DK – Ch 436

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The Dark King – Chapter 436

The blonde youth looked at Skagen and others: “The higher ups in the inner wall area have decided that the new legendary weapon is also related to the devil. It is classified as a taboo! It’s sad to see a genius to degenerate to such a level to use the power of devil to earn reputation!”

Skagen and others were startled.

Dudian coldly replied: “The power of devil? Do you mean that you can classify my new invention as the power of devil all on yourself? What a joke! What evidence do you have? In my opinion, your words are the greatest blasphemy to the God of the Light!”

“Shut up!” The youth with the blonde hair shouted as he suddenly approached Dudian.

Gwyneth’s face slightly changed as she tried to threw the dagger.

“Get out of my way!” The youth mercilessly waved his stick. Bang! The stick hit Gwyneth’s wrist and the dagger fell away. He took another step and stood in front of Gwyneth. He raised his other hand and shot Gwyneth on the shoulder. Gywneth’s body flied out and hit the ground about ten meters away.

“Get over here!” The youth didn’t pause after hitting Gwyneth. He raised his hand to grab Dudian’s shoulder.

Dudian was angry as he clenched his fists.


Dudian’s fist hit the blonde youth’s palm. A massive force surged out.

The youth’s face changed as he felt incredible pain in his palm. He tried to flick his wrist to unload the force but it was too late. He heard a sound and he stepped back. There was shock in his face as he looked at Dudian.

Dudian looked at him: “Are you a saint or a bandit? I have painstakingly studied the way of the God and come up with invention and you want to take it away with just a word? Ridiculous!”

Everything had happened out of Dudian’s expectations. All of his future plans were upset as the inner wall had decided to take him away. The most important point was that he had somehow provoked people from the ‘inner wall!’ They have even mobilized a ‘saint’ to directly capture a master of Temple. Moreover the latter’s strength was significantly higher than a senior hunter’s. It was a proof that the power which had sent the ‘saint’ didn’t care much about Holy Church or the Temple!

The youth sucked in cold air as he felt bursts of pain from his arm. He suppressed the pain as he looked at Dudian: “You have sure enough taken refuge with the devil! Otherwise how can a master of the God have such strong power? It is good for you to come back with me and confess or…”

“I follow the will of the God of the Light in my research! What kind of evidence do you have to seize and investigate me? Does it mean that the people of the inner wall can do whatever they want in the inner wall?” Dudian replied.

Skagen and others didn’t expect the situation to become so stiff. They couldn’t help but blame the youth for the way he have chosen to solve out the problem. IF he had chosen to get Dudian secretly then they didn’t have anything to say. But at the moment he wanted to take Dudian in front of the members of the Temple. He wasn’t giving any face to the Temple.

“Saint, there has to be a misunderstanding! You have to explain things if you want to seize master Dean!” Skagen was the first to speak up.

The old man next to him said: “Yes, Dean is the legendary master of our Temple. You have to explain how he have colluded with the devil! It would be very difficult to convince the public otherwise!”

“Yeah yeah!”

The other masters also joined in. They didn’t want to drip into the muddy water but the blonde youth has chosen the most unacceptable way to do the arrest.

The youth’s face turned gloomy when he heard Skagen and other masters talk. Although he didn’t care about the masters but he knew that he would provoke trouble if he forcefully took Dudian at this point. Actually if Dudian didn’t talk about ‘flight’ and other banned topics then he wouldn’t have emerged half-way into the lecture.

Moreover he wanted to directly capture Dudian and then leave. He wasn’t planning to stay here for a ‘discussion’. The problem was that he didn’t think the fragile architect would have such strong power. The master was about one-third powerful than him.

“An architect with such strength! Isn’t that enough of an evidence?” The blonde youth asked.

“Saint, master Dean isn’t just a master of the Temple but a golden knight of the Knight’s Hall! It’s not surprising for him to have such skills!” Skagen explained.

“Knight?” Face of the blonde youth changed.

Dudian saw the subtle change on the youth’s face. He narrowed his eyes. It seems that the other side feared his identity as a knight. It seems the Knight’s Hall had power in the inner wall too!

“Yes, Master Dean is the honorary Golden Knight of the Knight’s Hall. He was personally involved in battle to repel the barbarians. He had saved countless civilians! He is a hero.” The old man added.

The youth was startled. His face has turned ugly as the instructions conveyed to him didn’t involve any of those information. There was no information about Dudian being part of the Knight’s Hall neither about his strength. Moreover the teenager had higher reputation in the outer wall than he imagined.

No one in the audience dared to intervene with the conversation happening between the blonde youth and the masters. However no one was planning to support Dudian. Even the fools could see that the youth had identity which was even higher than the masters. They didn’t dare to provoke the powers behind the youth.

The youth was silent as he thought about the situation. Currently it would be very touch to take Dudian back. Apparently the Temple will try to rebound him too. Although he wasn’t particularly concerned about the Temple but the strength of Dudian. He wouldn’t be able to take Dudian back even if he used force.

Moreover, the master had the identity of a knight.

Arresting a knight by force meant that he had to give a statement and explanation to the knights…

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  1. If Dudian is really only 1/3 as strong as this guy, then why is it so difficult for him, he is three times a strong ~~ stupid.

    1. “The master was about one-third powerful “than” him.” dean is more powerful, read it more clearly. master refers to dean
      you are stupid <.< seriously before pointing out flaws pay more attention

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