DK – Ch 438

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The Dark King – Chapter 438

Dudian looked at the crowd: “The knowledge about the basics of the ‘steam’ concept will be published in the Temple’s library. I’m very sorry but I have to end today’s lecture. Interested people can go to library to get information. Additionally I had told that I will select several students so anyone willing to live in my castle?”

Dudian slightly bowed.

Dudian went off the stage straight away without looking at the commotion. He saw Gwyneth. There was a stain of blood on her mouth: “Can you hold?”

“Yes.” Gwyneth replied.

Dudian left through the corridor and Gwyneth followed behind.

Edward hesitated for a bit but trotted over to catch up with them.

Dudian saw that no one was around after leaving the corridor. He turned and picked Gwyneth’s body. He looked at Edward: “Catch up with me.”

Gwyneth instinctively raised her hand to block Dudian as she didn’t expect him to suddenly pick her up. However Dudian softly pushed her back. She whispered: “Master, I can move on my own.”

“Ribs have been broken and there is an internal bleeding. You will make it much worse if you continue to walk.” Dudian coldly said: “There is no need to be shy when the choice is life or death.”

Gwyneth was startled as she didn’t know how Dudian knew that her ribs were injured. However she didn’t say anything as she hold onto Dudian as he run through the slopes. She looked up at Dudian then retracted her eyes.


In a matter of seconds Dudian was already at the foot of the mountain in front of the carriage.

He put Gwyneth onto the soft chair in the compartment. He turned to see his new students still trotting over the hillside. Edward was sweating and out of breath.

Dudian ran towards Edward and picked his body without any explanation to run back again.

Edward was scared as he saw the scenery change every passing moment. He was scared because of the wind whistling past his ears. The next moment the wind stopped and he saw that he was in front of the carriage.

Dudian put him onto the ground: “Get into the carriage.”

Dudian jumped onto the carriage and drove back it.

Dudian helped Gwyneth get off the carriage as they reached the castle. He looked at Neuss: “Go and call over the best doctor from the military!”

Neuss was frightened when he saw the pale expression on Gwyneth’s face. He took out a horse from the stable and went out.

Dudian came to the hall and put Gwyneth on the couch. He looked at her wounded side. There were no signs of proliferation so he sighed in relief: “Rest in here and don’t tamper with your wound.” He looked at Kroen: “Call everyone for a meeting!”

Kroen was aware that the situation was not good because of the anxious return of Dudian. He went to inform the rest.

“Go to the back of the castle. There is a training field there.” Dudian looked at Edward.

Edward felt that the mood of his teacher who was almost at the same age as him wasn’t good. So he nodded and left.

All the residents were in the hall after a few minutes.

Dudian looked at the crowd: “Something has happened.”

Sergei and Nicholas saw the Gwyneth lying on the sofa. They realized that the situation was not good. Sergei couldn’t help but ask: “Weren’t you teaching?”

Dudian didn’t answer but slowly said: “The people form the inner wall slander me as if I have colluded with the devil. They want to take me to the inner wall for investigation!”


Sergei, Glenn, Denis, Mason and others had shock all over their faces.

Artemis and Gabriel were at a loss. Ivette looked indifferently at them. She didn’t have any idea about the language of the wall so she couldn’t understand a word what Dudian said. However she was curious as she saw the reaction of Sergei and others.

Dudian continued: “They didn’t have any evidence so I was able to dismiss them. However this is only a temporary solution. I think they will come again soon and at the time I won’t have a chance but follow them into the inner wall.”

Sergei and others looked at each other. No one expected that their quiet life will be upturned at such a pace.

Dudian added: “I think I have offended some powers within the inner wall. They will find a reason to deal with him. You guys will be implicated if you follow me. So if there is anyone who wants to leave then its time! I won’t hold anything against you.”

“I belive in you!” Mason who was next to Sergei said out loud: “They are free to slander good people. Nut who can prove that you have colluded with the devil? You had helped us to repel the barbarians! IS this how they are trying to repay you?”

Dudian shook his head: “There is no need to touch those matters. What I meant was that I don’t want to hurt any of you!”

“I won’t go!” Mason decided on spot.

Dudian looked at him and nodded slightly.

The hall was silent. After a moment Denis said: “Master, I’m very sorry but I don’t want to get involved in this.”

Dudian calmly replied: “I understand.”

Dudian hesitated: “I will be willing to come back if you can pass through this trouble. I hope you can forgive me.”

“No problem.” Dudian said.

Denis sighed and left.

Glenn was hesitant as she looked at Denis’s back.

“Anyone else?” Dudian looked at the crowd: “There won’t be any chance in the future if you don’t quit now!”

Everyone was silent.

Dudian was relieved as he saw no-one had replied to him. He was prepared for Denis to leave. After all there was no friendship between the two. Moreover he didn’t want to send him to his death because of the contract.

“De, Dean, I, I am sorry … ” Dudian was about to speak when he heard a weak sound.

Dudian’s heart sank down when he saw it was Sham who spoke up.

Mason saw the hesitant expression on Sham’s face. He said in an angry tone: “Sham, what are you implying? Do you want to leave?”

Sham’s body slightly trembled he bowed his head.

“Sham, you can’t.” Zach also advised him.

Dudian deeply looked at Sham. He didn’t expect that second to leave would be one of his three mates. He wouldn’t be surprised even if Nicholas left. But he had lived together with Sham for a long time. Moreover he was one of the few people who Dudian trusted!

Disappointment? Heartache? Anger?

Dudian understood that time can change everything. The pain and hate can heal. So the friendship and love can fade away too. IF there is nothing that is eternal then what is immortality? (I think the author makes fun at xianxia novels in here by making a pun)

“It’s alright.” Dudian whispered: “No need to blame Sham. It’s alright to leave and I don’t want to harm any of you.” He looked at Kroen: “Take ten thousand gold coins from the safe and give it to him.”

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  1. Did he Princess carry her? And did she retracted her eyes because she was shy? Anyways she’s better then Jenny.

    I have no idea who sham is. I can’t remember most of these characters names lol.

    1. too bad Gwyneth is tainted. 🙁 ;(
      Time to side to the darkness i guess. Maybr this is also one of the reason why other people side to the dark church. zbecause of the peole from the inner wall.

  2. The hall was silent. After a moment Denis said: “Master, I’m very sorry but I don’t want to get involved in this.”

    Dudian calmly replied: “I understand.”

    Dudian hesitated: “I will be willing to come back if you can pass through this trouble. I hope you can forgive me.”

    “No problem.” Dudian said.

    1. it remove the add part on my part…
      Denis hesitated: “I will be willing to come back if you can pass through this trouble. I hope you can forgive me.”

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