DK – Ch 443

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The Dark King – Chapter 443

Dudian and Gwyneth shrank their bodies as they squatted in a small pit.

Gwyneth moved her finger to poke the covering soil to create a small passage for Dudian to observe the outside.

Dudian quickly grabbed her hand as he felt her move. In addition he controlled his heartbeat. His heart was beating in a very low frequency. It was almost didn’t beat as if he was a stone.

Glenn and Gwyneth’s heart turned ugly when they saw Dudian’s abnormal move. They were not rookies so they understood that something terrible was over their heads.

Dudian closed his eyes and raised his head. He did so to prevent the sand falling into his eyes. Although his eyes were closed but he still could see everything outside. This was another advantage that he got after advancing to senior hunter level.

Eyelids couldn’t block his observation. He could clearly see a humanoid shape that was on top of the giant wall. The figure’s speed was not fast. However the intensity of the heat the figure was exuding was way too abnormal. Dudian felt like the figure was a person on fire!

Dudian was shocked as he tried not to think about the strength of the person. He tried to do so as to avoid the slight changes in his body. He felt on instinct as if a high level beast was staring at them. He had never seen such a strong heat exuded from a human body. It was like comparing sun to the firefly if a comparison of the figure’s and Glenn and Gwyneth’s heat emission was done!

Although the heat emitted from the body didn’t absolutely represent the constitution of the person but in most cases the judgement wasn’t wrong. Only few magic marks had abilities which made the person emit a strong heat but the constitution wasn’t strong enough.

The figure came to stop exactly above the place where Dudian and others were hiding. The figure stopped on top of the giant wall and looked around. After a few minutes it went to the other part of the giant wall.

The figure came back after more than 10 minutes. It seems that the figure was taking a walk.

This time the person didn’t stay above the trio’s head but directly went away. Dudian couldn’t see the figure anymore as it almost was extinguished. The person was way far away.

Dudian was relieved but he saw the faint heat stop. It didn’t move.

Is the person resting? Dudian was about to replace the oxygen inside his lungs when he thought of a possibility and changed his mind.

Another seven or eight minutes passed.

The weak heat suddenly moved. It was as if a meteorite was falling down. It moved rapidly towards the direction of Dudian and others.


The figure stopped on top of the giant wall as it looked down. It was exactly above Dudian and others. It paused for a moment then went back. After minutes the heat completely disappeared.

Dudian felt dizzy because of the lack of oxygen. He drilled out from the pit and took big breathes. He looked at Gwyneth and Glenn: “Gwyneth you know about inner wall much more than we do. You should lead the way. Glenn make sure that this place looks like the original.”

Glenn looked at him: “I felt a terrible existence over our heads.”

Dudian nodded: “A very strong person! I think the existence was much more powerful than senior hunters!” He looked at Gwyneth: “You have been a disciplinary knight within the inner wall. Do you know what types of people are above the senior hunters?”

Gwyneth whispered: “I have been part of the magistrate so I don’t know much. But I have heart that there are people called ‘limitless’. I have heard that there were some in our disciplinary institute.”

“Limitless?” Dudian and Glenn’s eyes narrowed as they secretly noted the name.

“Come with me.” Gwyneth took the lead.

Dudian and Glenn followed after her.

“There should be beasts within the bushes ahead. I can smell blood.” Glenn whispered.

“I can feel it too.” Gwyneth whispered: “It should be monsters but not beasts. The inner wall is totally different from the outer wall. Although it occupies the 80 percent of the giant wall’s area but its population is only half of the outer wall. Seventy percent of the land mass within the inner wall is wilderness. There are many monsters living inside. The nobles of the inner wall live in the central zone and never go out.”

“Monsters?” Glenn was surprised.

Dudian was startled as he heard Gwyneth’s speech. He thought that the inner wall occupied the vast majority of soil and resources so in his impression it should be a more flourishing place in comparison to the outer wall. At first he speculated that the ancestors of the noble families of the outer wall were expelled because of overcrowding.

He didn’t think that his reasoning would be wrong.

The populat wasn’t big but relatively scarce. As a result vast amount of space was abandoned!

No wonder he saw wilderness all around.

“The Monastery is a strong power within the inner wall. It’s equivalent to the Holy Church of the outer wall.” Gwyneth whispered: “In addition to them there is magistrate, His Majesty, the ruler of the giant wall, and his military, the forces of nobles and the devil families!”

“The disciplinary knights which I was used to be part of was under the command of the magistrate!”

Dudian was relieved to see Gwyneth to come up with information without him asking. At the time of bailing her out the most he valued was her identity as a person from the inner wall. He knew that at one point the information that she has about the inner wall would be useful.

He was planning to use Gwyneth as an intelligence officer back then and now it happened so that she become handy.

He wanted to inquire Gwyneth about the ‘saint’ but held back. He saw that the girl trust him but hadn’t surrendered herself. He was in a difficult situation. It would be useless and counterproductive to use force if the girl didn’t take the initiative to help him out.

After all, the girl couldn’t be tamed back in the Thorn Flower Prison. She was nailed with spikes all over her body but she didn’t give up. It was a proof of her stubborn temper!

Dudian was glade that he had used soft means instead of hard when dealing with the girl.

“In short, there are 5 powers controlling the inner wall!?” Dudian whispered.

Gwyneth nodded: “On the surface yes. But all of those five powers have different factions. Moreover the nobles have a lot many factions in comparison to the others.”

“I got it.” Dudian wanted to know a bit more. “Is there anything similar to the dark church within the inner wall?”

Gwyneth replied in a cold tone: “No! There is no trace of the dark church within the inner wall. But there are more bad and sinister powers than the dark church in the inner wall.”

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    1. “After all, the girl couldn’t be tamed back in the Thorn Flower Prison. She was nailed with spikes all over her body but she didn’t give up. It was a proof of her stubborn temper!” ~ good news everyone
      it seems My fav. girl is still untainted
      yay! yay! yay! 🙂 🙂

      1. I hope you know that taming a person’s personality, or in this case not being able to; aka untamed, and untainted are far from the same.

  1. I have a feeling that the dark church has more power then we think? Its just too weird since they aren’t inner wall. I also don’t understand Gwyneth personality. Why doesnt she submit to Dean? If she’s still loyal to the magistrate ill be very angry

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