DK – Ch 435

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The Dark King – Chapter 435


The simply word made the audience turn silent instantly.

Skagen, the old man and others had shock on their faces. They felt like they have been pushed out of the window and touched the gate of the vast world. They were aware that architects from all areas studied the ‘steam’ concept to apply it to their areas. It was very clear that the kinetic energy generated by the ‘steam’ concept would change the world of inventions.

Although they were aware that the ‘steam’ would become a faction but they didn’t expect the idea of using the same concept to fly.

It was the ability of the god according to the book of light!

They had always lived in a world enveloped by the giant walls. Flying meant that they could cross over the wall. It was a concept that they have never ever thought about!

Skagen and other masters had an understanding of ‘steam’ concept and knew that it was not ‘absolutely impossible’ if the right idea would be used to realize the notion.

Dudian continued: “All of us know who an archer is! They shoot an arrow and it hits the enemy. But after the arrow passes out from the bow it flies. Could we make an object hundred times larger than a bow and shoot humans as an arrow? Would it be possible for humans to fly?”

“The strength of the bowstring is directly related to the flight of the arrow. The ‘steam’ concept of the steam rifle is the force that drives metal balls.”

“All of us can walk and jump. We all rely on the strength of our body!”

“If more power is put then a human can run faster or jump higher!”

Dudian slowly said: “If we can come up with a clever use of ‘steam’ generated power then human beings can fly in the sky. This is the charm of the ‘steam’ concept! Imagine a future where we can fly in the air while the enemy is bound to move on the ground. Could barbarians survive against us?”

“We can cross over the giant wall if we can fly! We can travel to the distant world outside the giant wall!”

The minds of architects buzzed as they imagined the new world Dudian was talking about.


This was an idea which nobody dared to think about.


What would the future hold if human being could rely on inventions to fly at high attitudes?

The eyes of some architects lit up in excitement. Although Dudian didn’t come up with strong evidence to support his theory but as a master he had high credibility. Moreover the idea itself was an extremely advanced one which no one dared to think about.

“Master, can we really fly with the help of inventions?” Some people within the crowd couldn’t help but ask.

“Master, we are so heavy. How could we fly in the thin air?”

Dudian smiled: “Have you ever heard about kite?”


Dudian continued: “A primary architect came up with this invention about hundred years ago. For some reason it was banned. But those who are interested may go to library and find information regarding the invention. It’s not difficult to fly into the sky. It’s very simply and don’t look down on this seemingly weightless air.”

Some of the architects were eager to go and check the ‘kite’ Dudian was talking about.

However Skagen and other masters faces changed instantly. The previous expression full of admiration turned 180 degrees that moment.

“Why did he use that as an example?”

“He is too bold. We don’t talk about banned inventions.”

“Hasn’t anyone told him that its prohibited to talk about banned inventions?”

Several masters looked at Dudian. Some were worried about him while the others thought that he was too bold to talk without limits.

Dudian was about to continue to speak as he wanted to introduce the basics of ‘steam’ concept. However suddenly he felt a figure jump up from the corridor and rush out towards him.

Assassin? An enemy?

Dudian turned his head towards the figure. It was as fast as lightning. Dudian was surprised to see that the figure was faster than Gwyneth.


In the blink of an eye the figure passed over 100 meters of distance. It stopped at the high platform. It was as if he was standing there since the beginning of the lecture. The youth was dressed in a simple white robe. There were no extra decorations on the cloth. He was holding a stick in his hand. At the top of the stick there was a large gem as big as a baby fist.

The sudden appearance of the figure attracted the attention of the audience. Everyone was shocked as they didn’t see where the stranger had come over from. In the blink of an eye there was just one more person on the stage.

Gwyneth who was standing about three meters away from Dudian appeared on his side. Her pupils shrank as she reached out and pulled the dagger from her waist. She stood in front of Dudian to protect him. Her palms were sweating.

“A Saint! A saint from the inner wall!”

Skagen and other masters shouted in surprised as they saw the figure. They didn’t expect a saint to appear in here.

“Bold!” The blonde youth didn’t care much about Gwyneth who was standing in front of Dudian. He coldly stared at Dudian: “Using demonic words to induce the people of light! I’ll keep your life as you have contributed to the Temple by inventing the new textile machine! Now quickly apologize for representing the evil and come with me!”

Dudian narrowed her eyes: “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Coldness flashed past through the blonde youth’s eyes: “You are courting death!”

Dudian looked up at him: “A lot of people have talked to me like that but all of them are dead now!”

“Saint! Mr Saint!” Dudian turned to see Skagen and other masters run over. They looked at the blonde youth: “Saint, you should have notified us before coming to the outer wall from the inner wall. We would have greeted your earlier on.”

Dudian thought of many things as he heard the phrase ‘inner wall’ coming out of Skagen and other masters mouths.

The blonde youth frowned as he saw Skagen and others: “I have come since yesterday! I have met the Lord of the Temple. This man is influenced by the devil and uttering the words of the demons! I was ordered to bring him back to the Monastery and see him through ‘purification’.”

Skagen and other masters were stunned. Skagen looked at the blonde youth: “Saint this has to be a misunderstanding! Dudian is the newest master of the Temple! He didn’t only invent the new textile machine but other high level inventions. Moreover he recently invented legendary weapon ‘steam rifle’ and donated it to the military. He helped to win the war against the barbarians. How could he be influenced by the evil powers?”

Dudian was surprised to see Skagen and others try to help him out. There was a trace of warmth in his heart.

Everyone in the audience was stunned and stuck on spot as they didn’t expect an unexpected guest to appear on the stage. However there was a trace of awe in their eyes when they looked at the blonde youth. They had heard Skagen and other masters use the phrase ‘inner wall’.

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