DK – Ch 442

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The Dark King – Chapter 442

“Yes, young master.”Kroen spoke in a worried tone: “It will be dangerous to sneak into the inner wall.”

“I will be careful.” Dudian smiled and looked at Gwyneth and Glenn who were by his side: “Are you ready?”

“We are.” Glenn replied.

Dudian, Glenn and Gwyneth entered the compartment while Neuss acted as the coachman. They left the castle as the weather got darker.

The carriage went into a remote place in the wilderness. Dudian and two women got off the carriage. Sergei had been waiting by the forest for a long time.

“Master, horses are ready.” Sergei said..

Dudian, Gwyneth and Glenn rode dark horses as they left the place.

They abandoned the horses as they reached the outskirts of the remote place. They began to walk through the hills and woods. It didn’t take long before they saw the outline of the giant wall. They sped up and reached the giant wall in a fast manner.
“Give me the rope.” Dudian said to Glenn.

Glenn untied her backpack and took out a bundle of ropes.

Dudian took a deeb breath and unzipped the armor to take it off from his upper body. The thin and transparent wings stretched out from his spine. They seemed very soft but looked like sharp blades after stretching out.

Glenn and Gwyneth were shocked as they saw the wings behind Dudian. They finally got to know how Dudian planned to sneak into the inner wall. It would be very easy to climb the giant wall with a pair of evolved wings!

“Wait for me.” Dudian clutched the bundle of rope and began to run over the surface of the giant wall. He felt that his wings had become more powerful after he had become a senior hunter. In the blink of an eye he reached the top of the 1kilometer tall giant wall.

He unlocked the bundle of rope and throw it down.

Gwyneth and Glenn woke up from the shock when they felt the snake like rope fall down. They grabbed onto the rope and carefully climbed up.

Neither Glenn nor Gwyneth dared to be as fearless as Dudian. Their heartbeat increased after climbing up three hundred meters high. They feared that the rope would break or the rope would be released from the other end. Although both of them would survive falling from that height but would have serious injuries and crippled (disabled?) for life.

Both of them reached the top of the giant wall. The fear was replaced by the shock after reaching the top. The top of the giant wall was spacious. They could see the whole of the area within the giant wall.

The giant wall was a sacred symbol in the hearts of many! They never thought that one day they could have climbed the giant wall.

Dudian put away the rope: “You will have to rely on this rope to climb the place in the future. Don’t forget to change the routes frequently so that you couldn’t be tracked!” He turned towards the direction of the inner wall and ran.


Both of them followed after Dudian.

Both women looked to the sides as they run. Their hearts was full of shock and excitement as they saw the geographical landscape in the vicinity.

They reached the inner wall’s barrier after half an hour. Dudian was about to directly go down to inner area’s wall when his eyes narrowed at sight. They were shadows on the high walls of inner wall.

He squatted down in haste.

Gwyneth and Glenn also bent down in fear.

(Patrols!) Dudian made a gesture with his hand while he secretly looked up. There were two silhouettes every few hundred meters who were on top of the barrier walls for inner wall.

Gwyneth and Glenn stayed silent as they saw Dudian’s gestures. They were tense. Although both of them had experience life and death battles but the pressure of sneaking into the inner wall area was much more.

“It’s strange. The last time there were no one on top of the wall. How come there are people on duty right now? Is it possible that I was exposed last time and they have decided to put line of defense on the inner wall?” Dudian frowned. However the next moment he thought that the last time he had come to this area it was morning but right now it was curfew time.

Perhaps the patrols would withdraw at dawn.

Dudian took out stone powder and smeared it on his body. He waved at Gwyneth and Gwen to do the same.

Dudian was able to see clearer as the distance got closer. The people on the barriers of inner wall were wearing uniforms and had weapons. Their bodies emitted strong heat. All of them seemed to be senior hunters. But Glenn and Gwyneth’s body heat seemed slightly more than theirs.

After they passed the barrier of the inner wall he saw steel ladders stapled onto the barrier of the inner wall. There was one nailed onto the wall every ten meters or so. It would be very difficult for an ordinary civilian to climb over them.

“Much better! It seems its not because of my appearance last time that the people were sent to patrol the inner wall’s border. Most probably its not just me but there are other forces who want to secretly get into the inner wall. It would be much more difficult if that many senior hunters were stationed on the border wall!”

Dudian, Gwyneth and Glenn ran away from the border wall of the inner wall.

Patrols on the inner wall didn’t notice their existence on the giant wall. Most probably they didn’t think that someone would be able to climb the giant wall which was a kilometer tall.

All three of them had ‘officially’ entered the inner wall after passing the border. Glenn was more excited as she checked the place. Glenn was much calmer.

Dudian made a sudden hand gesture and all three of them stopped. He carefully looked for a while then he whispered: “There is a patrol on the giant wall!”

Glenn and Gwyneth were surprised. They didn’t think that someone else in addition to Dudian could climb the giant wall. Does it mean that there were others with special abilities?

Dudian got another rope bundle from the Glenn. He pushed it down the desolate bushes. There were no red dots in the bushes. However hundred meters outside the bushes there were several long red dots. He thought that they were beasts that hid themselves.

“Slide down.”

Gwyneth and Glenn climbed down the rope.

Dudian took the rope and directly jumped.

Dudian opened his wings when he was about two or three hundred meters from the ground. They helped him to smoothly land.

“Squat.” Dudian said in a haste.

Both women quickly bent down.

Dudian looked at Glenn: “Dig a hole.”

Glenn put her hands down to the ground. After a careful look sharp edges could be seen next her little fingers. It helped her bend the soil easily and open up path.

Glenn dig out a pit of half a meter in a matter of half a minute.

Dudian and Gwyneth jumped into it and Glenn covered it with surrounding soil. Afterwards she continued to drill a new hole to hide herself. Because of the magic marks of the ‘black weaver’ her nose was transformed too. She could hold her breath for a long time underneath the earth.

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