him: “I’m not sure too. But…But I guess…We have stumbled into…the area of Monster Institute. If we are really close to the Monster Institute then we have to leave as far away as possible.”

“Monster Institute?” Dudian was startled: “What is that? What power do they belong to?”

“I’m not sure… I have heard that they have relationship with the Monastery and with the nobles. Some had said that its directly under the power of His Majesty!” Gwyneth took a break: “In short, it is a power which we must not provoke! They are a group of devils! They study the monsters from outside the giant wall. The monsters that run wild in the inner wall are the ones that have ran out of their research or breeding bases.”

“His Majesty, the rule of the giant wall?” Dudian’s face slightly changed: “Is it the Monster Institute which provides the Monster Atlas and maps for the outside to the outer wall?”

“Yes.” Gwyneth continued: “Everything related to the monsters are designed and produced by them. The original armor and weapons for the hunters are their products. Moreover they manufacture the disgusting ‘life weapons’ too! They can do anything! There was a person who helped the Monster Institute so that they could treat his sick sister. The Monster Institute agreed.”

“But when the man saw the recovered sister after a month he went mad. No one knew the reason. Stuff like that had happened many times in the past!”

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    1. They hold economic power; and power of technology/information. They also have a select army of powerful people akin to hunters. But I doubt all the innerwall nobles are that powerful. Moreover, if you recall, the monsters there are from the Monster Institute bases. This means, if they are prefer to stay there, and there are so many trying to get into the inner wall, then there must be something desirable keeping them there. Remember how some families we’ve seen yearn to go back? There must be a reason. Money, power… who knows? But I’m sure we’ll find out.

  1. I don’t think they have technique, I mean think about it they have never fought in their live but they do have heaps of strength, they just don’t know how to use it.

      1. hunting semi-tamed monster inside the wall is easier and safer than hunting wild monsters outside the wall and if the the only reason for them to become strong is to hunt monsters then thats pointless

  2. Convoluted contrived mess. I would cut off my own head if I had written this and people knew about it out of sheer shame.

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