DK – Ch 441

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The Dark King – Chapter 441

“Guests?” Kroen was startled but he went out of the hall.

Dudian looked at Sergei: “Don’t delve too much on quality of the members for the troops. We need strong ones for now. You can teach them the skills as time passes.”

“Alright.” Sergei nodded.

Everybody left the hall.

Dudian saw Kroen bring one group after another one into the hall. He didn’t move. Because of his identity he didn’t need to personally meet the others.

Most of the guests were wearing luxury dresses. There were accessories made of jades on their fingers and necks. It wasn’t meant to show off but their lifestyle.

There were few architects in addition to the aristocrats.

Dudian looked at Kroen: “Select nine people from the list of people who had sent parasitic soul worms. Send these people go back. Moreover the ones who had sent the rare parasitic soul worm and the top grade one must be in the list.”

“I know, young master.” Kroen went away to send off the others.

Dudian rubbed his head as he felt tired. He pondered for a while then took the pen to write another letter.

It didn’t take long before Neuss came with a carriage that had the banner of the military. There were two doctors that were led by Neuss who came into the hall.

“Greetings Master Dean!”

Dudian asked them to treat Gwyneth.

“Neuss take this letter to the Knight’s Hall and personally give it to them.” Dudian continued “Wait for their answer.”

Neuss picked the letter and hid in his arm pocket.

Doctors bandaged the Gwyneth’s body with a layer of gauze after finishing the treatment. They bid farewell and left.

“Are you feeling better?” Dudian asked Gwyneth after the doctors left.

Gwyneth whispered: “Thanks young master. I’m much better.”

“Tonight I will take you and Glenn to sneak into the inner wall. Have a good rest. ” Dudian handed her a small bottle: “This is ointment made by the Temple. It has good effect so apply cream.”

Dudian thought that if he went to the inner wall for the investigation then his eating and drinking would be a big problem. The black snow season wasn’t over yet so he had to eat food with high calorie to maintain his body temperature.

He called Kroen over: “Hire few chefs. Remember to select them randomly. In addition to the ingredients for this month let the new chefs to dry bacon. Taste doesn’t matter as much as I can save it for long time!”

“Joseph and Barton will attend Holy Church and the military… Their interview time is soon… ” Dudian pondered.

At afternoon.

Neuss came back to the castle: “Master, Knight’s Hall has sent this letter to you.”

Dudian was relieved. The Knight’s Hall was reliable. According to the letter they will be involved in the investigation in the inner wall to ensure the fairness of the investigation and in order to preserve Dudian’s innocence.

“According to this letter the Monastery in the inner wall is linked with the Holy Church. The saints of the Monastery dare to directly arrest the people of the Temple but Holy Church isn’t responding to it. However Knight’s Hall came forward… ” Dudian’s eyes lit up.

There were only two reasons for this.

First reason was that the Monastery was much stronger than the Holy Church.

Second reason was that the Monastery and the Holy Church were one and same organization. So they had kind of a subordinate relationship.

Otherwise, the Holy Church would be offended by such a move!

Dudian was a bit angry. He tended to believe to the second option because of the various factors and names.

“Holy Church … Holy Church!” Dudian narrowed his eyes. He suddenly thought about the Dark Church. Could there be a similar organization to the Dark Church within the inner wall? If so, could he use it his advantage?

However, he didn’t know the current situation within the inner wall. He knew that there was the Monastery and the ‘dragon’ clan.

He remember the promise of the dragon girl. He could join the Dragon clan if he went to the inner wall. But he didn’t want to take refuge with them. Maybe the dragon clan couldn’t shelter him from the Monastery! Unless he exposed the deification to show that he was a valuable asset! However he didn’t know if there was a technology in the inner wall which could transplant the magic marks!

If they had such technology and he exposed his own secret then it was like giving free food to the dragon clan!

Time passed!

Dudian gradually arranged a plan. At the same time the outside forces began to send letters of condolence.

Dudian saw the superficial words written in them. Kroen was preparing to throw them into the trash. Dudian looked at him: “If you don’t have enough money in your hand after I go to the inner wall then ask the people who had sent the letters. Pull them into the muddy waters. These letters are the best evidence of their support!”

Kroen was stunned: “Master, so we will get revenge on those who didn’t help after you come back?”

Dudian looked at him: “As long as I can come up with inventions then we will climb up! Today the problem involves the inner wall… But if I was personally hurt or some other problem happened then the mailbox would be blown with letters. Now we have to see which one of these powers are really our friends!”

Kroen bit his lips.

“If they really want to help then they will naturally help. IF they didn’t mean it then it was just a hypocritical rhetoric! We must take measure towards such people.” Dudian waved him off.

Kroen went away.

The weather was getting dark.

Dudian ate dinner and went upstairs to see Gwyneth.

“Are you good?”

“Much better.” Gwyneth wanted to get off the bed.

Dudian interrupted her: “We will set off after half an hour.”

Dudian checked the clock hang in the wall. Time was approaching eight o’clock. The curfew time in the residential district was eight o’clock. Only in the commercial area the curfew time was nine o’clock.

“There may be visitors after we leave. Tell them that I’m resting.” Dudian said to Kroen.

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          1. Oh Ukm I see you are a man of culture as well! It’s a shame that the author decided to leave the story alone…
            Any way ! Thanks for the chapter !

  1. Dean should pay attention to Kroen because he was interested in the worm. Not only that, Dean should award or say something nice to him, as I smell future betrayal in the air.

  2. Honestly, I want inner wall to be successful in slandering dudian. And i want to see him on the dark side, create drugs that’ll make ’em high as a kite and do some body modifications to save his own arse from that undead disease and last but not least build Evil Church and tread his way to become The Dark King ……..

  3. Remember that the dark church have their own god and their believes would probably conflict with his actions.

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