DK – Ch 439

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The Dark King – Chapter 439

Kroen bowed and went upstairs.

“Dean!” Mason said in hurry: “Sham is just confused. I won’t let him leave!” He grabbed at Sham’s neck and said in anger: “You bastard! Have you forgotten who was the one who saved you in the desert? Who were the ones who helped you in time of crisis? Don’t forget that you owe your life to us or you would be more than a lame!”

Zach tried to stop Mason who was acting on impulse but hesitated.

“Are you really planning to leavE? Are you worthy of Dean? Worthy of us?” Mason’s voice full of anger reverberated in the silent hall.

Dudian frowned. He was about to stop Mason when Sham laughed.

Mason was stunned.

Sham pushed his hands. He broke free out of Mason’s grasp but his body fell to the ground because of imbalance. He relied on crane to stand up. He whispered: “Yes, if it wasn’t because of you and Zach then I would be dead as a result of poisoning!”

“I would be dead if it weren’t for Dean too”

He slowly raised his head. Tears flowed down through his cheeks as he smiled: “But I would rather die than living this shitty life as a lame person!”

Mason was startled: “What the hell are you talking about? What lame? You would be dead if we didn’t help you! Now are you planning to be noise and blame Zach and me?”

Sham looked at Dudian and whispered: “Dean. I am very sorry. In this life I won’t be able to repay you for what I owe. But I don’t want to be involved in a struggle again. I want to live a peaceful life.”

Dudian raised his hand to gesture Mason to leave him alone. He slowly said: “We have been like brothers before. So I won’t blame you. I wish you a happy life!”

Sham lowered his head as he clenched his fists. Tears slid down from his cheek to his chin and fell to the floor. His shoulders trembled a bit. He took a deep breath and bowed once more. He didn’t care about Kroen who was about to deliver gold coins. He turned and left the castle.

Mason and Zach stared in place as they looked at Sham who disappeared from their sight. Their eyes were flushed. They knew that the brotherhood they had for long time would be completely cut off after this.

They supported each other in the special training. They didn’t the same when they were outside the giant wall. The memories were same but people had changed.

Dudian slowly said: “Who else is going to leave?”

Nicholas sneakily looked at Dudian. He suddenly felt that Dudian was about to glance back at him. He retracted his eyes in haste.

“It’s time to leave now if you want.” Dudian continued.

There was no response as the hall was silent.

Dudian looked at Sergei and Nicholas: “What about you two?”

Sergei shrugged his shoulders: “I don’t have a place to go.”

“You have bailed me out and my life belongs to you. I have sworn to follow you until the end.” Nicholas choose much more beautiful words to express his thoughts. However he perfectly knew that he would be killed on spot if he left.

Nicholas was aware that Dudian allowed Denis to leave because Denis had lived in the castle for a little time and didn’t know much about anything. The other little devil was Dudian’s childhood companion and he wasn’t aware about confidential stuff too. But they were different! They were released from the Thorn Flower Prison and followed Dudian for a long time. Nicholas knew and understood Dudian’s character. If they chose to leave then they would go extinct!

Dudian smiled as he looked at the old fox: “We are on the same boat that being the cast. I hope you have determination to face the death!”

Glenn sighed: “I wouldn’t have agreed to your invitation if I knew about the future. But since I chosen this path I will help you till the end. As a hunter I’m using to face life and death situations. It’s not a big deal. Moreover no one is dead until the battle begins!”

Dudian smiled: “Yes, no one is dead…”

Nicholas asked in a careful tone: “Master, do you have any plans?”

Dudian pondered for a while: “I could force the man back this time. But the next time they will come in large numbers to use force to take me. I’ll have to go to the inner wall. I’m a master of the Temple and Golden Knight of the Knight’s Hall. So they can’t easily hurt me unless they have conclusive evidence.”

Mason added: “What if they don’t want to reason?”

Dudian looked at him: “That’s what I’m worried about. If I don’t come back within a timeframe then you will follow my plan and make a storm. If necessary…we will destroy the giant wall!”

“Destroy the giant wall?” Everyone was shocked.

Dudian continued: “The master of the inner wall is more powerful than you can imagine. They can kill senior hunters easily! You won’t be able to storm into the inner wall on your own. That’s why we will besiege the Wei to save the Zhao!” (google it!)

“Besiege the Wei to save Zhao?” Everyone was puzzled.

“In short, we will use other things to attract the main force of the inner wall while trying to save me. ” Dudian said: “Of course, this is the worst case scenario. If the charges are dropped by the investigation then I’ll be released soon.”

Glenn nodded slightly: “They won’t hurt you unless they have conclusive evidence. But we have to be ready for the worst case.”


“Master, how we will know that you are in safety? Wouldn’t we hurt you if we aren’t aware of your condition and storm into the inner wall?” Nicholas asked.

Dudian smiled: “That’s not a problem. After her injury heals I will take Glenn and Gwyneth into the inner wall. I’ll teach them a method to get in. I will be able to pass messages to them this way.”

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    1. Why wouldn’t she…? She doesn’t owe Dean anything. Of course she would regret. If you became friends with someone and later learned that he was being hunted by the FBI and you were going to become his accomplice, wouldn’t you regret it?

      At least she still decided to stay.

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