DK – Ch 437

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The Dark King – Chapter 437

“No wonder that old fart didn’t react to the issue…” The youth remember the Temple Lord’s reaction from yesterday. Most probably the other side was aware that the matter will be complex so he just let me handle everything. However he should be aware that it would lead to a dissatisfaction of the Temple and Knight’s Hall if I forcefully took away the master.

The youth didn’t know what to say as he couldn’t come up with a reasonable argument.

He was just an executioner. The people from the higher ups have decided that the master Dean has colluded with the devil. He didn’t have anything to with decision. Actually it was in a scope that he shouldn’t be aware of.

Skagen and others looked at the silent youth. They looked at each other and continued to earnestly try to persuade the youth.

The youth slowly said after a long time of silence: “Gentlemen, as architects of the God you are aware the dogma in the book of the light. The sun and the sky are the domains of the God of Light. This person is talking about flying to the sky which is against the divine right! This sin can’t be redeemed. Isn’t his heart rebelling against the God?”

Dudian narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath: “Would saint elaborate on why the flying in the sky is in violation of the God’s way? Isn’t it actually a right given to the mankind by the god of light? It’s a blasphemy that you are arguing so!”

The youth replied in anger: “The sky is the domain of the God. Since ancient times no one has set foot in the sky except devil! You are disrespecting the god of light!”

Dudian snorted: “I don’t think the god of light is as selfish as the saint. The god of light has given us the right to invent items and products to make it easier for mankind. He has given me chance to understand the ‘steam’! Everything was given to me by the god of light! Why are you still arguing that I have colluded with the devil? You are slandering me!”

“You!” The youth stared in anger.

Skagen and others saw the dispute between the two. They stood in middle to discourage them from continuing the argument. Skagen looked at the blonde youth: “Saint, its as master Dean has said. If we can create an invention which can help us to fly in the sky then we can kill the monster lurking outside the giant wall easily. We can completely eradicate the barbarians. Its all good for us. How it can be related to the devil?”

The blonde replied in a straightforward manner: “You are old and your sight is covered by the devil. It’s not about killing the barbarians! Once we set foot in the sky the god will be furious with us! You won’t be able to afford the disaster and punishment that will come!

Skagen and others startled. Some of them hesitated to reply.

“Nobody is allowed to trample the domain of the God! If you continue to persuade then it will be understood as harboring the evil! ” The youth continued.

Dudian knew how the crowd feared the God as he saw the expression on their faces. He considered his words before talking: “Saint, I have no objection if you want to arrest me. But you have to give us evidence. You are arguing that I have colluded with the devil. Its very difficult for me to accept it.” Dudian said as he looked at the youth.

The youth replied: “The greatest evidence is that your attempt to touch the domain of the god!”

Dudian smiled: “Do you mean that the ability to master the flight is the violation of the divine right? If so then are archers violating the dogma? They make the arrows fly! I would like to ask you one more question. Is jumping regarded as the infringement too? How many meters is the limit? If you can’t provide answer to my question then I have nothing to say to you!”

The youth wanted to reply but Dudian interrupted him: “Moreover I am a golden knight accepted by the Knight’s Hall! I believe Saint is aware how harsh the assessment of the Knight’s Hall is. If you want to arrest me then set off charges with the Knight’s Hall!”

“Of course, your statement have to be investigated by the particular organization. I would be glad to follow you if the evidence was found. Otherwise isn’t it an injustice for you to slander me so? In the future how architects can do research? If you come over and claim that we have colluded with the devil then who would dare to invent one more thing?”

Skagen and others nodded. They knew that Dudian was deliberately inciting them but he was using the right words. If a saint came over with evidence then they wouldn’t retort. However he was trying to take a master without an evidence. It was just bullying!

There was a small riot within the crowd because of Dudian’s words.

The youth was angry as he felt the change in the atmosphere. He bitterly looked at Dudian. He knew that the situation had become complicated. Knight’s Hall, magistrate and Holy Church wouldn’t stand by.

The youth looked at Dudian: “Why do you fear to go back with me if you haven’t colluded with the devil?”

Dudian answered: “When did I say that I’m afraid of the investigation? I am innocent. It was you who tried to slander me by saying that I have colluded with the devil. Why shouldn’t I respond to this charge? Secondly, there is no evidence in your hands so I’m just a ‘suspect’ in your eyes. IF its so, then I’m more than happy to cooperate with the investigation. But right now I’m teaching and you came to interrupt my lecture. Moreover you hurt my attendant. In addition you tried to arrest me by force. Isn’t this a bit suspicious to you?”

the youth suppress his anger: “Since everything is alright with you then let’s just leave.”

Dudian saw that the youth ignored his words so he laughed: “Saint, you have wounded my attendant and tried to forcibly arrest me! Should you give an explanation? Do you mean that hardworking architects like me are nothing in your eyes?”

The youth almost spat out blood. He showed mercy by not killing Dudian’s attendant on spot! Now his own arm was wounded and the other side wanted an explanation?

“Why would your attendant be hurt if you had cooperated?” The youth continued: “Your attendant dared to offend me. I’m not going to charge you for that. Do you dare to get an explanation now?”

Dudian replied: “My attendant is loyal to me. Who asked you to directly rush out before reporting your name? I though you were an assassin sent by dark church to kill me!”

The youth continued: “Now things are clear! Come with me back to the inner wall. If you are innocent then you will be sent back!”

“First of all, I have yet to see the evidence of your suspicion. According to the laws of the magistrate there has to be either evidence or witnesses to charge him. Do you have evidence? If there is no evidence then why are you wasting my valuable time?”

“You!” The youth almost went crazy. He knew that Dudian didn’t intend to go back with him. The more he talked the greater advantage the other side got.

There was no evidence in his hand.

But since when the inner wall needed evidence to take people?

However, this time he wouldn’t be able to take Dudian by brute force.

The blonde youth didn’t want to waste time by pointless discussion. He coldly stared at Dudian: “I advise you to obediently go back with me to the inner wall. If I bring evidence in the future you won’t be pleased!”

“Is this a threat?” Dudian smiled: “I also want to advise you. Don’t act like a bandit or an assassin when trying to arrest people. Use evidence!”

“Alright.” The blonde youth looked at him: “You will regret it!” He turned and left. In the blink of an eye he disappeared from the sight of everyone.

Skagen and others looked at the direction of his departure.

Dudian narrowed his eyes as he looked at the back of the blonde youth. He turned to look at Skagen and others: “Masters! Thanks for trying to help me out! I’m grateful!”

Skagen tried to comfort him: “I believe you. I think this matter is nothing but a misunderstanding and it will be solved out.”

Dudian nodded. Although he knew that his reputation was bound to take a damage after this.

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    1. Nope if worse come to worse he just have to side with the barbarian and wipe the wall down… im sure some invention can come in handy like an air balloon … then artilary bomb and shiet… im sure then inner wall will be wipe in no time at all

      1. Very true, this novel isn’t called The Dark Kning for nothing, lol. There will be no shortage of death along the way.

  1. Tge leaders are power hungry ad wamt to.keep.their power, which is why they….. or maybe there are some.crazy monsters in the sky

  2. Dean at his finest “I also want to advise you. Don’t act like a bandit or an assassin when trying to arrest people. Use evidence!”

  3. I wonder…is the Dark Church pro-development? If so, why haven’t they made more progress to crush the Light faction? It seems like our MC will need to form a massive organization of is own if he is ever to move this world forward. It will surely be an interesting conflict. The author will have a lot on his plate if he decides to have the MC rebuild civilization against those odds.

  4. Wow, did Dean really never think of offending the monsters in the sky? I’m 100% sure, the reason they are afraid of the sky is because the monsters in the sky can probably go up to lvl 100 or some shi*. Also I KNOW FOR A MATTER OF FACT DEAN WOULD NOT BE THIS IGNORANT. WHY. THE. FUCK. DID. HE. BRING. UP. THE. KITE. DUMBASS!

  5. This means that the ones in inner wall are afraid of advanced technology. They thought it brought them the apocalypse.

  6. Im thinking that the inner wall are scared that the outer wall will rebel because of the new invention. Well who is not scared when confronting a gun/rifle

  7. Right now I’m really ticked at these sel-righteous ‘God’-loving fuqers. Just calmly let Dean take complete control over the outer wall! I don’t give a FUQ about your ‘Saint’ bull, so go back and suck the higher ups’ di**s!!
    This is what happens when there’s self-righteous pricks involved with religion…

  8. Am I the only one remembering the Dragonknights Dean encountered when he went to the Hall of Knights or am I mixing things up…. With the argumentation of the “Saint” those Knights would be all Devils too. Not sure if the Autor thought this too…

  9. He should have used dragons in his arguments. They are the greatest sinners.. Flying in the skies and pooping on people..

  10. What the heck. If a flight is considered as the domain of God and a blasphemy, then we people are devils. Man, I want to skin them alive!

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