DK – Ch 440

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The Dark King – Chapter 440

“Sneak into the inner wall?” They looked at each other in shock.

It’s been two hundred years since the inner wall has isolated itself. Countless nobles want to bypass the walls but are block. Now Dudian claimed to have a way to sneak into the inner wall! Even the nobles don’t dare to think of this!

Dudian didn’t elaborate on but looked at Kroen: “Give me pen and paper.”

After moments few words appeared on snow white paper. Dudian called Nicholas: “Collects the plants written in the paper. Hire someone to get a field to cultivate them. Remember to do everything in secret. Nothing must be leaked. Otherwise, neither Holy Church nor the magistrate will pass by your body even if you made a suicide!”

Nicholas’s fingers flicked in fear: “Young master, what are those plants?”

“Ordinary plants.” Dudian indifferently replied: “But they will become unusual in the future.”

Nicholas skimmed through the list. Most of them were familiar: “Ling leaf? Isn’t that an ordinary weed?”

“That one is a treasure.” Dudian put the pen into the pen-holder: “You will be responsible for this matter. Hire the people and take care of them. If a problem arises then you will be the main person to be held responsible. I will let Neuss help you with the management. You can ask Neuss if you can’t come up with solutions. Do I need to teach you how to manage the people and the business?”

A simple grass is a treasure? Nicholas looked at the serious expression on Dudian’s face. He knew that Dudian had a lot of knowledge. But his heart was bitter. He was aware that Dudian arranged Neuss not to help him but to monitor him. Neuss was more trustworthy in Dudian’s eyes rather than Nicholas.

Dudian regarded the task given to Nicholas as the most important part of his plan. Ling leaf was the name used in this world. But in the old era it was called mar1juana!

Dudian wanted people of the outer wall to storm into the inner wall area. But he couldn’t incite people with his own fame! Although people were crazy for wealth but he couldn’t buy all the people of the outer wall. He didn’t have that much of wealth!

But he could do with the plants!

Moreover the fermentation time and the growth period of the poisonous products were extremely alarming!

The most important thing was that the people poisoned by the dr4gs were much more secure! They were crazier than the people with rights, wealth and beliefs! No addict could refuse to the temptation!

They would be ready to sacrifice their own family and even their own lives because of the temptation!

Everyone was beyond the recognition after the calamity. However plants that were harmless in nature had remained almost the same. Although there was radiation, viruses and other unknown factors but the plants kept their original appearance in comparison to the beasts!

Ling leaf was just one of the raw materials. He had added other plants that were much more harmful than the ling leaf!

“Sergei you will be responsible for teaching Gabriel and Artemis. Moreover help Mason and Zach practice combat skills.” Dudian continued to give orders: “I will nominate you as my squire. As a squire of the Golden Knight you will have the right to recruit your own squad! Its time to establish a mercenary troop!”

There mercenary groups were similar to the adventurer teams of slums and residential district. However mercenary troop was totally different. It was a regular team and a contract had to be signed which would be recorded by the magistrate.

Sergei was a senior hunter but in the end of the he was a man of shadows. He could enjoy small part of privileges because of the consortia. However a Golden Knight’s squire was different. A golden knight’s squire had privileges even if facing nobles! Moreover he could soon change from a squire into a regular knight!

Glenn looked at Dudian: “Master, can I be your squire too?”

Dudian nodded: “No problem.” He was planning to plant her within the inner wall so he didn’t want her to be defient at this point.

Sergei looked at Dudian: “Master, what should be the name of the group? How many people should I recruit?”

“You are in charge.” Dudian continued: “Although they will be under my name but you will be the depute head of the group. Moreover you decided on the size and quality of the team. Gwyneth and Glenn also would be in the group. You will be captain but they will be responsible for passing my messages. IF Sergei is swaying around then I will give them the right to cancel your orders!”

Glenn was delighted: “Yes.”

Sergei bitterly said: “Master, why would I act so?”

“It’s to prevent the ambitions of human heart.” Dudian replied.

Sergei’s mouth twitched.

Dudian asked for Gabriel and Artemis to come close.

He reached out and touched the Artemis’s head. Dudian looked at Gabriel: “Do you know why I took you back?”

Gabriel shook his head: “I don’t know.”

“Because you are orphans.” Dudian slowly said: “If you stayed back in that town you would have become food for the barbarians.”

Gabriel had studied in the castle for the last days. He has asked Kroen about many things. He was aware of the situation outside the golden wall and knew that Dudian wasn’t lying.

He didn’t back down through the harsh sword training because of the gratitude towards Dudian.

“Sergei will teach you sword skills. But you have to study with you heart.” Dudian patted Gabriel’s shoulder: “I have saved you once. But you have followed me and will face danger in the future. If you aren’t strong enough then you will repeat the same mistakes! No one would be able to save you at that time! Do you want to be able to protect your sister?”

Gabriel bit his lips: “Master, I understand.”

Dudian turned towards Kroen: “Go outside to greet the guests.”

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  1. Ah! I thought he was gonna say cocain but weed, nah, its not that strong enough to drive peps crazy. Dope is not physically addictive, but it can be psychologically addictive like coffee, sugar and lightnovel reading like us 🙂

  2. By taking control of the underground can he control the people. Using drugs will really bring disorder of things but more chaos is easier to control them

  3. I don’t understant why the barbarians are not asian. I mean asian people eat everyting that swim, crawl, walk and fly, not even poisonous things are safe (fugu fish). Asian turned barbarians and eating people would not seem so far fettched to me. XD

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